Smutty Tingles

May 9, 2016 16:19:26 Posted at May 9, 2016 16:19:26
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I’m getting more and more worried about him, are you? (Dlisted

Selena Gomez makes a statement (Just Jared

Are you paying attention, Anna Wintour? (Cele|bitchy

Gwen Stefani’s jacket here (TooFab

The Malfoys reunite! (Pop Sugar

She will produce the heir (The Superficial

JLO’s perfect lipstick at the beach (Hollywood Tuna

Great shoulders on Jennifer Connelly (Go Fug Yourself

Zac Efron’s brother is cute (Gossip Girl

Idris & Naiyana back together

May 9, 2016 13:16:39 Posted at May 9, 2016 13:16:39
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Idris Elba’s date for award season was his daughter, Isan. And it was reported during that time that he and girlfriend Naiyana Garth, mother of his son, had broken up. He seemed to hint at love troubles too during his interview with Esquire a few weeks ago – click here Full Story

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Johnny mocks Johnny’s mocking

May 9, 2016 12:48:00 Posted at May 9, 2016 12:48:00
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David M. Benett/ Dave J Hogan/ Getty Images

Johnny Depp was in London this weekend to promote Alice Through The Looking Glass which opens in a couple of weeks. As you can see, he’s hotter and cleaner than ever, with all those accoutrements hanging from his neck and waist and his eyeliner applied perfectly. Acting, don’t forget, is just a part-time job. Full Story

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Game of Thrones 6.3: “My watch has ended”

May 9, 2016 12:35:21 Posted at May 9, 2016 12:35:21
Sarah Posted by Sarah

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 3 recap SPOILERS In the wake of Jon Snow’s resurrection, we’ve wondered what the “rules” are of his second life. Is he, like Beric Dondarrion, missing “pieces” of himself? Or is his resurrection somehow different? This week’s episode has a Stark-centric theme of the known and the unknown, and right now Jon Snow inhabits the space between the two. Full Story

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May 9, 2016 – Smutty Shout-Outs

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Molly! Happy 25th Birthday to a girl who’s been raised by gossip! Thank you so much for reading through the years. I’m sorry to hear it’s not been smooth lately. But I’m so excited to know you’ve completed grad school. And I can’t wait to know what’s next for you. Full Story

Friday, May 6, 2016

Dear Gossips,

Two deeps dives from yesterday to recommend if you haven’t already: Barry Avrich is a Canadian filmmaker who was trying a few years ago to put together an unauthorised documentary about Harvey Weinstein. According to Barry, Harvey Weinstein wasn’t exactly supportive.  Read Full Intro