December 23, 2011 - Smutty Shout-Outs

December 23, 2011 14:37:13 Posted at December 23, 2011 14:37:13
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Happy Birthday Laura with the Christmas Baby complex! Today’s shouts section is Just For You. And Kit Harington. And you’re right - they’re hiding him from you, me, us. But I kinda prefer it this way. So that when Game of Thrones returns, your quiver, having been stored up for so long, it’s even that much more potent. Full Story

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dear Gossips,

Today is the Winter Solstice, “Dong Zhi” in Chinese. Loosely interpreted, it’s like Chinese Christmas, one of the most important days on our calendar, when we celebrate the longest night of the year surrounded by family and a lot of food, marking the end of the annual lunar cycle, and looking ahead to a prosperous new one.  Read Full Intro

Best of 2011: Your Voice In My Head by Emma Forrest

December 22, 2011 20:03:42 Posted at December 22, 2011 20:03:42
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My favourite book of the year. Forrest is an awesomely gifted writer. It’s not just the story, but the way she tells it, the words that describe it, so that you can feel so acutely her joy and her sadness and her gratefulness for the person who helped her go forward. I’ve probably read this book 3 or 4 times this year just to review some of Forrest’s most beautiful passages. Full Story

Smutty Tingles

December 22, 2011 18:29:42 Posted at December 22, 2011 18:29:42
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There’s no point in starving if you can’t wear a bikini every day (The Superficial)

WHY do dumb bitches keep paying this dumbass? (Dlisted)

Gorgeous: a gay navy kiss makes history (Towleroad)

Ashley Tisdale: high school forever (Hollywood Tuna)

I would wear holiday plaid more often too if I looked this good in it (Pop Sugar)

I love the pattern on Salma Hayek’s blouse (Just Jared)

Is it because I’m not 25 anymore that I don’t find this stylish? (Popoholic)

Justin Bieber and his baby sister. Come on. You can’t snark on this, can you? (Celebuzz)

Dear Spain: really??? What year do you think it is?  (Hollywood PQ)

I worry about Lady Gaga and neck pain (Go Fug Yourself

Managing “Aloof” behind the scenes

December 22, 2011 17:37:47 Posted at December 22, 2011 17:37:47
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I could never be a publicist or a personal assistant for a celebrity. It’s not the hard work I’m afraid of; it’s the adult babysitting. They are SO fragile and insecure and narcissistic, it’s an exhausting experience. And, frankly, it can be really, really sad. I’ve been really hard on Rooney Mara the last couple of weeks for the “aloof”-ing and the SVU trashing. Full Story

James Franco’s defence calls...another professor

December 22, 2011 17:06:03 Posted at December 22, 2011 17:06:03
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James Franco’s reputation was pissed on this week as a former professor is suing NYU for firing him because he gave the actor a D in his class. Dr Santana says Franco only attended 2 out of 14 lectures. Click here for the background.NYU has now responded publicly to the claims. Full Story

Planning the birth

December 22, 2011 16:23:53 Posted at December 22, 2011 16:23:53
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I still don’t understand the people who don’t believe that Beyonce is actually pregnant. Something about her faking it because she didn’t want to gain weight? Check her out here in New York yesterday. That looks like a full face to me. In fact, B is fuller all over. And, just like us, Beysus looks bad on closed circuit tv. Full Story

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First free holiday...

December 22, 2011 15:31:17 Posted at December 22, 2011 15:31:17
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In many years for Ashton Kutcher.He’s now officially single, having publicly humiliated and driven away Demi Moore with infidelity, Ashton was spotted in Berlin enjoying his freedom while in town for “business meetings”. That this f-cking loser is considered an entrepreneur... It’s a joke is what it is. Full Story

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Hot Harry’s holiday open shirt

December 22, 2011 15:09:28 Posted at December 22, 2011 15:09:28
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Flynet, Splash

While his brother was bringing holiday cheer to homeless youth yesterday, Prince Harry hit up the club, seen leaving the Arts Club in Mayfair after a night out with, among others, David Beckham, newly arrived from Los Angeles. What is it about a young aristocrat and an open collar? Or, rather, this particular young royal and his open collar? I’m really into it. Full Story

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Will’s feeling like a pimp...on video

December 22, 2011 14:44:17 Posted at December 22, 2011 14:44:17
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Eamonn McCormack/BEN STANSALL/Getty

Most of you have probably seen the photos of a Jay-Z inspired Prince William yesterday during his visit to Centrepoint with Catherine. But he also drops some other moves in a video. Click here to see. SO cute, right? Like a perv I’m also including a few shots of Will with his hand on his wife’s back as he’s guiding her to the car. Full Story

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Dear Gossips,

Was I the only one who didn’t freak out over the new The Hobbit trailer that was released yesterday? It’s an awesome trailer. A really, really, REALLY great trailer. It’s just...

I’m missing a good taste gene, I think, when it comes to Tolkien movies. It’s not that I hate them, I’m just not evangelical about it. They’re so...


See? Now all my other opinions don’t matter. If you can’t get down with LOTR, all your other thoughts are immediately devalued.

Heading to Toronto today to spend Christmas with my ma with 10 lbs of pork jerky and pork floss (from Bee Kim Heng, seriously the best in the world) packed away in my luggage. You all do it with turkey. My people, we’re about the pig. Suckling pig on Christmas Eve.

Thanks for sending in your votes for the Best Gingerbread House. The winner will be announced later today.

Yours in gossip,