Justified 3.2: “I think he might be my penance”

January 25, 2012 15:34:02 Posted at January 25, 2012 15:34:02
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Justified Season 3 Episode 2 recapIn last week’s episode I counted Raylan’s shooting of Nix—the black hat—as a kill. However, several readers threw some shade on that and suggested Nix wasn’t actually dead. Since his fate was inconclusive, I’m down-grading his shooting to a half a kill, since at the very least Raylan dealt him a mortal wound. Full Story

The Demi Dilemma

January 25, 2012 14:55:15 Posted at January 25, 2012 14:55:15
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Quick recap: at around 11pm on Monday night, an ambulance was called to Demi Moore's. She was subsequently hospitalised. TMZ broke the story that it was substance abuse. Her rep has issued a statement reading:"Because of the stresses in her life right now, Demi has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health. Full Story

January 25, 2012 - Smutty Shout-Outs

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Maya is 14. And she’s been selected to join a People To People Ambassador trip to France, Italy, and Greece. Click here to learn about the programme. Since Maya “made the team” however, her family’s income has been cut by more than half. So she’s been industriously fundraising on her own, selling her artwork - click here Full Story

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dear Gossips,

The Academy did a lot of things right this morning. And ... they also chose Rooney Mara over Tilda Swinton. So, you know, there’s that.

This open is being written three minutes after the nominations were announced. Everyone is scrambling to release their analyses now. I cheered for The Tree of Life. I bugged my eyes at Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. And then came the list of snubs. More observations to follow.

But let’s go back to the beginning:

Aloof will be at the Oscars on February 26. Can you stand it?

Yours in gossip,


A triumphant return to Sundance

January 24, 2012 22:26:02 Posted at January 24, 2012 22:26:02
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It was 2008 the last time Kirsten Dunst was at Sundance. She was widely reported to be partying rather heavily, almost alarmingly, and then a month later, she entered rehab, also in Utah, seeking treatment for depression. (Source)Four years later, it’s a triumphant return. Full Story

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Front Row Nominee

January 24, 2012 21:31:00 Posted at January 24, 2012 21:31:00
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Jessica Chastain was front row at Armani Prive in Paris today - see the collection here  - when she learned that she’d received her first Oscar nomination. Can you imagine what a moment that must have been for her? Needless to say, Mr Armani was especially attentive. Full Story

Smutty Tingles

January 24, 2012 19:59:54 Posted at January 24, 2012 19:59:54
Lainey Posted by Lainey

There’s Giambattista Valli and Chanel...and then there’s Armani haute couture. Also the “Less Than” Friend in LifeStyle.
Heidi thought Seal was too intense about his special room (The Superficial)
Is it the altitude because Dylan and I just lost our minds laughing over this video (Dlisted)
Is this about Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge? (Towleroad)
Nina Dobrev looks extra amazing when she’s styled properly (Hollywood Tuna)
Gwyneth arrives...to talk Cam away from Diddy? (Pop Sugar)
Sh-t or diarrhoea: Ke$ha or Lana Del Ray? (Just Jared)
This is not an old photo. But how many times have you seen Heather Graham in this red dress? (Popoholic)
Vanessa Paradis: coy, sexy, and still a mystery (Celebuzz)
This is way better than that sh-t David E Kelley came up with (Amy Grindhouse)
Where does Selena Gomez find these things? (Go Fug Yourself)

Long walks and song lyrics

January 24, 2012 19:03:48 Posted at January 24, 2012 19:03:48
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Right now, I really need Taylor Swift to give me a f-cking break. Here she is, in London today, taking a walk on her own in Hyde Park at the Diana memorial. You know, just a pretty girl with her umbrella, with her thoughts to keep her company, and the swans for inspiration.Are you kidding me with this? Fast forward six months from now and we’ll have to hear about a song she came up with on this very day, as she reflected on the life of a fallen princess. Full Story

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The Cambridges: Holiday Before Separation

January 24, 2012 17:39:27 Posted at January 24, 2012 17:39:27
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Prince William and Catherine are currently in Mustique, on holiday with the Middletons, including Pippa, before he heads off to the Falkland Islands for work on an extended trip. Much has been made of how Kate will handle their separation, as much of the British media reports she’ll be lost without him, despondent and lonely, and that Camilla has reached out to spend time with her so she’s not sitting around the castle, all sad and sh-t. Full Story

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Two exes...or one?

January 24, 2012 17:31:14 Posted at January 24, 2012 17:31:14
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Vanessa Paradis was out last night, looking amazing, in Paris at the premiere of Cafe de Flore. Also today at the Chanel show. Have you seen the collection? I posted it over in LifeStyle. No personal questions were allowed on the carpet last night, and the edict was strictly observed. Full Story

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House Of Lies Episode 3

January 24, 2012 16:54:18 Posted at January 24, 2012 16:54:18
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House Of Lies Season 1 Episode 3 recapOkay.  I warned you. This show is too funny not to get specific, so we’re going to be a little more thorough this time. Marty sleeps while a woman in an ugly sweater rubs his shoulder.   He wakes up all ‘Mom, OMG!’ But of course, as we remember from the previouslies, she committed suicide. Full Story