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February 29, 2012 17:10:17 Posted at February 29, 2012 17:10:17
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Nicole and nude underlay

February 29, 2012 15:53:55 Posted at February 29, 2012 15:53:55
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Grey Wasp/Blue Wasp/Splash

Here are Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, and their girls at Sydney airport yesterday. I’ve decided that a nude underlay with a black dress should never be attempted again. Also...why does she continue to insist on that f-cking kitten heel? It’s gross.Did you miss Nicole at the Oscars?I did not.But I do consider her Balenciaga with the red neck bow Full Story

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Justified 3.7: “If I was going to kill you, you never would’ve turned around”

February 29, 2012 15:41:47 Posted at February 29, 2012 15:41:47
Sarah Posted by Sarah

Justified Season 3 Episode 7 recapArlo is once again ranting about women. He is also calling out Limehouse in the middle of the night. He appears to have lost his mind.The dude who escaped the Oxy clinic/trailer in the previous episode is hiding out in Limehouse’s holler. Limehouse coerces the dude to inform on Quarles. Full Story

Taylor Kitsch will be OK

February 29, 2012 15:11:17 Posted at February 29, 2012 15:11:17
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Doug Meszler/Splash

John Carter opens next week. And, well, you know. You’ve see the trailers. It doesn’t look good. I hope it’s good and I hope it opens big, for TK I want it to be big, but the only reaction I received whenever I mentioned it in LA the last few days was snickering. Here’s Taylor Kitsch promoting John Carter in New York. Full Story

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February 29, 2011 - Smutty Shout-Outs

February 29, 2012 14:42:09 Posted at February 29, 2012 14:42:09
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Jessie!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY with love from Andrea. Make this week last for the next 4 years. I want more photos like this one! Ashley is a young mother fighting a very rare form of cancer caused by a molar pregnancy after she’d just had a miscarriage. God, sometimes life is such a motherf-cking bitch. Click here Full Story

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dear Gossips,

Was it a Victory Leg? Was the Jolie Right Leg thrust out in triumph? Jennifer Aniston’s Wanderlust earned just $6.5 million at the box office this weekend. Meanwhile, Angelina was happily holding hands with the Pitts at the Oscars, celebrating Brad’s nomination.  Read Full Intro

What is going on with you?

February 28, 2012 22:04:56 Posted at February 28, 2012 22:04:56
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Jackson Lee/Splash

Johnny Depp was photographed in New York yesterday. He looks like sh-t. And I don’t mean his clothes because he’s always dressed like this but his overall general health. Even in the past when he used to wear his raggedy pants and shoes, even with the holes in his hats, when he was well, it would come out of him from inside. Full Story

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Alex’s new girl can get her own jobs

February 28, 2012 21:16:06 Posted at February 28, 2012 21:16:06
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Alexander Skarsgard and Elizabeth Olsen are hooking up. Passing them on the way to the bar the other night I made note of the fact that they were talking and then forgot about it. An hour and a half later they were seated across the room and still talking. He didn’t have his face shoved into her neck or anything and there was nothing super suggestive but I do remember thinking it was a long time to be talking to someone when there were so many other people around to hang out and touch base with. Full Story

Benedict Cumberbatch at work on Star Trek

February 28, 2012 20:13:48 Posted at February 28, 2012 20:13:48
Sarah Posted by Sarah
Wenn, Eric Ford/On Location News

I texted Lainey late last week about set photos from Star Trek 2: Star Trekkier that showed Benedict Cumberbatch and Zachary Quinto filming a fight scene. Then she texted me last night and said that I could choose which photos to go with the post. And I was all, “It’s Christmas!” because I don’t pick the photos that go with the things that I write, which never bothers me, EXCEPT when it comes to the object of my Cumbercrush, because Lainey always picks the worst photos of him she can find. Full Story

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Who has the Responsibility?

February 28, 2012 19:58:22 Posted at February 28, 2012 19:58:22
Duana Posted by Duana

So this came out of Whitney Cummings'  Twitter while she was livetweeting during the Oscars the other night. "If Christian Bale murdered me I would have an orgasm right before I died." So, let's go with a couple of assumptions here. That the "murder" inference was 80% American Psycho and 20% general joking about his rage rep. Full Story

Smutty Tingles

February 28, 2012 19:18:51 Posted at February 28, 2012 19:18:51
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Just like Beyonce, Jessica Simpson is wearing heels right to the end of her pregnancy (The Superficial

The B.I.C. is Goop approved (Dlisted)

Katy Perry as Elizabeth Taylor is better than anything Linsday Lohan can do (Celeb|itchy)

God, this baby has such a cute round face (Hollywood Tuna)

Michelle and Matilda post Oscars (Pop Sugar)

Salma Hayek leaves in black (Just Jared)

Vanessa Hudgens at Elton John (Popoholic)

Rihanna in a black net (Celebuzz)

Pretend Face on the cover of Cosmo (Amy Grindhouse)

Hate what Zoe Saldana wore to Vanity Fair (Go Fug Yourself)