Smutty Tingles

March 14, 2012 18:59:45 Posted at March 14, 2012 18:59:45
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Lindsay Lohan will now claim she started a trend (Dlisted)

Justin Bieber’s girlfriend is doing a movie that looks like a cleaned up Girls Gone Wild (The Superficial)

Oh Michelle Williams looks really lovely in this Valentino (Pop Sugar)

Celebrity March Madness! (MSN WonderWall)

God Tom Hardy, will you PLEASE STOP doing this to us? (Just Jared)

Fake hair, fake lips, fake cheeks, fake waists, fake asses, fake thighs (Hollywood Tuna)

But does it make you like Jennifer Aniston more knowing how much effort she has to put in to her looks? (Cele|bitchy)

Just so we’re clear - if no Bachelors get married, people just watch for the pleasure of seeing these women set us back 50 years...right? (US Weekly)

That’s the sloppiest open mouth pose I’ve seen short of porn (Drunken Stepfather site NSFW)

Madonna’s new, heavily reworked promo shots (Pink Is The New Blog)

Don’t need a man to be a mom

March 14, 2012 18:15:12 Posted at March 14, 2012 18:15:12
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Biggest headline of the day:Charlize Theron is a mom! Theron’s rep has confirmed that she’s adopted a baby boy called Jackson. No other details have been released. But... well done.Not as well done as Sandra Bullock who, literally, HID A BABY for weeks DURING AWARD SEASON, but well done nonetheless. Because it’s not impossible to keep your sh-t tight in Hollywood. Full Story

Hot Harry on a horse can’t find a girl

March 14, 2012 17:27:55 Posted at March 14, 2012 17:27:55
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Chris Jackson/Getty

But first, when you have time, maybe at lunch, I highly encourage you to watch all three parts of this CBS exclusive interview. It’s not often the British royals grant interviews. And when they do, we finally get a snapshot of their mannerisms - what happens when they’re animated, how comfortable they are answering candidly, or how uncomfortable they are in their position. Full Story

Lindsay Lohan is not George Clooney

March 14, 2012 16:26:15 Posted at March 14, 2012 16:26:15
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Oh look. Lindsay Lohan f-cked up. Where?She was leaving a club. Where else? Lohan was driving. She was trying to avoid the paps. Apparently she struck the club manager - very, very gently - while she was trying to turn around. Then, without getting out of the car and seeing if the dude was ok, she drove away. Full Story

The Phantom Ryan Gosling

March 14, 2012 15:29:22 Posted at March 14, 2012 15:29:22
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Remember a few years ago there was some loser running around pretending to be Brad Pitt? Pitt had long hair and a mega shaggy beard at the time and that dude walked around with a hat, getting into bars and parties fronting it was him. I kinda feel like that’s what’s happening with Ryan Gosling. Earlier this week, the Daily Mail reported Gosling was in South Africa. Full Story

Justified 3.9: “There was just nothing she could do for him"

March 14, 2012 14:56:22 Posted at March 14, 2012 14:56:22
Sarah Posted by Sarah

Raylan’s living situation is always so depressing. I know it’s meant to be a statement about his solitary, no-frills character, but his series of sad motel rooms is bumming me out. He hides the gun that shot Gary in his A/C.So that guy Quarles killed was not the owner of the house he was squatting in, but a rentboy named Brady. Full Story

Modesty In The Capital

March 14, 2012 14:25:32 Posted at March 14, 2012 14:25:32
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Fame/Flynet, Colin Drummond/Splash

Check out George Clooney carrying his own bags and suits in Washington DC yesterday. George arrived by train and is in town to meet with US government officials about Sudan from where he’d just come. This, to me, is when he’s the most appealing. On stage during a performance of 8, smiling and gracious with flashbulbs in his face after a gruelling travel schedule to a war-torn country, ready to lobby passionately for diplomatic intervention. Full Story

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March 14, 2012 - Smutty Shout-Outs

March 14, 2012 14:05:06 Posted at March 14, 2012 14:05:06
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Jitka! Happy Birthday with love from your cousin Magda. Good luck with the boy on the way and the new house too! For Shaun from Dulcinea and Arya - “Full time haters make the best lovers/friends”. Congratulations on Target HQ! A photo of Big KRIT was requested. Instead of a photo, how about a release from the new mixtape? Full Story

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dear Gossips,

I have never watched more than 5 minutes of the Bachelor/ette. That was one time a few years ago. I don’t recognise anyone on the show, past or present. So if I worked in an office building, today I couldn’t participate in any discussion about the Bachelor finale that went down last night.  Read Full Intro

Creatively paying the boyfriend

March 13, 2012 21:19:31 Posted at March 13, 2012 21:19:31
Lainey Posted by Lainey

JLo is shooting a video in Mexico. Some outlets are reporting that her boyfriend Casper Smart is directing it. According to his Twitter, some other dude is actually the director but that dude refers to Casper as a “boss” so he’s probably in fact “producing it” which is her way of finding him a pay source without having it come out of her own pocket. Full Story

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Facinelli/Garth Finished: Why do I care so much?

March 13, 2012 20:31:04 Posted at March 13, 2012 20:31:04
Duana Posted by Duana

Forget first, I am not even the ten-thousanth person to say online that I loved Sassy, that it formed me and my views; one of the first ways it did was when I read the article about Jennie Garth and her then-husband, Daniel Clark, giggling over the “I hate Brenda”- zine. *It blew my teenage mind. She was a teenager – a TV teenager, anyway – and she was MARRIED. Full Story