How to wear a pink hoodie

January 14, 2011 12:55:21 Posted at January 14, 2011 12:55:21
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Man style is very important to me because I married one without any and it’s one of the chief complaints of my shallow life. The thing is, it’s not like I’m trying to force Jacek into a body type that isn’t his. What’s most excruciating is that Jacek is on the lean side, tall enough, and built like Beckham. Full Story

Hair Fountain

January 14, 2011 11:03:37 Posted at January 14, 2011 11:03:37
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That’s what my friend Lorella calls that sh-t that’s happening on John Travolta’s head right now. Those loops that go off to each side, like a Hair Fountain, see? Travolta showed up at the Breitling flagship store opening in New York last night. It’s been a good week for him. Full Story

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I don’t need to justify this post

January 14, 2011 10:24:00 Posted at January 14, 2011 10:24:00
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It’s Alan Rickman. He was in Brooklyn last night at the John Gabriel Borkman afterparty at BAM. He plays the title character. Of course the reviews are wonderful. What else would they be? Sigh. I think I need to break out my Sense & Sensibility. Full Story


January 14, 2011 09:50:00 Posted at January 14, 2011 09:50:00
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It’s almost the one year anniversary of WHO’s NATALIE??? It was, no doubt, the best part of the Golden Globe pre-show during our liveblog in 2010. Hoping for more of that magic this time around. And now for a little Gossip Nostalgia. Remember when Julia was engaged to Kiefer Sutherland and pretty much left him at the altar? Remember when Julia took off on Kiefer three days before her wedding for Jason Patric? She was great drama then, wasn’t she? She was the best for drama then. Full Story

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by David Fincher

January 14, 2011 09:20:00 Posted at January 14, 2011 09:20:00
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As you’ve probably seen, Rooney Mara covers the new issue of W Magazine as Lisbeth Salander. No complaints about the photos at all. She looks the part, totally. But the article is not about Rooney Mara. The article is actually about acclaimed director David Fincher who is running the show on the English language movie adaptation of the Millennium Trilogy. Full Story

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Lindsay Lohan: reality reject

January 14, 2011 08:07:06 Posted at January 14, 2011 08:07:06
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Oh you know it’s bad when… You can’t even get on a reality tv show. Donald Trump is putting together a new Celebrity Apprentice. Here’s who he’s recruited: LaToya Jackson, Lisa Rinna, Hope Dworaczyk, Nikki Taylor, Star Jones, Dionne Warwick, Meatloaf, Gary Busey, Mark McGrath, David Cassidy, Richard Hatch, Jose Canseco, John Rich, Lil Jon, Nene Leakes, and Marlee Matlin. Full Story

Granny is ready

January 14, 2011 07:55:57 Posted at January 14, 2011 07:55:57
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The Globes are two days away. Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman is nominated for Best Actress Drama. Although they say it’s a fight between Annette Bening and Natalie Portman, the HPFA, they LOVE Nicole, have always done, and so I guess it’s not totally impossible. And you know she really wants one. Full Story

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January 14, 2011 – Smutty Shout-Outs

January 14, 2011 07:33:20 Posted at January 14, 2011 07:33:20
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Happy Birthday Molly in Mosley, England via Boston, MA with love from Meau who said you’re into John Terry these days? Photos are attached. Una! How you feeling? Better? Here’s Colin Farrell as you requested to get you to the weekend. By the way, you read about our break-up Full Story

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dear Gossips,

Counting down to the Globes now. We will be liveblogging! Starting Sunday night at 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT during the arrivals, I’ll be joined by Duana, Sarah, and Sasha, and we’ll go straight through to the final award.  Read Full Intro

Guy loves Colin

January 13, 2011 14:32:55 Posted at January 13, 2011 14:32:55
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Colin Firth received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today. Of course his wife Livia was there with him. But also Guy Pearce who does a great job as dipsy Edward VIII in The King’s Speech. (Side note: Madonna is making a movie about Wallis Simpson. And I wonder if she’ll be whitewashing those alleged Nazi sympathies. Full Story

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Worst poster, worst title, worst trailer

January 13, 2011 13:25:50 Posted at January 13, 2011 13:25:50
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In September I posted this about Kate Hudson’s new movie A Little Bit of Heaven. Dumbass title came with a dumbass poster. Look at Gael Garcia Bernal’s nose. Why is her mouth open? Who responds to this sh-t? WHY does she keep making the same movies over and over and over again? If you thought that the poster was misleading and that the movie would be different, you were wrong. Full Story