In LA Lilo lurks

December 10, 2008 11:27:00 Posted at December 10, 2008 11:27:00
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After a whirlwind week in Europe promoting Twilight, Robert Pattinson returned home to LA yesterday. Home. To LA. Boo. Me I’m an anglophile. So of course I’d choose London over LA. But LA undeniably strips away all good things. Including accents. Kate Beckinsale was on Leno last night. Her accent is almost all gone. Full Story

For Clint

December 10, 2008 10:19:11 Posted at December 10, 2008 10:19:11
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Angelina Jolie showed up at the Gran Turino premiere last night to support Clint Eastwood killing it casual in those black pants but looking kinda clammy too. What’s up with the waxy face? I’m obsessed! The Jolie of course is Clint’s number 1 fan. What’s interesting though is that Clint is campaigning hard for a Best Actor. Full Story

Smile for America

December 10, 2008 08:47:51 Posted at December 10, 2008 08:47:51
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Shenae Grimes returned home to Canada last week for the Gemini Awards and reportedly acted like a massive twat towards the local media, apparently insisting that they were beneath her newly acquired and imagined elevated stature. Full Story

A candid Brad in Rolling Stone

December 10, 2008 08:32:15 Posted at December 10, 2008 08:32:15
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As you know, he’s less gushy than the Jolie in interviews. More guarded, more reticent to talk about their relationship. But when he does… you know I’m buying. I love the Pitt Porn. Brad on the cover of the new issue of Rolling Stone, timed of course with Benjamin Button. As you’ve seen from the past few weeks, he wants this one badly. Full Story

A good 55

December 10, 2008 08:14:00 Posted at December 10, 2008 08:14:00
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Kim Basinger turned 55 this week. And still she looks younger than Nicole Kidman, right? I hope my body’s that tight at 55. She doesn’t seem overly hungry either. Must be good genes. This is Kim last night at the premiere of While She Was Out with Leonardo DiCaprio’s bestie Lukas Haas. Full Story

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Hamm on hiatus

December 10, 2008 07:49:16 Posted at December 10, 2008 07:49:16
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Not enough Jon Hamm, right? Well, he’s on hiatus from Mad Men. The good news is it doesn’t mean he’s not busy. Word is he’s joining 30 Rock as Liz Lemon’s love interest. And you can see him on Friday in the Day the Earth Stood Still. Check him out with his girlfriend on the carpet last night at the premiere. Full Story

They bought it

December 10, 2008 07:43:31 Posted at December 10, 2008 07:43:31
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Tom’s tour of Toronto – a resounding success. But first the new cover of People Magazine: MiniVan friendly, good hair, that famous smile, a glimpse of Little Sci, and the tantalising prospect of seeing the GMD’s personal family photos. Please. It’s brilliant. They will eat this sh-t up. Full Story

The real star of the movie

December 10, 2008 06:53:04 Posted at December 10, 2008 06:53:04
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Last night at the premiere of the Day the Earth Stood Still – Keanu Reeves walked the carpet, spoke with the press, quietly promoted his movie. And then Will Smith and family came along and owned the rest. Will’s son Jaden stars alongside Keanu and Jennifer Connelly. Didn’t see any photos of Jennifer’s husband Paul Bettany. Full Story

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dear Gossips,

Was a star studded night at the Benjamin Button premiere. Even Jennifer Lopez showed up to support the Brange. Of course she tried to outshine them. Amazing.

As for the GMD in Toronto, valiantly trying to promote Valkyrie – although his immediate objective will probably not be met, it’s actually not a bad strategy long term, at least where yesterday was concerned. At MuchMusic and MTV Canada he was gracious, he was game for anything, he was willing to embarrass himself dancing, he signed autographs for fans in the freezing cold, and…apparently he has great skin? This is what I’m hearing from up close. Compare that to the little twats like Lindsay Lohan who can’t be bothered to mingle with fans showing up to buy her overpriced leggings and you end up appreciating that, at the very least, the wee GMD knows about work ethic. More Tom to come today. He’s Live @ eTalk and then The Hour. Keep you posted…

Tuesday – am online all day.

Yours in gossip,