Don’t Know What You Got ‘Til It’s Gone

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Written by Duana I really get prickly when people talk about ‘movie actors’ vs. ‘TV actors’. You can disagree with me and that’s fine. But consider this - how can it be considered more skillful to present a character in 90 minutes, supported by lots of sweeping vistas or explosions or fill-in-your-trope-of-choice, when they might have to maintain said character over 22 half-hours or hours – multiplied by several years? So let’s give the most praise to Charlie Sheen that anyone will allow, and say that the lead of a super-successful sitcom is probably working long hours. Full Story

Here's a movie you're rushing to see

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There was a deal made at Cannes. The story: Two people start dating. She's slightly older. Then they find out she used to babysit him. This is supposed to be romantic AND hilarious. Really??? Apparently they think you would want to see this movie. I guess I might not be the best judge of what women do and don't want to see. Full Story

What catches your eye first?

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The Hollywood Reporter's new issue features the Glee Season 2 finale in New York with exclusive access alongside the cast as they shot the episode. It's a long article. I gave it a skim. Enjoyed the part about the deal with the hotel and also what happens when they run long - costs etc. Glee is such a huge money grab for Fox, and still I wonder what their budget is. Full Story

The One-Piece,Vegan Book Bags & Black Tie Weddings

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Written by Sasha Sasha,I am looking for some summer swimsuit fashion advice. I am post baby #2 and that mom pouch is still hanging around, so bikinis are only in if I plan to be standing up at all times wearing one. So, I am looking for a one-piece swimsuit that is less speedo more milf and won't break my mat leave budget. Full Story

Smutty Tingles

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Wow. Pregnancy gives you really big breasts. Even Alba. (The Superficial)

I actually think Chicken Fried looks good here. It's what happens when you lower expectations (Dlisted)

Chelsea Handler hates on fat (Popeater)

Ashley Greene's extensions don't look too bad here (Hollywood Tuna)

Johnny Depp - is this like boy scout styles? (Pop Sugar)

The Hangover's new cover (Just Jared)

Scarjo does look really hot in these ads (Popoholic)

Nikki Reed holding hands with her American Idol (Celebuzz)

UGH! I hate him!!!! (Towleroad)

Uma Thurman is tall and knows she's not cute (Go Fug Yourself)

Being Bristol

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Written by DuanaThat’s my pitch for the name of the new Bristol Palin reality show. Or maybe I’m being too on-the-nose. Maybe it should be something like “All For The Good”, since she’s working for a charity. Full Story

Rich, Famous, Herpes

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Delicious. Not the herpes part, but the smuttiness of it. Obviously. So there's a story on TMZ about a major A list celebrity who is worth "in excess of $100 million" who hooked up with someone in Vegas and passed on some herpes. Jesus. Full Story

Colin Farrell goes full fug for Horrible Bosses

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Written by Sarah Everyone is going to want to talk about Jennifer Aniston and her daring new career as a supporting actress in mediocre comedies, but I don’t care about that. That’s what Aniston has been all along, she just insisted on trying to be a leading lady, which she isn’t. Full Story

James & January?

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Received several panicked emails yesterday when I was out in the field about James McAvoy and … January Jones? There was no context so it was puzzling. Then I hopped on a computer at the Palais and read about Ted Casablanca's report that the father of her child was someone on the X-Men set … which… fine, I mean I'm still not sure why people care that January Jones is pregnant but sure, there are a lot of people on a set - crew, cast, studio, marketing, etc - and I don't doubt she could have hooked up with any of them. Full Story

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Gwyneth's deep V

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There are a lot of French girls walking around here in Cannes not wearing bras. When it's done right, I love it. I mean obviously it's when the breasts are on the small side and sitting up nice but not too high, with a little teardrop action for the natural effect. It's hot. I would totally if I could. Full Story

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