GOOP vs Moss!

March 21, 2012 15:00:17 Posted at March 21, 2012 15:00:17
Lainey Posted by Lainey

The Sun is reporting that Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss had it out the other day in Mexico where they were both invited to celebrate Sir Philip Green’s 60th birthday. Here’s how The Sun claims it all went down: “Kate Moss lives her life like she's still at school – ruling her gang of mates with a fag in her hand. Full Story

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Justified 3.10: “We are not your savages”

March 21, 2012 14:50:07 Posted at March 21, 2012 14:50:07
Sarah Posted by Sarah

Some deputies are trying to plant drugs in Shelby’s truck but he busts them and runs them off. He says he’s got only a couple years to live and wants to accomplish something before he dies, thus running for sheriff. Total crock of sh*t of course. In the world of Justified, everyone lies. Johnny Crowder suggests “putting the fear of God” into the sheriff’s sister in revenge. Full Story

Reese Witherspoon is pregnant

March 21, 2012 14:16:07 Posted at March 21, 2012 14:16:07
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Us Weekly has the exclusive - Reese Witherspoon is pregnant. She and husband Jim Toth were married a year ago. This will be her third child. Reese turns 36 years old tomorrow. So where’s the gossip? Well... how did PEOPLE miss out on this story?PEOPLE paid for her wedding pictures. Full Story

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dear Gossips,

Last week they were calling for a $70 million opening for The Hunger Games on the low end. Now they’ve apparently readjusted to $90 million. And some say it could go as high as $125 million from an audience of boys and girls, men and women equally.  Read Full Intro

Simon is a gangster

March 20, 2012 22:04:49 Posted at March 20, 2012 22:04:49
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Dave Hogan /Getty Images

As promised, I will do my best to post pictures of the Misfits cast whenever they’ve available. Check it -  Iwan Rheon at the premiere of Wild Bill in London tonight. He plays a low level thug. Oh look! It’s Andy Serkis in real life, no motion capture!And how is Simon/Iwan? Well, IMDB says he’s shooting a movie with Neville Longbottom. Full Story

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GOOP & Bees

March 20, 2012 20:25:28 Posted at March 20, 2012 20:25:28
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Big fuss was made the other day when the New York Times reported that Gwyneth Paltrow used a ghostwriter for her cookbook.Really?How many people actually believed that Gwyneth Paltrow squeezed in time to write her own book between hanging out with Beyonce and Jay-Z, exercising for several hours a day, singing all the time on Glee, and pleading over text with Cameron Diaz to come off the crazy ledge after getting rejected by Alex Rodriguez? Still, my G insists that it was indeed all her. Full Story

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Adorably pregnant Sienna in stripes

March 20, 2012 19:35:19 Posted at March 20, 2012 19:35:19
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Sienna Miller was photographed in London today shooting a commercial in stripes with a very obvious bump. Super cute, right? Does it surprise you how infrequently we’ve seen Sienna since she’s been pregnant? Compared to, say, Jessica Simpson? At this point, amniotic fluid and all, I feel like we were all present for each and every one of Porny’s ultrasounds. Full Story

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Smutty Tingles

March 20, 2012 19:08:21 Posted at March 20, 2012 19:08:21
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Lindsay Lohan f-cked a porn star. I thought I knew that already. Did I know that already? It seems like the kind of thing I would totally already know. (The Superficial)

EDWARD HATES VIVIAN????!!!! (Dlisted)

For Jessica Simpson, pregnancy and farting are the same thing (Celeb|itchy)

Jacek thinks Eva Amurri is really hot. I agree. (Hollywood Tuna)

Kate Moss reminisces about Johnny Depp (Pop Sugar)

Couldn’t Sofia Coppola come up with a better title than “Bling Ring”? Or is that supposed to be ironic? (Just Jared)

I can’t decide if Shannon Elizabeth is still hot but she does still dress for sh-t (Popoholic)

I’m embarrassed for the new Twilight trailer if it plays anywhere near The Hunger Games (Towleroad)

Not going to lie: I really like Justin Bieber’s answer to the “you look like a lesbian” question (Amy Grindhouse)

Tyra vs Vanessa Hudgens - GO! (Go Fug Yourself)

The Hunger Games movie review

March 20, 2012 18:08:58 Posted at March 20, 2012 18:08:58
Lainey Posted by Lainey

This post will be spoiler heavy. If you would like to avoid spoilers, click away now, but promise you’ll come back after you’ve seen the movie. ............................................................................................................................................................. Full Story

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Issues. Naked.

March 20, 2012 17:55:38 Posted at March 20, 2012 17:55:38
Duana Posted by Duana
Jason Merritt/Getty

House of Lies Season 1 Episode 10 Can you predict who's going to wind up where, long before they get there?  There are lots of jokes about stripper names, and though it's one of those things that's a cliche because it's true, I don't think so many careers are as cut and dried.  At least, not on the surface. Full Story