Programming Note re: LiveBlog tomorrow

November 10, 2010 10:42:40 Posted at November 10, 2010 10:42:40
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Due to travel and time difference, tomorrow's TV Liveblog with Duana will run instead at Noon ET/9am PT. We apologise for any inconvenience and hope you can join us! We can fight about Glee and FNL and other matters of great importance!  Full Story

Glee: Boys sing girls sing boys

November 10, 2010 09:12:32 Posted at November 10, 2010 09:12:32
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Written by Duana So, previously on Glee, one shot of the Rocky Horror show, followed by a whole bunch of half baked storylines we haven't seen in weeks. It’s like they plot the show with huge holes in between for the musical episodes without plot that guest stars need to be in, you know? Okay, so Sam and Finn are discussing how they're dating "the only two girls at school who won't put out". Full Story

The Night of Tina Fey

November 10, 2010 08:42:43 Posted at November 10, 2010 08:42:43
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Last night in Washington, Tina Fey received the 13 Annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humour at The Kennedy Centre. As noted previously, she’s the 3rd woman to be honoured with the distinction, and the youngest of them all. Tina Fey. I have overheard conversations before between women who actually have said out loud that they’re not down with Tina Fey. Full Story

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Alex visits Kate

November 10, 2010 08:10:47 Posted at November 10, 2010 08:10:47
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A few people asked on the liveblog yesterday for an update on Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth. You sounded hopeful. I’m sorry to have to sh-t on that. Here’s Alex visiting Kate on the set of BFF & Baby yesterday. She was also spotted at craft, pretending to eat. Remember when I overheard some douche talking about putting together a movie for Kate and Rachel Bilson during TIFF? Click here Full Story

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Don’t talk like this

November 10, 2010 07:22:38 Posted at November 10, 2010 07:22:38
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As mentioned previously, I have an Eminem problem. Most of the time it’s under control. Unlike my friends, who continue to bombard my inbox with their crushes on mothering-hipped, delicate-handed boy children, I rein in my ridiculous Shady crushing with discipline, more really for self preservation than anything else. Full Story

Tom Brady’s new deal

November 10, 2010 07:10:31 Posted at November 10, 2010 07:10:31
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It’s with Under Armour. He left Nike and has signed a multi-year deal with Under Armour and will be paid in Under Armour stocks. Very smart. It means he’ll keep getting paid long after his career is over. Under Armour has been aggressive lately, non? It’s everywhere. At least it is in my house. Full Story

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dear Gossips,

A quick note about the Weekly LiveBlog with Sarah from Cinesnark today. There’s a time change just for this week as I’ll be tied up here this evening and won’t be back in time at the usual start.  Read Full Intro

G’s 20 lbs and her Nashville hustle

November 9, 2010 15:03:20 Posted at November 9, 2010 15:03:20
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Did you see this on Tracy Anderson going off about how Gwyneth Paltrow had to gain 20 lbs for Country Strong? "They wanted her to eat a lot of chicken. It was frustrating for me, but they wanted her to gain. When I trained her for the first Iron Man movie, I took 30 pounds off her. Full Story

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Did they talk over each other?

November 9, 2010 14:33:33 Posted at November 9, 2010 14:33:33
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I would love to sit at a table with Cher and Julia Roberts, two yappy bitches who know EVERYTHING and can’t wait to tell you what to do. The question is: would Cher and Julia Roberts be seated together? I wasn’t at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards last night in New York but I hope, for Girl Sh-t’s sake, that it didn’t happen. Full Story

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So many sexual euphemisms

November 9, 2010 14:19:26 Posted at November 9, 2010 14:19:26
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Written by Duana Gossip Taha here, to protect you against the possibility of little J arriving. Prreviously on Gossip Girl, Juliette had a big plan, and was aware of Serena’s tryst with the prof, and he was her cousin, but she somehow loved Nate still. Full Story

Weekly Live Blog - Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 9, 2010 12:55:42 Posted at November 9, 2010 12:55:42
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Hi! Sarah's probably hating me a little right now, and Duana too, because I've just come from the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 press screening. Omg. Omg. I want to go again! Meanwhile over in Hollywood, Oscar maneuvering is hopping. Everyone is angling already. And it's early! We can discuss the Rachel Weisz split, we'll talk some more about Taylor and Jakey, we have to get to Gwyneth's upcoming live performance on the CMAs, and so so soooo much more. Full Story