What Else?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 14, 2017 20:42:30 September 14, 2017 20:42:30

Tips! It’s a dramatic conversation. We just talked about tipping yesterday on The Social: do you tip when you take out? I do. But it’s because I used to work as a takeout girl. And I know the work involved in packing and organising and the injuries sustained when you’re packing and organising the takeout. Full Story

Blake Shelton Thinks My Job Is Easy

Duana Posted by Duana at September 14, 2017 20:28:58 September 14, 2017 20:28:58
John Shearer/ Hand in Hand/ Getty Images

My favourite off-book celebrity conversation these days is ‘who do you think is for real?’ Whose tweets, whose self-deprecating Instagram captions, whose appealingly honest posts are real reflections of who they might be? Until yesterday, it would never have occurred to me to include Blake Shelton in the analysis one way or another…but here we are. Full Story

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The cast of Riverdale is really pretty

Kathleen Posted by Kathleen at September 14, 2017 20:09:41 September 14, 2017 20:09:41

We knew this. There may be murder mysteries on murder mysteries and secrets on secrets in Riverdale but if there’s one thing we’ve always known for sure, it’s that the entire cast is really f-cking good-looking. The kids of Riverdale are featured in Entertainment Weekly's Fall TV Preview issue proving this undeniable fact Full Story

TIFF Review: Chappaquiddick - Recount or Game Change on steroids

Joanna Posted by Joanna at September 14, 2017 20:05:12 September 14, 2017 20:05:12
Kevin Winter/ Rich Fury/ J. Countess/ Getty Images

Chappaquiddick and the story of what happened to Mary Jo Kopechne in 1969, a loyal Kennedy family devotee and political campaign specialist, is kind of like the slogan for MTV's old show Diary: You think you know, but you have no idea (what it's like to be famous). Except, in this case, as per the film, we really still don't know what happened, but we do know that Ted Kennedy certainly made several missteps that did him no favours. Full Story

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Selena Gomez’s kidney transplant

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 14, 2017 18:34:09 September 14, 2017 18:34:09

The major headline this morning is Selena Gomez’s major revelation: she had a kidney transplant. Her friend Francia Raisa was the donor. It happened earlier this summer. Apparently Selena’s fans have been wondering why she was “laying low” at the time and it’s because, well, she was having major surgery. Full Story

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Gary Oldman goes for Oscar in Darkest Hour

Sarah Posted by Sarah at September 14, 2017 17:34:28 September 14, 2017 17:34:28
Tara Ziemba/ Kevin Winter/ Phillip Faraone/ Getty Images

Darkest Hour begins as Neville Chamberlain is forced to resign as Prime Minister on the eve of World War II, and Winston Churchill is selected as his replacement after the more popular Lord Halifax—also a supporter of appeasement—passes up the opportunity. It’s a bit of political maneuvering on Halifax’s part—everyone expects Churchill to fail, and then Halifax can swoop in with a unified party behind him and a plan for peace before him. Full Story

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