Weekly Live Blog - Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 12, 2010 11:42:00 Posted at October 12, 2010 11:42:00
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Thanks for joining us week after week! And for your advance submissions. We’ve tried to get to as many as we can. Some of them we’ll post during the live portion. And yes, we can totally analyse the Ryan Gosling/Blake Lively situation too. Riddle guesses also, but so far, at least from what I’ve seen over email, there have been no correct answers so far. Full Story

Smutty Tingles

October 12, 2010 11:15:56 Posted at October 12, 2010 11:15:56
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More reason to love Danny McBride. He hates Manson (The Superficial)

Dear Jennifer Aniston: Alexis Morrell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan thinks you’re plain! (Dlisted)

Lesbian marital meltdown is just as ugly as the straight kind (Popeater)

Jesus Christ Gisele, stop rubbing it our faces (Hollywood Tuna)

After sweet eating with Ryan Gosling, Blake Lively is now sweet talking a pup (Just Jared)

Beautiful dad, beautiful girl (Pop Sugar)

Glambert adjusts in Malaysia (Towleroad)

Sometimes supermodels look like ducks. I’m shorty and stubby. (Celebuzz)

Hilary Duff, AUTHOR, at a book signing (Popoholic)

Aaaaand... we still don’t care about Mischa Barton, not even when she’s wearing this (Go Fug Yourself)

Maybe she’s bored for a while

October 12, 2010 09:13:57 Posted at October 12, 2010 09:13:57
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They were married when she was just 24. And marriage is hard enough without the craziness of celebrity. That they made is this far is an achievement. After all, with baby, that period post-partum, they’ve had their challenges. Us Weekly is reporting exclusively that Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman are over. Full Story

Cox & Arquette: Coincidence or Conspiracy?

October 12, 2010 08:51:49 Posted at October 12, 2010 08:51:49
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It’s one of my favourite questions. As you now know, they announced a “trial separation” yesterday that’s actually been in effect for months. Something about trying to discover each other, themselves, and boundaries. It was written by a therapist and vetted by a publicist and the timing is curious on more than one level. Full Story

Daniel & David

October 12, 2010 08:20:00 Posted at October 12, 2010 08:20:00
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While Aaron Sorkin and The Social Network cast has been touring Europe on press for the film, David Fincher has moved on to his next priority, a project with even more expectation and anticipation than the last. Fincher of course is in Sweden directing the Hollywood version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Full Story

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Gossip Girl on STDs

October 12, 2010 07:48:00 Posted at October 12, 2010 07:48:00
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Written by Duana Previously on GG, Blair didn't want Serena to steal her fun at Columbia. And Chuck hates Blair because of Fleur. And Juliette's brother wants to take down some girls. And I have a snack so I'm ready to go. Serena and her shorts get their cab stolen by a random dude and his date. Full Story

Porny is not single

October 12, 2010 07:35:55 Posted at October 12, 2010 07:35:55
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A few of you have emailed lately – something about my Porny getting her heart broken again. Is it because she’s gone a week or two without being photographed with her freeloader? Please. He’s not going anywhere. Why work, or study, or try when Jessica Simpson is offering to provide? Here they are yesterday, travelling from Los Angeles to New York, all smiles, and maybe even a little smug in the face about Tony Romo sucking all kinds of sh-t on Sunday. Full Story

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Hair issues

October 12, 2010 07:16:00 Posted at October 12, 2010 07:16:00
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Two riddles about hair. Two different subjects. 1. When you don’t eat, when you deprive your body of essential nutrients, it reacts in ways to protect itself. One of the side effects of excessive thinnification is the fuzzy hair growth, a soft downy layer as the body tries to keep itself warm. Full Story

October 12, 2010 - Smutty Shout-Outs

October 12, 2010 07:01:03 Posted at October 12, 2010 07:01:03
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Happy 22nd Birthday Haley from mom and Tucker and Bridgette! As Kim noted, you share it with my dad. So it’s almost like we have a standing agreement every year. Am thrilled to hear you’ve transferred back to Calgary and close to home. Karl Lagerfeld is trying very hard to care about this, as you can see in the amazing photo attached, the effort is straining his face. Full Story

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Dear Gossips,

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

I digested my weekend food last night while watching Battle of the Blades for the very first time. Um, why am I only finding out just now how funny this show is? PJ Stock performed the final number in a beater tank and shiny pants. And this was only after Georges Laraque skated around in an oversized silver sparkly shirt like he was pregnant. Also I love Ekaterina Gordeeva forever. Was obsessed with Gordeeva and Grinkov. Obsessed.

Anyway, my Eminem problem just got more serious after watching Anderson Cooper’s interview with him last night on 60 Minutes even though, as interviews go, it wasn’t exactly new ground. More on this later.

Am blogging all day with a Turkey Trot break although I’m way out of running shape and am afraid 10km might be too long today. Trying very hard to have some integrity about this.

Yours in gossip,


James Franco: 2 movie weekend

October 11, 2010 13:09:39 Posted at October 11, 2010 13:09:39
Lainey Posted by Lainey

On Saturday it was the Your Highness panel at the NY Comic-Con. He and Danny McBride play Fabious and Thadeus and probably smoke a lot of dope and do some dumb sh-t. At least this is what I’m assuming and I won’t bother getting corrected. Do you watch Eastbound & Down? If you do, there’s probably no question you’re seeing Your Highness. Full Story

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