A private Brange dinner at TIFF 2011

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Exclusive But the woman really can’t seem to pick a good dress, can she? There were some people who actually doubted that she would come. That Brad Pitt would present Moneyball, for the first time EVER, without the Jolie by his side. Please. They don’t know Brange. And where Brange is concerned, it’s always in the details. Full Story

JLo & Coop???

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Before we get into TIFF and how Stacy Keibler has erased all trace of the former Italian Queen Elisabetta Canalis, we need to talk about Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper. Is this how we’re starting a new week in gossip? I love it so much. TMZ broke the story yesterday that JLo and Coop went on a date in New York. Full Story

September 12, 2011 - Smutty Shout-Outs

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Patty O’Brien! It was great meeting you at Strombo’s on Friday night after you went to Moneyball and watched the Brange. Yes. He IS hot. The hair is HOT. I don’t understand why others aren’t feeling this. Congratulations on the success of Abundance Naturally Full Story

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dear Gossips,

Apparently the crush I have on Marisa Tomei was not misguided on my part (if there was any doubt to begin with). Lainey stood next to her for a while the other night and says that she’s stunning in person. She’ll have a bunch of updates for you tomorrow from the weekend’s party scene including Clooney, and will hopefully spend a little time on Marisa. I’d like to spend a little time on Marisa. In a different way though.

Anyway, Lainey’s been on shoots and carpets all day. I’ll post a couple of photo sets to catch you up on today’s pressers, arrivals, and premieres. Back to full schedule tomorrow.

Married to gossip,


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dear Gossips,

We all had it marked on the calendar for weeks: Friday September 9th, TIFF 2011, Brad Pitt followed by George Clooney on the red carpet. Just get through it, and the rest will be easier.

I felt it for the other premieres happening last night in Toronto. Every screening normally has a healthy fan and media presence. But because those two were stacked, and it was the big get for everyone, the other films, they were most certainly in the shadow of the almight Brange-Clooney combination.

Still...that's an irresistible combination. And, well, as I drape my Canadian flag all over myself again, the TIFF swagger was extended for the second day in a row. Now THAT's how you follow up U2 on opening night.

I've a busy day between interviews, premieres, and parties. There will be a couple of short articles mixed in with several photo posts. Scroll down! A full detailed description of it all, including the Brange and Clooney etc, will come on Monday, as well as a full discussion on WTF Fassy has dropped out of TIFF. Yes. It is tingling. Hard.

Yours in gossip,