Emmys orange but maybe red: Ginnifer Goodwin

Duana Posted by Duana at September 24, 2012 16:13:02 September 24, 2012 16:13:02

When did you first learn that the whole "red carpet endeavour" was a little more complicated than just some stars putting on a dress and going to a party?  Years ago, right? You heard about the stylists and limo sequences and borrowing dresses and the whole thing and we’ve all known for years. Full Story

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Emmy Runway to Red Carpet: Nicole Kidman in Antonio Berardi

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 24, 2012 16:01:35 September 24, 2012 16:01:35
Wenn, Frazer Harrison/ Getty

They put her in the front row in the best seat, giving her the clout of George Clooney, and then never cut away to her, even though she had her hand on Keith Urban's thigh quite often in an obvious display of "we are so together"ness. A waste.  What I was saying before about the movie star-tv star hierarchy is evident here: Kidman is a movie star, and she dresses like a movie star. Full Story

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On Emmy enunciation: Kerry Washington

Duana Posted by Duana at September 24, 2012 15:37:45 September 24, 2012 15:37:45
Wenn, Kevin Winter/ Kevork Djansezian /Getty

Let’s start with the part where I started worrying about my job security.   Because when the absolutely fearless Joshua Malina started tweeting about the Emmys – calling Hayden Panetierre  Connie Britton’s “Puppet”, and expressing sorrow that the In Memoriam montage did not include Chris Brown – well, I could hear Lainey falling in love from across the country. Full Story

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Emmy Underwhelming: Michelle Dockery

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 24, 2012 15:24:46 September 24, 2012 15:24:46
Kevork Djansezian/ ROBYN BECK/ Getty

The lady needs a steamer. It would be hard to say no to a Louis Vuitton, I get it. Especially since the last collection (click here to see) seemed so heavily influenced by Downton Abbey. And maybe Michelle Dockery is still too new at the game to be assertive in these matters. Full Story

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Emmy Hairspray & Taffeta: Ashley Judd

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 24, 2012 15:00:38 September 24, 2012 15:00:38
Wenn, Frazer Harrison/Getty

In 1998, Ashley Judd walked across the stage at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in a white dress slit waaaaay up and a flower by her ear and it became an Oscar moment. People still wonder whether or not she flashed the Academy. Back then Ashley Judd was an It girl. Back then they talked about Ashley Judd the way they talk about Jessica Chastain. Full Story

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Emmy Disappointing: Lucy Liu

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 24, 2012 14:53:16 September 24, 2012 14:53:16
Wenn, Frazer Harrison/ Getty

When we talked last night in preparation for how we’d split up the style coverage, Lucy Liu was Duana’s Worst Dressed...as she shows up on every other list as the Best. Oh because it’s tight and silver and sparkled like a new toy on television. Versace, of course. And that’s part of the letdown. Full Story

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Emmy Photo Assumption: Aaron Paul feels too much

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 24, 2012 14:22:36 September 24, 2012 14:22:36
Alberto E. Rodriguez/ Frazer Harrison/ Kevin Winter/ Getty

It’s sweet that he does, really. It was very sweet, the very real tears shining in his eyes as he accepted his award. And then of course he turned to his fiancée Lauren and thanked her for loving him, and something about it saving his life, her looking at him the way she does -- words too intimate and personal to be shared on stage, surely, and it finally made sense, Maria’s constant handwringing about their relationship, specifically about how she worries that he might get hurt; that the to-be-wife might hurt him, or, more accurately, that he may be setting himself for the hurt, based of course, on our most reliable relationship barometer, ahem: Photo Assumption. Full Story

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Worst Undeserved Emmy Smugness – Jena Malone

Duana Posted by Duana at September 24, 2012 14:09:39 September 24, 2012 14:09:39
Wenn, Frazer Harrison/ Getty

When you show up at an awards show and you are the first on the carpet because, regardless of roles recently landed, you’re not that important and haven’t been for some time? When you scheme and campaign for a high-profile role, and everyone knows that you wanted it, and now you’ve got it and ostensibly are there as much to promote it as to support the other project you are in?  When that’s the case, maybe don’t be the most tight-lipped, smirking, “oh I just don’t like to talk about that stuff” brat on the carpet, because nobody cares yet, and they have all forgotten Saved anyway, and incessant hair-dyeing and general young-person-ness means you’re not at all a veteran just yet. Full Story

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Best Undeserved Emmy Acceptance: Jon Cryer

Duana Posted by Duana at September 24, 2012 13:57:26 September 24, 2012 13:57:26
Alberto E. Rodriguez/ Kevin Winter/ Getty

Look, nobody doesn’t like Duckie. We get it. He’s sweet, smart, funny - and that’s before we even get to the fact that he, by all accounts, kept showing up for work on Two and a Half Men even when the notion of “work” turned into an utter farce. I suspected he was a good dude -- it seems like he’d have to be, to get through that kind of thing and still stay on the show (contracts help here, too) --  and then when he won, I was sure of it. Full Story

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The Emmys doesn’t know Game Of Thrones

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 24, 2012 13:40:54 September 24, 2012 13:40:54
Frazer Harrison/ Kevork Djansezian/ Getty

Was Kit Harington at the Emmys? I don’t know, maybe, I’m not sure. Because they labelled Richard Madden as Kit Harington in a few of the photo agencies so he could have been there and it confused them or he was never there but they just haven’t bothered learning the names of the cast even though, AS I KEEP SCREAMING, they never seem to have a problem telling the difference between every famewhoring twat who’s trying to get a proposal on The Bachelor, God! And just as I was moaning about the lack of couture and proper styling at the Emmys, here comes the khaleesi in Chanel Resort (from this collection Full Story

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