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In Chinese culture, a newborn stays home with the mother for a “complete moon” (like a month) before the baby is presented to the community at a “full moon” banquet. Back in the day, there were all kinds of rules about what the mother could eat or not eat and even whether or not she could bathe. Full Story

Note. The. Confetti.

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Celine Dion has finally left Paris. Who hasn’t enjoyed her time in Paris? We all participated in Celine’s Parisian summer. She may have enjoyed it more than anyone else but, god.damn. shouldn’t she? Why shouldn’t she? When you feel as deeply and comprehensively as Celine the Queen of Feelings then you can talk to me about why she shouldn’t. Full Story

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Amazing Amy Kill Bill

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Lindsay Shookus must be back in New York because she and Ben Affleck weren’t papped together all weekend and he stepped out on his own the other day. Jennifer Garner, meanwhile, hasn’t been seen this week. Full Story