Smutty Tingles

August 10, 2010 11:47:02 Posted at August 10, 2010 11:47:02
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THIS. Is my favourite thing today. Maybe all week. (The Superficial)

Horny women, stop scaring this boy! (Dlisted)

Zac Efron pays Vanessa Hudgens (Popeater)

Leighton Meester eats watermelon (Hollywood Tuna)

Chris Pine’s weird alien face with Denzel Washington (Just Jared)

JLo plays with her twins (Pop Sugar)

Degrassi does transgender (Towleroad)

Granny busts a move. No, not Nicole Kidman (Drunken Stepfather site NSFW)

I like that Anna Paquin hasn’t turned into “fashion girl” (Popoholic)

Mischa Barton low rent Avril Lavigne? (Go Fug Yourself)

I Am Number Four

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They are hoping this will be the next “franchise”. It’s the first in what’s planned to be 6 books as part of the Lorien Legacies. Hopefully they build and improve. Because while I was totally into it the first half, like obsessed, by the end my enthusiasm had certainly sobered. Full Story

Robo & The Romantics

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Everybody’s talking about the trailer, just released today. Have you seen it yet? Here: I liked it the first time around. Then I watched it again and became more and more irritated my Katie’s melancholia. Movies like this, that bring you back to university and tap into the nostalgia, and get you all angsty again, movies like this need . Full Story

Madonna: her directing, her face, her kids

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Madonna has been busy directing a new movie the last few weeks. Production on W.E., like Julie & Julia for Wallace Simpson, has moved to London and Madge was on set, shuttling around on her bike the other day, at one point visited by her children. More on that in a minute. The real reason I’m attaching these photos, and I’ll admit it even though you won’t but you’ll look, is that she’s not wearing much makeup, and she doesn’t have the benefit through the pap lens of a good lighting technician, or a filter, or camera person who knows her angles, so you can see a true-ish representation of her face and the work, and Madonna approaching 52. Full Story

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Supernatural & Porny

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Just like Vampire Diaries, there are a lot of requests that come in for Supernatural, especially since I live in Vancouver where they shoot the show. So here are some new photos from the set yesterday. I have interviewed Misha Collins a few times for junket and interviews, most recently at Comic-Con – he’s very sweet – and Jensen Ackles for the first time at the Entertainment Weekly party in San Diego and he was ok nice too although, as noted yesterday, f-ck me, at the time I talked to him I also was clueless about the fact that he used to deal with my Porny Jessica Simpson. Full Story

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Catching up on Vampire Diaries

August 10, 2010 08:06:28 Posted at August 10, 2010 08:06:28
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I don’t watch the show but, as mentioned before, I do get a lot of requests from those of you who do – for gossip, photos, and to convince me to start getting into it. Totally forgot that I interviewed the cast at Comic-Con and since you’ve been emailing me to write about them after Teen Choice, it seems a good time to get caught up. Full Story

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The Italian Queen at the Emmys

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George Clooney will receive the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award this year at the Emmys. It’s only the fourth time the award has been handed out – Danny Thomas, Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Cosby are Clooney’s predecessors. It’s a huge honour and recognises Clooney’s efforts in his relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina and his ongoing involvement in raising awareness for the situation in Darfur. Full Story

August 10, 2010 – Smutty Shout-Outs

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Nicole – Congratulations on your engagement to Greg with love from Mindy who asked me to include some Ryan Gosling who is the hottest, even when he’s being choked by his tie. And for Tasha in PEI who is raising awareness for the National PKU Alliance Full Story

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dear Gossips,

The Teen Choice Awards happened last night and will air on FOX tonight at 8pm ET/5pm PT. We will be liveblogging during the broadcast so if you’re watching, watch with us! I’ll be joined by Sarah from Cinesnark  Read Full Intro

Teen Choice Awards 2010 Live Blog

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Welcome to the Teen Choice Awards 2010 Live Blog! I’m with Sarah from Cinesnark and if you’ve been visiting a while of course you know Duana. And this time we’ve brought Sasha along for the ride. Sasha’s a great friend of mine, and we work on the same show, and she’s the one from this memorable night Full Story

Porny’s KFed

August 9, 2010 15:31:23 Posted at August 9, 2010 15:31:23
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Chicken Fried’s sharp downhill slide started around the time she publicly straddled that freeloader on the beach. Could Porny have a freeloading KFed of her own? As you know, Jessica Simpson is dating Eric Johnson. Johnson is 30, had an unremarkable professional football career, and was accepted to Wharton but has apparently decided not to study and work hard and instead stay close to my Porny who makes millions a year and is dumb enough to pay his way. Full Story