It’ll be perfect in a week

April 30, 2012 20:25:26 Posted at April 30, 2012 20:25:26
Lainey Posted by Lainey

This is Tom Brady in LA yesterday shooting Funny Or Die. That looks like a pretty fresh haircut, right? The Met Gala is a week today. Gisele is almost always at the Met Gala and Tom always goes with her. In 7 days, his grow-out will be perfect. You know the way we look at a really great dress or a sweater or a pair of shoes and covet? This is how Jacek, right now, is looking at Tom’s Under Armour. Full Story

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April 30, 2012 19:58:05 Posted at April 30, 2012 19:58:05
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Book Review: Insurgent by Veronica Roth For a refresher on Divergent, click here to revisit my review from last year. There are spoilers ahead. And, well, there’s some sh-t you probably don’t want spoiled, especially with this story, so you may want to click away and come back after you’ve burned through the book which is due out this week. Full Story

Tom Hiddleston: smiles and exclamation points

April 30, 2012 19:14:14 Posted at April 30, 2012 19:14:14
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PNP/ WENN, FameFlynet

I love Loki. I love Tom Hiddleston as Loki. I loved interviewing Tom Hiddleston in his leather jacket and hot pants and his beautiful English voice for The Avengers and Loki at the junket a few weeks ago. I prefer Tom Hiddleston in casuals or with his shirt sleeves rolled up but it was all good either way. Full Story

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Smutty Tingles

April 30, 2012 18:17:17 Posted at April 30, 2012 18:17:17
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Marky Mark is wearing an apron and this was directed by Michael. How sh-t will this movie be? (Dlisted)

Other people who went to the White House Golden Globes (The Superficial)

Harry tweets about his 4skins (Just Jared)

Rose McGowan’s stripes and skinny jeans (Hollywood Tuna)

Really curious about what Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield buy at Whole Foods (Pop Sugar)

No one self-loves on Twitter like LeAnn Rimes (Cele|bitchy)

Gotye vs Matt Bomer? (Socialite Life)

Swifty got her tits done? (Celebedge)

Robert Pattinson saw Christina Ricci totally naked (Drunken Stepfather site NSFW)

Scarjo thinks it’s rude when you interrupt her at dinner. (I'm Not Obsessed)

Sandra’s mystery man

April 30, 2012 17:22:24 Posted at April 30, 2012 17:22:24
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Sandra Bullock went shopping with Louis this weekend. The photo agency says she was being all cagey about the man in the red hat who was with them. They call him her “mystery man”. Supposedly when they saw photographers they split up and used different entrances and left separately. He looks to me like Jonathon Komack-Martin, Ryan Reynold’s producing partner. Full Story

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After lunch in their Love Truck

April 30, 2012 16:15:45 Posted at April 30, 2012 16:15:45
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Jennifer Lopez predictably bought her boy that white pickup for his birthday. Does she pay for the insurance too? Insurance can’t be that much. From all the jobs she’s been giving him to “direct” in and star in her videos, Casper Smart must be making some money. I suppose then that that would be his contribution: the $500 he pays every month to State Farm. Full Story

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The Chrises and the Junket Game

April 30, 2012 15:28:12 Posted at April 30, 2012 15:28:12
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Derek Storm/Splash, INF

Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth were on Good Morning America today to promote The Avengers. Does it still need promoting at this point? The overseas box office for the film is already almost at $200 million. Can you stand the next 4 days? I’m telling you - if you go to the movies to have fun, The Avengers will deliver. Full Story

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“Even Torturing You is Boring”

April 30, 2012 14:41:28 Posted at April 30, 2012 14:41:28
Duana Posted by Duana

Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 5We never skip the credits in my house, ever.  What I love most is that initial minor-to-major key change at the beginning.  Makes me so happy.  So, King's Landing, Pyke, Winterfell, The Wall (which I mostly just want to call "Sam" ), and Qarth.As utterly ridiculous as it may seem, we are halfway through the season of Game Of Thrones and so it seems time to take stock of where we are, who's dead, and who has a prayer of making it to the end of the season. Full Story

George and all his friends without Stacy

April 30, 2012 14:05:16 Posted at April 30, 2012 14:05:16
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But how much do you love Sofia Vergara? WhoSayPhotoEmbed.create({vanityRoot: "", clientName: "Sofia Vergara", vanityLink: "", photoId: "", title: "George clooney in da house!!!", width: "460", height: "345" })Sofia Vergara on WhoSay Full Story

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Twilight’s last Vancouver

April 30, 2012 13:45:01 Posted at April 30, 2012 13:45:01
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PUNKD Images

Reshoots happening for Twilight 5 this week in Vancouver. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Michael Sheen, and Ashley Greene arrived last night. They start today and are scheduled to be done before the end of the week. Stewart’s supposed to appear on The Tonight Show on Friday and then begins junketing for Snow White And The Huntsman. Full Story

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