Gwyneth & Cammie on the road

October 10, 2011 17:47:51 Posted at October 10, 2011 17:47:51
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After hanging out in London last week with Prince Philip who, obviously, was rather taken with Gwyneth Paltrow, G flew to New York the other day with Cameron Diaz. Wonder if Cameron Diaz will be featured in an upcoming issue of GOOP. Perhaps under the “Be” section. How to stop dating douchebags. Alex Rodriguez did not show up in the post season for the Yankees, did he? I mean no, Joe Girardi did not manage well, but for all that money and all that hype - doesn’t he get paid the most out of anyone? - ARod’s playoff performance was record-setting SH-T: the first player EVER to strike out as the final out on the same team two years in a row in the playoffs. Full Story

Would the real Elena please stand up?

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Vampire Diaries recap Season 3 Episode 4And so the saga continues.   If you’d asked me an hour ago I’d have said I’m feeling exhausted from the road-trip element of the show – trying to keep straight who was met in what time, and for some reason, why this whole Stefan-and-Klaus run is making me tired. Full Story

There will always be Chelsy

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Hot Harry on a Horse is currently in the US for helicopter training. He hit up a pub in San Diego this weekend. Had a burger and some beers. People got really excited over Twitter. This was big news. Click here Full Story

Supernatural baby

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Exclusive Jared Padalecki and wife Genevieve Cortese were photographed at the airport in Vancouver on Saturday morning heading to Toronto for a Supernatural convention this weekend. As you know, I don’t follow the show so this is the first time I’ve really had a look at Mrs P who has really, really beautiful hair. Full Story

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Diane’s Canadian Thanksgiving

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ExclusiveDiane Kruger flew in to Vancouver on Saturday to spend Thanksgiving with Joshua Jackson. Here she is arriving at the airport before meeting up with him later on. They were seen spending the afternoon downtown, walking around Gastown, stopping every few blocks or so to kiss. Passionately. Still. Full Story

Idris wins

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Idris Elba was named Best Actor at the UK Crime Thriller Awards on Friday for his work in Luther which gives me an excuse to talk about Luther because... are you watching Luther? What is it about television in the UK? On top of the fact that it feels so much more imaginative, there’s also an element of. Full Story

Jen & Justin at the after-party

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Jennifer Aniston and boyfriend Justin Theroux are both tight with Ben Stiller who hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend. I’ve not seen it yet - good? Here they are on their way to and from the after-party celebrating Ben’s return to SNL. Ben is promoting Tower Heist. This, um, is another conversation. Full Story

October 10, 2011 - Smutty Shout-Outs

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To Meggie - so glad you could come to the First Annual Girl's Beach weekend. Couldn't have gotten Mom out on the dance floor for 'Baby Got Back' without you! Love, A  Full Story

Friday, October 7, 2011

Dear Gossips,

Hot Harry on a Horse is apparently arriving this week in the US to begin helicopter training. He’ll be just outside of San Diego for the first part of his stay and then they’re off to Arizona. Here’s my favourite part of the article on  Read Full Intro

Thanksgiving As You Wish

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Entertainment Weekly is doing a cast reunion special in its new issue. One of the reunions: The Princess Bride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can we all agree that there is no fighting about The Princess Bride? As the magazine points out, The Princess Bride was not a mega box office performer. There were no major headliners in the cast. Full Story

Smutty Tingles

October 7, 2011 19:45:41 Posted at October 7, 2011 19:45:41
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It’s Julia Roberts trying to be Cate Blanchett? (Dlisted)

LeAnn Rimes claims she’s “natural”. In the chest??? (The Superficial)

GOOPy’s royal potty mouth (Celebedge)

Ashley Greene in a bikini. Yawn. (Hollywood Tuna)

Clive Owen shoots pool (Pop Sugar)

Rachel Weisz is talking about her marriage…or her movie? (Just Jared)

I don’t believe Ryan Gosling would let his dog piss while people are chanting (Cele|bitchy)

Ashton tries to blame Demi’s eggs (Celebuzz)

Hailee Steinfeld …are you feeling it? (Go Fug Yourself)

Beyonce’s video bump (Towleroad)