2011 Luminato Festival

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They dumped Cheryl

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Look, it’s not like I understood the decision to bring on Cheryl Cole from the UK to be a judge on US X Factor either. If you’ve been reading my column, you’ll know I had a lot of thoughts on this, and most of them were consistent with “it’s a dumb decision”. Still, I feel for her. Full Story

May 26, 2011 – Smutty Shout-Outs

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Katie – I’m sorry to hear about the person who didn’t give you butterflies but you’re right, because if he didn’t, he wasn’t for you anyway. Still, it sucks and you’re sad. Will Anderson Cooper and Tom Hiddleston as Loki help? And Happy Birthday to Val B with love from Evelyn. Full Story

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dear Gossips,

Last night was wicked stress. I mean, when you think about it, it’s just a hockey game. Well, I guess it’s never just a hockey game. I went to the hockey game, despite the Vancouver Canucks being winless in the post-season up to that point with me in the house, over the protestations of some crazy bitches on my email and over Twitter.  Read Full Intro

Be a good Dean...

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Or Neal. I’m not sure how they’re representing it in the film so…both for now? Remember when Garrett Hedlund topped my Five List? Then I saw TRON: Legacy. And even Jacek, who doesn’t notice much, remarked that he had a serious thigh in pants problem in that leather suit which, really, marked the beginning of the end. Full Story

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Two Quickies

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Which tv personality flirts dangerously with GHB and then, consequently, with strangers when he’s relaxing from a hard day’s work? So far it hasn’t gotten him into too much trouble yet but it can get rough out there, even though he likes it that way. A chronic cheater slept with the girl who has also been around a lot, and has had her share of infidelity too, on both sides of the equation, and while their hookup was very brief, he was becoming serious with his gf at the time. Full Story

Please don’t go…

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If there’s anything that turns me into a total nerd, it’s Harry Potter. And especially now that we’re so close to it being over, just 6 weeks out from the release of the final film, knowing …It all ends. Sob! And then a reader called Sarah J just sent me this, a letter written by Alan Rickman describing his emotions now that he’s said goodbye to Snape… Sob! Jo always says that the enduring message of the series is the power of love. Full Story

Smutty Tingles

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No one does Judgy Face like the Queen (Dlisted)

Pippa still needs to take a few lessons in car mounting (The Superficial)

Kellan Lutz rejects Fried Chicken? Bitch, sit DOWN. (Popeater)

Errr…how is this fashion??? (Hollywood Tuna)

Christina Hendricks in a swimsuit and about her proposal (Pop Sugar

Well this isn’t Angela Chase, is it? (Just Jared)

Ralph Fiennes in Russia with his uppity ass GF (Cele|bitchy)

Lady Gaga on MTV – what’s with the weird background music? (Towleroad)

There’s really no way to look good when you fangirl a star (Drunken Stepfather site NSFW)

Tom Cruise Jr talks about football players in the locker room. (Celebuzz)

Two babies, Three Lips

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Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban travelled through LAX yesterday each holding a baby. I totally forgot about Faith Margaret who came to them via gestational carrier! They dropped her on us right at award season and then pulled it back low key. In fact, Gran herself has been relatively low key the last few months, shooting an HBO movie in San Francisco, with very few strategic pap occasions. Full Story

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Ryan, Jake, Justin, Bradley…

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Olivia Wilde announced her divorce in February. She’s 26 and had been married 8 years. So I guess I don’t blame her for going kinda boy crazy. I mean she looks great, she’s connected, as long as she’s not, like, begging people to stay with her, to love her, to Biel her, it’s hard to argue with the girl’s single summer strategy. Full Story

Glee – The New York Finale

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Written by Duana I cannot tell you how seriously I considered getting on a plane to New York while watching this episode. Like, passport in hand, wearing only what I have on, I could be there in two hours. It’s the best. The show celebrates the city so hard, and why shouldn’t it? It is the greatest ever. Full Story