Salma’s friends and ex

April 24, 2009 09:43:00 Posted at April 24, 2009 09:43:00
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Salma Hayek is getting married again this weekend. She and Francois Henri Pinault did the low key city hall thing in Paris a couple of months ago and are splashing it out for a reception in Venice. News of the event broke earlier this week and many celebrities have now been spotted in town preparing for the festivities including Woody Harrelson, Olivier Martinez, David Blaine (?), and… Edward Norton. Full Story

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Smutty Tingles

April 24, 2009 09:27:16 Posted at April 24, 2009 09:27:16
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When trash fights trash (Dlisted)

No to the fringe, yes to the dress (Hollywood Tuna)

How will the tabloids spin Brad’s visit? Delivering divorce papers? (Just Jared)

Rehab can’t cure ghetto abs! (Pop Sugar)

Begging Justin Timberlake – and it’s not Shelfy Biel (Drunken Stepfather site NSFW)

RJD’s ego (INO)

Lilo dips below 100 (Cele|bitchy)

I don’t care about her but she has a nice body (The Superficial)

What it means to “spoon” a nose (ASL)

LipGloss has an imposter! (ONTD)

Vicious love cycle

April 24, 2009 08:35:12 Posted at April 24, 2009 08:35:12
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Perhaps her appearance on Ellen was a love appeal. This is Lindsay Lohan arriving at Samantha Ronson’s. Photo agency date stamp says this morning. At press time it’s not even 8am in LA. Must have been another sleepless night for Lilo. Cranked. Meanwhile Samantha has changed her status on Facebook Full Story

Shamef-ck goes home

April 24, 2009 08:17:46 Posted at April 24, 2009 08:17:46
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Ed Westwick in London today leaving BBC studios and signing autographs for his fans. Gossip Girl has likely wrapped for the season and my shamef-ck has returned home for some publicity. Have you heard him speak in his native accent? Major fried rice quiver. Watch this clip, ignore those nasty penguin feet, and tell me you’re not salivating. Full Story

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Shoe Questions

April 24, 2009 08:00:46 Posted at April 24, 2009 08:00:46
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Have received many footwear emails this week re: Rachelle Lefevre’s flats and Selena Gomez’s boots from yesterday. Am too lazy – sorry – to reply to each message, thought I’d just share here. Rachelle is wearing Steve Madden flats. Kinda disappointed about this because Steve Maddens don’t last. Full Story

BC & Prunes?

April 24, 2009 07:12:09 Posted at April 24, 2009 07:12:09
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Love Hollywood random friendships. Last night at the Chanel party for the Tribeca Film Festival, Mary Kate Olsen and Bradley Cooper were at the same table with friends, then ended up leaving together. So of course Life & Style will report that they’re f-cking. Last I heard, Bradley had a girlfriend. Full Story

B & Idris

April 24, 2009 06:36:00 Posted at April 24, 2009 06:36:00
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Many of you know Idris Elba from his recent guest-starring turn in The Office. But he was amazing in The Wire and equally so in Rock’n’Rolla. And he’s f-cking hot. Elba is currently starring alongside Beyonce in Obsessed which premiered last night in New York and opens today. Idris plays a successful married man stalked by a temp at his firm. Full Story

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Just like Big & Little

April 24, 2009 06:23:29 Posted at April 24, 2009 06:23:29
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Edie, I mean. Did you watch Grey Gardens last week? And you watched the original first, right? As expected, HBO’s Grey Gardens is predicted to contend at the Emmys and then the Golden Globes for awards season and word is there was some behind the scenes posturing regarding nominations and categories pitting Jessica Lange against Drew Barrymore, mother against daughter, like art imitates life. Full Story

April 24, 2009 – Smutty Shout-Outs

April 24, 2009 06:18:27 Posted at April 24, 2009 06:18:27
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Happy 22nd Birthday Danielle B! Wishing you a wonderful weekend. And Alexandra can’t wait for your party! Congratulations Deirdre W and Kevin on your engagement! Michelle B says you two are disgusting in your suitability! Happy Birthday Danielle in Calgary! A toast to no site blocks at the oil & gas! Full Story

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dear Gossips,

The Chinese Squawking Chicken is insisting on stopping by work today. I asked her why and she said: Because I am your mother. It’s her favourite answer. Like it’s the universal reason for all things. So my mom’s coming to the studio, with a thermos full of Chinese soup, and some papayas, and I’m supposed to be an adult.

Perhaps I can show her some hate mail. Turns out she’s getting some too:

At first I couldn’t understand how someone could spew such hate and lies, failing to understand how Bella and Edward’s love didn’t move you the way it has moved millions around the world. Then read more of your site and I understand now and simply feel sorry for you. Someone who says the kind of things about your own mother couldn’t open her dead heart. You were raised to be a bitch. Kudos to your “chicken”! Gina in Tallahassee

Am blogging from Toronto all day. Must wear heels for eTalk and my favourite new dress from Sweet Chemise. Refresh, refresh, refresh!

Yours in gossip,


Taylor, Selena, and mom!

April 23, 2009 19:06:55 Posted at April 23, 2009 19:06:55
Lainey Posted by Lainey

And it gets even cuter. As I reported exclusively earlier today, Selena Gomez is in Vancouver shooting a movie called Ramona and Beezus. Duana is freaking out about this, as are many of you, because you loved reading these books as children. Duana is also seriously concerned that I never did. Chinese family, no exposure to it, and at that age, they were too busy making sure I’d be fully entrenched in our culture so that I’d never lose it as an adult. Full Story

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