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Girls Season 1 Episode 1 recapShow being reviewed:  Girls Qualifications for review:  Am (was?) Girl; live in city. Consumption of pre-broadcast Girls hype: None in last week.----------------------There you go.  There's my resume as it relates to Girls.  Everyone on the show spent so much time announcing who they were or hoping it sounded like they were someone. Full Story

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A bridal Jolie is promoted

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We all know the girl who’s newly engaged, right? Or, we’ve all been the girl newly engaged. The one who can’t help herself, she can’t stop smiling, she has to show it off - her happiness, her glow, her ring. Angelina Jolie is now That Girl. Her?Well... she’s behaving like she is. She behaved like it yesterday, waving it around in LA. Full Story

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The Avengers In Russia

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My interviews with The Avengers from the weekend junket will be airing on etalk all week. Proper reviews are still embargoed but apparently the geeks are more than satisfied with what Joss Whedon has accomplished. Like we’re talking mega nerd approval. Me I have no idea what the nerds want. What I wanted was more than just special effects and explosions. Full Story

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New York Realism Means Carrying Coffee At All Times

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Smash Season 1 Episode 11 recap (No really, it does.  I'm not being snarky there.)So the problem with Smash, as you may know, isn't that the characters are over-the-top or that the situations are ridiculous; it's that the show is trying to sell us those things as straightforward and proper.  And let's be honest: everyone who's still watching - and I know you are still watching - is watching for the camp, and the songs (oh my GOD the songs about the Method), but not realism. Full Story

9 Months Of Serenity

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Her Princess Of Serenity Charlene was at her husband Prince Albert’s side yesterday during The Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters to present Novak Djokovic with the Vermeil Sport Medal of Monaco for Physical Education. It’s now just over three quarters of a year that Charlene’s been locked into position. It’s been quite an adjustment. Full Story

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Dear Gossips,

I was in LA this weekend for The Avengers junket where Tom Hiddleston set a match to my Five List. More on that later. As for the movie? SO good I held my pee for two hours, happily. So good I was a screaming idiot in the theatre, hootin’ and hollerin’ along with everyone else at all the fun parts.  Read Full Intro

Brought together on a double date

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Was it?No idea.But Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel are best friends so at some point, there had to be an invitation over to the Afflecks for barbeque, right? And since Ben is such a respected director now, Justin Timberlake would have been all over that. Justin Timberlake totally wanted to be in The Town. Full Story

Stripes keep them together

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Many of you have emailed to ask the last couple of months whether or not Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson are still together because there have been no pictures. Here is your answer: they matched stripes at Coachella, so yes.Diane’s been working on a movie called The Host based on the book by Twilight’s Stephenie Meyer. Full Story

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The Love Song of One Lane Price

Duana Posted by Duana at April 16, 2012 18:50:20 April 16, 2012 18:50:20
Courtesy AMC

Mad Men Season 5 Episode 5 recapIt’s always been a weird thing, having Lane in the office.  It never bothered me or felt like it didn’t fit – but then, it didn’t exactly “match”, either.  Lane has these antiquated ideas of professionalism and growing a business, and at times his attitude at Sterling Cooper (both before and after his name was added to the masthead) was that of a college professor who was unexpectedly given a summer camp instead. Full Story

Smutty Tingles

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 16, 2012 18:39:02 April 16, 2012 18:39:02

When you might be in love with your best friend who might be gay in LifeStyle

I guess all great mothers apologise...eventually (Dlisted)

Holy. Sh-t. Blair Waldorf has a CRAZY ass (The Superficial

You think Brad called Jen to get her blessing? (Celebedge)

Every generation has a Kardashian to look up to (Hollywood Tuna

Emma Stone and Fat Zac Efron from Veronica Mars (Pop Sugar)

Pippy wants to decorate your house now (Just Jared)

More importantly, WHYYYY does Pippa Middleton have such ugly clothes? (Cele|bitchy)

Jason Segel loves Michelle Williams like a Belieber loves the Bieber (Socialite Life)

That blonde streak in her hair is actually worse (Drunken Stepfather site NSFW)

Amanda Seyfried and Josh Hartnett dated and then didn’t (I'm Not Obsessed)