April 8, 2011 – Smutty Shout-Outs

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Happy Birthday Nell! We’ve been together a long time. I am honoured to see you moving into a new decade. You’ll really, really love this one. Not bullsh-tting you. And Happy Birthday to Taylor Kitsch too who, strangely, didn’t make your long request list. Que? Here’s your moon. Full Story

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dear Gossips,

Tina Fey announced on Oprah yesterday, in an episode to air next week, that she and husband Jeff Richmond, are expecting their second child. Thrilled for her. And it reminds me of a passage in Bossypants in the wonderful chapter about her father (which, though hilarious, is really a love letter to him) where she describes worrying about not being able to do what her dad did with her own kids: to instill in them the ability to worry – worrying as a precursor to effort, as opposed to baseless confidence as the foundation for not trying, or caring.  Read Full Intro

Rachel & the Old 97s

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Rachel McAdams is at home in Toronto. And last night she was at the Horseshoe Tavern for the Old 97s show. Here she is outside with a few friends. So beautiful. Am told from people inside that she was glowing, that in person she was even more gorgeous. I know what you’re about to ask: is she still with Michael Sheen?!?!? They haven’t been papped together since February when he took her home to Wales after travelling together to Ireland. Full Story

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Back to the seed of their love

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Daniel Craig arrived in Toronto last night to work on reshoots for Dream House. Rachel Weisz is supposed to be working on it too. Dream House of course was filmed last year, February/March-ish and then 6 months later, Weisz and Darren Aronofsky were done and Satsuki Mitchell can’t be found. So… It’s fair to say then that the seed was there, right? The seed of their love? From where it grew? Where they couldn’t deny their chemistry and went home thinking about each other and made every kiss longer and linger and couldn’t wait to get to the set the next morning to be together again…? Anyway, turns out Lorella Jeopardy was on Craig’s flight. Full Story

Coachella wardrobe, headbands & walking shoes

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Written by Sasha Sasha! Heading to one of my favourite places in the world in 2 short weeks.... Coachella.My challenge? I am not a size 0 celeb easily finding the perfect festival fashion - but am a busty size 14 trying to wear something cool (in both the figurative and literal sense!. Full Story

Smutty Tingles

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LeAnn Rimes is so proud of her body (The Superficial)

Natalie Portman stutters her rebuttal? (Dlisted)

Lindsay LOHAN is leaking herself for EVERY role (Popeater)

Thoughts on this jeans look? (Hollywood Tuna)

Posh pregnancy sateen – can you see a bump? (Pop Sugar)

Country Bitch’s husband loves to shop (Just Jared)

Do you think models look like aliens sometimes? (Popoholic)

Little Miss Sunshine New Year’s Eve (Celebuzz)

Gird! Colin Farrell + Anton Yelchin! (Towleroad)

Would Tonks wear this? (Go Fug Yourself)

Better in a bad situation

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We’ve been sh-tting on Katherine Heigl’s hair situation for a while now. Forget about how you feel about her on a bitch level, from a completely objective point of view, that mess is a mess. However… A mess is a sliding scale. And yesterday, as she was photographed with her husband, leaving to head to the Ellen show, the mess, well, I guess it could have been worse. Full Story

Saoirse’s blue shoes

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Saoirse Ronan was in New York yesterday promoting Hanna. As I noted yesterday in the Cate Blanchett post, Hanna opens on Friday and you’re totally seeing it, right? The star of course of Hanna is Saoirse. And Saoirse’s performance is so impressive, she had Lionsgate on pause on Jennifer Lawrence for Katniss in The Hunger Games – click here Full Story

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Ryan Gosling ruins Wednesday productivity

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I was at the airport when the Crazy, Stupid, Love trailer dropped yesterday. I watched it in the lounge, then got on the plane, and by the time I landed in Toronto 5 hours later, my inbox was full of your horny panting emails. And he lit up everywhere on the internet too as every blog and entertainment news site tried, and in some cases failed, to avoid the headline: Ryan Gosling is crazy, stupid, hot. Full Story

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Jakey’s many dates

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Us Magazine says that Jake Gyllenhaal had breakfast with Jessica Lowndes in New York last Friday. Curiously that’s the same day that Taylor Swift and Garrett Hedlund had dinner for the first time in Tennessee. Click here Full Story

That poor makeup artist

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Ashley Judd was out promoting her memoir at Barnes & Noble in New York yesterday and, like Nicole Kidman and Uma Thurman before her (examples here and here) had more people talking about her makeup than they did her book which, I mean, she is really, really taking it to her family, specifically her mother, but is she also as candid about her own, um, mercurial moods? Anyway, about this powder situation… I mean obviously it’s not like, oh let’s make it so that it’s really noticeable and everyone will see and talk about it. Full Story