Engagement #3

December 16, 2011 18:28:39 Posted at December 16, 2011 18:28:39
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Does the first one count as an engagement? Or did they just go straight to wedding and then annulment? Let’s call it a second engagement then. Britney Spears is engaged to marry Jason Trawick who proposed in Vegas on his 40th birthday. Britney just turned 30 earlier this month. Jason used to be her agent. Full Story

Holiday Rafa

December 16, 2011 17:17:19 Posted at December 16, 2011 17:17:19
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G Tres/Splash, Miquel Benitez/Getty

For my cousin Cat and all of you, and thank you for your emails, who love the Rafa posts and photos...Check out Rafael Nadal with his longtime gf “Xisca” at the Juntos Por La Integracion charity gala organised by his foundation in Barcelona last night. I love her. She is SO cute. Sometimes I worry though that they’re too young to have been together for so long. Full Story

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Christian Bale vs China

December 16, 2011 17:10:00 Posted at December 16, 2011 17:10:00
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Christian Bale has been in China promoting The Flowers Of War. I’ve written about the film here and here, the “first time a domestically-funded Chinese movie has placed a Hollywood actor in a leading role” with the transparent intent for the Chinese film industry to go aggressively global, much like many of its other industries. Full Story

Is it the baking?

December 16, 2011 16:38:07 Posted at December 16, 2011 16:38:07
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I keep reading these little items, cleverly tucked into a magazine or a blog post here and there, about how comfortable Blake Lively is in the kitchen. About how she cooks and bakes, this hot leggy blonde cheerleader surfer girl, naked under an apron, who can sauce and soufflé as well as she can spread and strut. Full Story

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December 16, 2011 - Smutty Shout-Outs

December 16, 2011 16:10:17 Posted at December 16, 2011 16:10:17
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Dear Sabra, Thank you for your lovely, honest letter. And Happy Birthday! How much do I love you for namechecking Dorian Gray? How much do I admire you for the courage you’ve demonstrated in facing the people who’ve never been kind to you, not your whole life? It sounds like you’ve had a lonely few years. Full Story

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dear Gossips,

Well, there was no glaring “The Tourist” moment when the Golden Globe nominations were announced this morning. But that doesn’t mean the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, like I said yesterday, didn’t prioritise the Brange. I wonder if that’s tops the agenda of their selection committee: how can we guarantee Brange’s attendance? Sort the categories accordingly.  Read Full Intro

Worst of 2011: Gross Rebounds

December 15, 2011 22:44:04 Posted at December 15, 2011 22:44:04
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Happened way too often this year: single women emerging after serious relationships only to rebound into the arms of gross dudes. Like, over and over and over again.  Elizabeth Hurley & that vile Shane Warne - why are his lips always gooey? I admire those of you who tend to look for the best in every person/story/situation. Full Story

So that’s why your face was so puffy!

December 15, 2011 22:02:28 Posted at December 15, 2011 22:02:28
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Clasos.com/Splash, LUIS ACOSTA/Getty

Remember earlier this year, while she was promoting Just Go With It and her new fragrance, I kept going on about a slight puffiness that had taken over Jennifer Aniston’s face? For a while there I was obsessed. Here’s an article from March 11 for a refresher. Full Story

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The Most Coveted Photo at the Golden Globes

December 15, 2011 21:35:40 Posted at December 15, 2011 21:35:40
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Girl sh-t is the best sh-t, remember? Oh yeah! Madonna also directed a movie this year! And, yes, the Hollywood Foreign Press, as they did with Angelina Jolie, found a way to include Madonna on their Golden Globe Guest List by giving W.E. two music nominations which, hilariously, is kinda like reminding Justin Timberlake he’s a musician and not an actor. Full Story

Smutty Tingles

December 15, 2011 19:30:45 Posted at December 15, 2011 19:30:45
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Sasha finds Clothes for Chemo and SJP’s cords in LifeStyle

How long before Lindsay Lohan is thin-jealous of her sister…if not already? (The Superficial)

The title of this article and then the article itself made me laugh so hard (Dlisted)

Is TinTin gay? (Towleroad)

Who is this person? The paps keep shooting her this week and I have NO idea (Hollywood Tuna)

Grey Brad goes for dinner while accumulating nominations (Pop Sugar)

JLO wins the dumbest title ever (Just Jared)

Really surprised this girl hasn’t been linked to Leo yet (Popoholic)

The Notebook on Broadway (Celebuzz)

Matt Damon Santa is SUPER cute (Hollywood PQ)

“Aloof’s” takes all the nice clothes and lets her sister shop at Guess (Go Fug Yourself)