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May 4, 2012 20:12:10 Posted at May 4, 2012 20:12:10
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Sasha finds Swifty’s stripes and Gwyneth’s suitcase in LifeStyle

#getmoneybitch Halle Berry edition (Dlisted)

Francis Bean bought out her ma (The Superficial)

Are we supposed to lose our sh-t over cell phone baby photos now? (Just Jared)

Megan Fox’s lazy ad shot in some kind of hotel room (Hollywood Tuna)

See? Cameron Diaz needed a Gwyneth Paltrow pep talk (Pop Sugar)

The Family Taylor hates Lindsay Lohan (Cele|bitchy)

The cards say Kim Kardashian is pregnant (Celebedge)

They sang 1D on Glee (Towleroad)

First look: Scarjo as Janet Leigh (Pink Is The New Blog)

Super cute outfit on Amy Poehler (Go Fug Yourself)

There is nowhere she won’t go

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Was it always like this with Jennifer Love Hewitt and she was just better at hiding it before? Or did she grow into being a loser gradually? I watched Party Of Five. Back then I thought she was so interesting and sweet and pretty and engaged to Carson Daly and not pathetic and crazy. This is the downside of accessibility. Full Story

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George Clooney: confused, intimidated, and gray

May 4, 2012 18:12:26 Posted at May 4, 2012 18:12:26
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Gary Miller/Getty

Those are his words, not mine.George Clooney was one of the guests at the Brilliant Lecture Series at Wortham Centre in Houston yesterday. As you’d expect, there were a LOT of ladies there. And they were his. They were his when he arrived and by the time the Q&A was over, they’d become his for life. Full Story

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Look familiar? And where’s Blake?

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Chloe Moretz stopped by Letterman yesterday before the Hick screening last night in New York. Some of these expressions, and that turn of her body, does it remind you of someone? I swear in a couple of these thumbnails I thought it was Lindsay Lohan 2006.The style experts are all praisey of Chloe’s “appropriate” outfits. Full Story

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Colin in pyjamas

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Wenn, Fame/Flynet

Here's Colin Farrell in pyjamas on the set of his new film Dead Man Down in Philadelphia. He looks good, doesn't he?He's been looking for a while. Couple weeks ago in LA I was talking about him, just a general update, with an industry source who told me that Colin is just focused on work right now: "He just wants to work. Full Story

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Peter Parker, middle child

May 4, 2012 15:57:04 Posted at May 4, 2012 15:57:04
Sarah Posted by Sarah
Allan Bregg/Splash

I’ve been worried for The Amazing Spider-Man for several months now. Ever since I heard the marketing was being held up in order to recalibrate the approach in the face of underwhelming reaction to the first trailer and marketing push late last year, I’ve wondered if Spider-Man doesn’t suffer from middle child syndrome. Full Story

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May 4, 2012 15:45:24 Posted at May 4, 2012 15:45:24
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Courtesy the CW

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 21 recap Some shows have a philosophy about second-last episodes. That they are for fire and brimstone and the next week, the finale, is for tears and emotions.  Others don't go in for that level of sentiment. It's the last of the year? Blow everything up - physical and metaphorical. Full Story

This wasn't his fault

May 4, 2012 14:56:11 Posted at May 4, 2012 14:56:11
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One of Justin Timberlake's greatest gifts is his ability to find anyone else to blame for his failings and only take credit for the wins. Remember when he pussied out on Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl? Pips is featured in the new issue of Details. They talk about his style. On the subject of his old style, from back in the N Sync days, JT says it was The Machine. Full Story

May 4, 2012 - Smutty Shout-Outs

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Kendra! Happy 22nd Birthday! I’m excited to hear how excited you are about the way things are now. And that WILL continue! Good luck with what you’re waiting for in June, and more importantly with what you’re trying to figure out. But also...don’t rush. The right thing can’t be rushed, right? By request, here are Taylor Kitsch, Jeremy Renner, and Ryan Gosling. Full Story

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dear Gossips,

The Choice is a new FOX reality show like The Voice only about dating. Four single “celebrity” bachelors will sit with their backs turned while listening to a herd of potential dates trying to convince them one by one to turn around.  Read Full Intro

Smutty Tingles

May 3, 2012 21:00:30 Posted at May 3, 2012 21:00:30
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Sasha Finds Gwyneth’s turquoise heels in LifeStyle

Brilliant. BRiLLIANT. OF COURSE The Choice was meant for her. Who could be more perfect? (Dlisted)

Jane Fonda’s sex > Gwyneth Paltrow’s sex? (The Superficial)

Robert Pattinson to play a soldier...with poetry arms and tea-pouring hands? (Celeb|itchy)

Breaking: Kate Upton is one note. Or two. (Hollywood Tuna)

The Met Gala is on Monday! Here’s a look back (Pop Sugar)

Johnny Depp on his brother Tim (Just Jared)

Ashley Greene is steadily approaching Kate Bosworth (Popoholic)

I LOVE this sweater...even though I’m almost over colour-blocking (Trendmill)

Anna Paquin defends bisexuality (Towleroad

God, can we PLEASE find Malin Ackerman a proper stylist??? (Go Fug Yourself