Judge Porny

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Jessica Simpson has a fashion line which, I guess, entitles her to be a judge on Project Runway. I mean... you’ve all seen how she dresses herself on important occasions, she totally has the eye for what works and doesn’t, right? Imagine you’re one of the designers. Imagine Jessica Simpson chooses you as her favourite. Full Story

Worried About My Girl

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Written by Duana T All my friends know I’ve had a girl crush on Lauren Graham for awhile. Virturally all of them would say they don’t really get it. To me, she’s smart, funny, her not-all-that-often clips in the media are thoughtful and reflect that she’s basically aware that she’s just an actress and not that big a deal, she makes a big point of talking about how awesome her single dad was at raising her, and her red carpet outings are always interesting, never straight-up attention whore-y. Full Story

Smutty Tingles

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Having a baby to stay sober? That’s what Lilo wants. (The Superficial)

Tom Ford is judging you while he walks (Dlisted)

Errr… KFed to the rescue? (Popeater)

Mila Kunis’s bony chest (Hollywood Tuna)

Blake Lively seems bored by her real job (Pop Sugar)

Emma Watson catalogue (Egotastic)

Why the F-CK does a 9 year old need a record deal??? (Just Jared)

Oh look. A perfect shot of her side tit (Drunken Stepfather site NSFW)

Sofia Coppola loves Twilight (Celebuzz)

What a strange motley crew cast… (Go Fug Yourself)

Johnny & Vanessa working together

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Not yet, but they’re talking about it. For a movie about Simone de Beavoir and one of her many lovers Nelson Algren with whom she had her most significant relationship. Vanessa Paradis confirmed that she and Johnny Depp are considering the project: “They're still writing the script but the idea would be amazing because it's such a beautiful story. Full Story

Tilda in Venice

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For Venus Noire last night. A vision. Tilda was there with Luca Guadagnino, her director from I Am Love. While promoting I Am Love a few moths ago, Tilda was interviewed by Katie Couric – did you ever see it? If no, it’s worth a look when you have some time. To hear her speak, so articulately, so elegantly, she is mesmerising. Full Story

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Beckham Porn Try

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So there’s a new fragrance – Intimately Yours by David and Victoria Beckham. And this is the ad that comes along with it. I guess you have to believe that it could happen because they’re married. That they really would go for it in a lift, like Victoria is capable of spontaneity. I suppose. Full Story

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But she’s a mother!

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I love it when I overhear this in a dressing room at some store – oh I can’t wear this, I have children, oh I can’t wear this, I’m a mother. Gwyneth Paltrow was out in London last night at Stella McCartney’s, wearing Stella McCartney, and a pink bra on display for the paps. Full Story

Hamm, Affleck, and Renner’s great faces

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This is for Sarah who wrote yesterday that she’s turning 28 today and is hoping for some extra Jon Hamm/Ben Affleck coverage when they arrive in Toronto for TIFF this weekend. Let’s get started then with the two of them in Venice. They’re promoting The Town which screened at the festival last night to solid reviews, as critics continue to be impressed by Affleck’s direction, many of them noting that he is developing a sure eye, and especially a gift for telling a story set in a specific neighbourhood, when the community becomes a driving force in the narrative. Full Story

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September 9, 2010 – Smutty Shout-Outs

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To Matt with love from Krista – good luck in Taiwan writing for The Tech Report, she always knew you’d be a jet-setting journalist someday. And for Gypsy Rose Karen from Michelle: “I’d like her to know how thankful I am that she is a such a very good friend to me, as demonstrated by her patience in waiting for me, her unwavering investment in me and The Beast, her earnest belief that the results of my efforts will be important, and, most importantly, for inspiring me with her wisdom and insightful perspectives. Full Story

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dear Gossips,

A quick housekeeping note first: today’s liveblog will go at 6pm ET/ 3pm PT. We hope you can join us. Once TIFF is over the Weekly Liveblog with Sarah from Cinesnark will revert to its usual time on Tuesdays.

To discuss today: while everyone is focusing on Venice and Toronto, Telluride is happening too. So far, 2010 is, as promised, shaping up to be a quality year in film. Black Swan has already been loved everywhere. Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere also played to very, very positive reviews. And now Never Let Me Go, just screened in Telluride, is generating a lot of enthusiasm of its own. Ishiguro himself has given the film, based on his wonderful book, the most lovely words of approval (click to read), and so already it appears that the race will be a tight one. Get ready to go see some movies this fall/winter.

As for Kanye’s epic Twitter apology to the world and Taylor Swift, I’m still spent from reading it, breathless from adoring it, and too exhausted by him to write about it. The point then is that Kanye is, like Mimi and Celine, like Karl and Cavalli, the gift that keeps giving. I choose Kanye every f-cking day over Taupe Garner. Don’t you want them to entertain you???

The open-mouth Tiger continues to wreak havoc. It has been a year of disaster. Have you donated for flood relief in Pakistan yet? Jacek and I just did and like many others we were slow to come around. When the Haiti earthquake hit a few months ago the damage was immediate and dramatic, and the response was tremendous. The Pakistani flood, though equally devastating, was slower to do its damage and many feel this is the reason why relief for this disaster has been so greatly under-funded. Haiti saw ten more times more relief at the same point than has been received for aid to Pakistan thus far. Millions have been displaced from their homes and there are reports of a second flood threatening to hit areas that were initially spared. If you’d like to make a donation, please click here or track down an organization of your choice. For those of you in Canada, the Canadian Government is matching ALL donations until Sunday.

It’s Wednesday, the day before TIFF 2010. They’re on their way.

Yours in gossip,


Photos from J.Tanner UNHCR/Splashnewsonline.com

Weekly Live Blog - Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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It’s the night before TIFF and we’re in the thick of Venice and by all accounts, as noted earlier, this is a very, VERY strong year in film – the kind of year that completely justifies the 10 slots for Best Picture. So we’ll get into late breaking TIFF updates: who’s coming, who’s not, and the buzz on films you can’t wait to see, and some fashion week gossip, and whatever else you want to discuss in an hour. Full Story