Smutty Tingles

July 6, 2009 11:01:39 Posted at July 6, 2009 11:01:39
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The return of Jordan Catalano. Because Jared Leto needs a job (Dlisted)

What Chav wears to polo (Hollywood Tuna)

LipGloss BlenderLegs MoistFace Elf Efron wears sweat capris (Just Jared)

What happens when Megan Fox tries to act: she takes her clothes off. Look for Seth Cohen! (The Superficial)

Chicken Fried fancy French! (Pop Sugar)

What’s worse for Robin Wright? Modelling or Sean Penn? (INO)

Love this beach shirt. Hate the wearer (Drunken Stepfather site NSFW)

This can’t be true, Victoria wouldn’t allow it…but CAN YOU IMAGINE? (Cele|bitchy)

Another famewhore poses with a dog (ICYDK)

Shia’s plaid 4th (ASL)

Jesus has Mercy with Madonna

July 6, 2009 09:27:00 Posted at July 6, 2009 09:27:00
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It’s not the title of the next Bible lesson but you know she loves the allusion, right? Madonna resumed her Sticky & Sweet Tour in London at the O2 this weekend and has had her entire family in town for a couple of weeks to prepare. Jesus Luz has been invited along too. Employing a Nanny Model is the new rage. Full Story

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Robert’s weekend bloat

July 6, 2009 08:22:00 Posted at July 6, 2009 08:22:00
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Always the sign of a good weekend. If the face is a little pudgy and the gut can’t be sucked in… especially on a holiday… it means there was beer, chased by snacks, chased by more beer. Maybe some scotch? Always Grey Goose vodka, but in our case yesterday definitely champagne to toast Seek the Peak after climbing 16km and over 4,100 ft of elevation in support of Rethink Breast Cancer Full Story

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Convicted felon has a great time

July 6, 2009 07:51:48 Posted at July 6, 2009 07:51:48
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So he beat down his girlfriend oh just 4 months ago. And there’s no prison time, just a few hours of garbage duty here and there, totally manageable. Otherwise, life for Chris Brown is easy come easy go. No need for charity work, no need to spend time in the community giving back to those less fortunate, no volunteering at women’s shelters, no donations, nothing. Full Story

White Party sh-t list

July 6, 2009 07:31:03 Posted at July 6, 2009 07:31:03
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Once upon a time, when Diddy was still important, his white parties were legendary. An invitation was hard to come by. These days? At a Diddy White Party? Not so exclusive. This weekend, with one or two exceptions, his guest list consisted of mostly has-beens and reality stars. Like Tara Reid. And Tila Tequila. Full Story

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Shelfy covers every base

July 6, 2009 06:50:00 Posted at July 6, 2009 06:50:00
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They were apart for a couple of weeks, and during that time Pip was spotted solo all over Europe, supposedly flirting up a storm in London. There were also reports that he was tired of his Shelfy, and that they were taking a break. What did I say? I said that she’d take care of it as soon as possible Full Story

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The GMD’s birthday weekend

July 6, 2009 06:41:31 Posted at July 6, 2009 06:41:31
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He celebrated 47 on Friday in Australia and took his wife and daughter to see the Jersey Boys performance on Saturday night in Melbourne. Love the collar on Katie’s white winter coat. But according to photographers, she didn’t seem happy upon arrival to see photographers waiting for them. Full Story

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Where a Prince pees

July 6, 2009 06:33:20 Posted at July 6, 2009 06:33:20
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At Ascot yesterday, where both princes played polo, no doubt these were probably the cleanest portable potties on the planet, but still… It has to be bad, like BAD, like life or death, before I will step into one of those. I even have trouble using a half decent washroom in a Chinese restaurant – shudder. Full Story

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Dear Gossips,

While Laura was loving Harry yesterday (more on that later) I was worshipping the Grand Master at a media screening of Valentino: the Last Emperor. So. F-cking. Good. Valentino opens in Canada on July 10th and you MUST see. For the drama, and the theatrics, his tantrums, his brilliant facial expressions, the work of an artist, the gowns (oh my god the gowns!), and also for the love story – a 50 year love story between Mr Valentino and his constant companion Giancarlo Giammetti. Forget the brainless drivel from Transformers. After you support Johnny Depp at Public Enemies, go spend 2 hours with Valentino. I promise, you will love.

And heads up to those who were at S.M.U.T.:

Did you pose for FASHION Magazine? A few of you have written to ask about your covers. All photos and covers can be accessed on the FASHION website – click here. You are ALL gorgeous. And NONE of you had Twilight tattoos.


Thanks to those who’ve sent me this link and for those who initially did not believe the crazyassness of the Twilight Nation, now you can see it, um, in the flesh. Do you want one for yourself? If you say no, you must be Chinese.

I posted late in the day yesterday including some Brad Pitt hotness and more child pimping from the Jonas and Cyrus families. Scroll down for more.

Have a great weekend and Happy 4th to our friends in America!



One more reason…

July 3, 2009 12:40:15 Posted at July 3, 2009 12:40:15
Lainey Posted by Lainey

If you needed one to convince you to see Public Enemies this weekend. Support the Movie Star. Public Enemies premiered in London earlier this week…and while in town, Johnny Depp dropped in by surprise in full Captain Jack Sparrow costume to visit the sick kids at Great Ormond Street Hospital where his daughter Lily-Rose was treated a couple of years ago. Full Story