Scarlett & Smulders: the lady Avengers

April 19, 2012 20:03:16 Posted at April 19, 2012 20:03:16
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Wenn, Gareth Cattermole/Getty

In London tonight at the premiere...This is exactly why I don’t understand all red on a red carpet: it’s indistinguishable. And it’s really too bad for lovely Cobie who is also being disadvantaged by some terrible styling. I hate what they’ve done with her hair. You know why? At quick glance, she reminded me of Sean Young. Full Story

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James Franco: Tristan sucked and so did Prague

April 19, 2012 19:47:09 Posted at April 19, 2012 19:47:09
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James Franco wrote an article for The Daily Beast about his favourite subject: James Franco. The purpose of the piece, I think, is to educate us on how he chooses his roles now, reflecting on past experiences to explain how an important Artist, THIS important Artist, decides between all the opportunities presented to him, so as to fully engage his creativity. Full Story

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Smutty Tingles

April 19, 2012 19:33:26 Posted at April 19, 2012 19:33:26
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Sasha finds  Rihanna’s big sweater and Jennifer Lawrence’s saddle bag in LifeStyle
Demi Lovato in a bikini (The Superficial)

How can someone sound this ridiculous when they’re full of rage? At this point it’s like comedy for me (Dlisted)

Robert Pattinson needs a haircut and takes his shirt off (Towleroad)

This might be my favourite black dress of the year so far (Hollywood Tuna)

Ryan Gosling visits a friend (Pop Sugar)

Glee made How Will I Know sad. And I don’t know if I can get with that. (Just Jared)

Olivia Munn overkill on the necklace (Popoholic)

Fine. I can’t hold this secret anymore. I LOVE Harry Styles ok? (Celebuzz)

Sneakers and skirts - is this your summer look? (Trendmill)

Oh, OK. I get it. Leelee wants to be Tilda? (Go Fug Yourself)

Charlie Hunnam’s leaves town Finnick?

April 19, 2012 17:39:33 Posted at April 19, 2012 17:39:33
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S Fernandez/Splash

Toronto. With a lot of luggage. So presumably he’s wrapped on Pacific Rim, at least in Canada, and is heading home to LA where he’ll soon begin work on season 5 of Sons Of Anarchy. Two Charlie Hunnam sightings in one week! A few of you have written lately to suggest Charlie for Finnick in Catching Fire. Full Story

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Channing Tatum is always Channing Tatum

April 19, 2012 16:35:14 Posted at April 19, 2012 16:35:14
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Admit it – if you replace Channing Tatum with anyone else in the Magic Mike trailer your reaction would be that this movie looks like sh-t and you know, men still win when men are objectified, right? The thing about this trailer though is that it isn’t anyone else, it’s all Channing Tatum and as I wrote a couple of weeks ago (click here Full Story

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GOOP for Men 2012

April 19, 2012 15:27:50 Posted at April 19, 2012 15:27:50
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Today’s GOOP features a gift guide for men separated by decade. Heads up Canada - GOOP recommends The Bay blanket! For men who are 50 and older. This, for some reason, made me laugh. A few notes:Chinese feng shui says you never buy your lover shoes. I’d stay away from the runners. Besides, shoe fitting is such a particular thing, don’t you think? I live in printed socks. Full Story

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Blake & Ryan: moving to the suburbs?

April 19, 2012 15:08:24 Posted at April 19, 2012 15:08:24
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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were spotted in Connecticut last week. Click here if you missed that post. Now Us Weekly is reporting that they’ve visited there so many times because they’re looking for real estate. Full Story

Beyonce updates

April 19, 2012 14:32:40 Posted at April 19, 2012 14:32:40
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How much time did you lose on Beyonce’s Tumblr? Don’t lie. I know for some of you it was hours. I have a friend who sent me at least 8 emails about it all in succession. She studied every photo, every luxurious detail. Please. For me, when it first launched, I could not stop.  But I was stupid. I didn’t think Beysus would actually update her scripture so frequently. Full Story

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Tom Hiddleston in a suit

April 19, 2012 14:06:35 Posted at April 19, 2012 14:06:35
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I meant to post these yesterday but wasn’t feeling great. This is Tom Hiddleston on Tuesday in Moscow at the Russian premiere of The Avengers. Like I said the other day, click here for a refresher, he really isn’t photogenic, I get it. If I had not interviewed him in person I wouldn’t know either. Full Story

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April 19, 2012 - Smutty Shout-Outs

April 19, 2012 13:30:49 Posted at April 19, 2012 13:30:49
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Happy Birthday Cassy in Savannah from your sister Andrea in Jacksonville! I heard about Daisy. I’m so, so, SO sorry and while I know this probably doesn’t help, please remember that all she knew was love and happiness; we should all be so lucky. I’ve been asked to pick out a great dog photo for you. I can’t think of one right now. Full Story

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
Dear Gossips,

Here’s the thing about how “arty” James Franco has become: even when he’s just messing around, you wonder if he’s actually just messing around, or whether or not, in a month or so, suddenly what was just a spell of silliness will become an installation somewhere, or an experimental album meant to challenge the boundaries of creative expression beyond the artist’s public consciousness, which is a series of words that makes no sense because, well, that sounds about right.

Franco keeps posting videos of himself singing along to pop songs. The latest is Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe. They’re actually kinda cute...if goofin’ is all it is. I want to believe that’s all it is. But somehow James Franco made everything have to mean something. And now it’s impossible to enjoy any of it without considering what it might mean. Or is the meta-ness of that is where he’d say the Art is?

Yours in gossip,


James Franco on WhoSay