Smutty Tingles

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 20, 2017 17:24:36 March 20, 2017 17:24:36

Gracie the rescue cat > both my useless dogs, who would have continued sleeping (Dlisted)

They found Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jersey (Just Jared) 

Fertility, the family business (Cele|bitchy) 

Jesse Williams and the cast of Grey’s Anatomy at PaleyFest (TooFab) 

Ben Affleck, with an assist from the paps (TMZ) 

So how do Directioners feel about Trump now? (The Superficial) 

The side-eye here… (Pajiba) 

Good black dress on Joanne Froggatt (Go Fug Yourself) 

Tim Allen thinks being a modern conservative in 2017 is like living in Nazi times while he’s on a talk show and freely able to share his thoughts (Jezebel)

Better and better: Big Little Lies

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 20, 2017 14:24:47 March 20, 2017 14:24:47

There are two episodes left of Big Little Lies. And it’s been a couple of weeks since I yelled at you about watching it. ARE YOU WATCHING BIG LITTLE LIES? ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH BIG LITTLE LIES? In my limited bubble, we are all obsessed with Big Little Lies. Do you remember when it premiered, when I pointed how some critics dismissively called it soap operatic? Like Girl Sh-t on TV? Therefore not to be taken seriously. Full Story

Catface McHornswaggler wins the day

Sarah Posted by Sarah at March 20, 2017 13:01:50 March 20, 2017 13:01:50

Beauty and the Beast had an enormous opening weekend, devouring $170 million. That makes it the biggest March opening ever, taking down Batman v. Superman, and also the largest PG-rated opening, which means we’re in for more family-oriented fare. (Honestly, that would be welcome, since adults have pretty well hijacked every other genre for themselves. Full Story

That Superman Man Guy + Tom Cruise

Sarah Posted by Sarah at March 17, 2017 19:22:01 March 17, 2017 19:22:01

So Mission: Impossible 6, which ought to be subtitled At What Point Do We Stop Calling This Impossible, He ALWAYS Does It, starts filming in a few months and has just added a new member to Tom Cruise’s Mission: Not-Quite-Impossible team. Henry Cavill Full Story