Where’s the Danger?

February 13, 2009 08:25:12 Posted at February 13, 2009 08:25:12
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The Vagina Virgins are promoting their upcoming Jonas Brothers 3D concert movie. As such, they’ve been making the press rounds in New York last night for an appearance on Letterman. They even read their own Top 10 List Full Story

Friday Night quiver

February 13, 2009 07:49:56 Posted at February 13, 2009 07:49:56
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Latino Review has posted a brand new promo photo of Taylor Kitsch as Gambit. Hello! This of course is leading up to the release of Wolverine just 2 months away. Twentieth Century Fox is beginning aggressive promotion for the film this weekend on FOX beginning on Sunday with new clips and teasers designed to fuel frenzied anticipation. Full Story

Porny plays it right

February 13, 2009 07:11:31 Posted at February 13, 2009 07:11:31
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So proud of her! She’s just so dumb, it’s extra rewarding when she gets something right. Oh good girl! So Porny performed at Madison Square Garden last night opening for Rascal Flatts. Someone seems to have stepped in because lately, lately the clothing has been accentuating her strong parts and camouflaging the other ones. Full Story

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GMD and Granny to crash at Daytona?

February 13, 2009 06:53:23 Posted at February 13, 2009 06:53:23
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The Daytona 500 is happening this weekend and the GMD has been invited to drive the pace car to kick things off… Days of Thunder of course was filmed at Dayton back when both he and Nicole Kidman were still rocking their own natural born faces. Remember how hot they were together? Remember when saying that didn’t sound so weird? Look at how young they were! So you know who’s performing at the pre-race show? Yeah. Full Story

February 13, 2009 – Smutty Shout-Outs

February 13, 2009 06:33:00 Posted at February 13, 2009 06:33:00
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Daz – great to finally meet you & can totally see why Boyo thinks you’re the best! Keep up with the good gossip – Kary Happy Birthday to Carol in Halifax from your cousin Victoria in Ottawa! I hear you have big plans for this weekend. Do they involve Taylor Hanson? To George in Vancouver – Happy Birthday to the best brother and uncle ever. Full Story

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dear Gossips,

Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman – you’ll hear about it everywhere today. For sure. So was it a hoax? More inside joke f-ckery? And was Letterman in on it too? See below.

So much Gwyneth this week – a third appearance! What an honour! And it’s GOOPy Thursday!

Thanks to all in Australia who emailed about the telethon today in support of the Victoria Bushfire Appeal. Three Whiskers Orlando Bloom, in Sydney to see Miranda Kerr, showed up to answer phones, Russell Crowe has been very actively involved, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have pledged $500,000, Leonard Cohen who has been touring Australia was the first celebrity to have announced a contribution, and so far, in combination with generous support from the Australian people, $60 million has been raised and counting…

Click here to donate to the Victoria Bushfire Appeal. Thinking of you.

Thursday – am online all day.

Yours in gossip,


Jenny Humphrey isn’t cold

February 12, 2009 18:15:37 Posted at February 12, 2009 18:15:37
Lainey Posted by Lainey

In New York today on set at Gossip Girl. Everyone else between scenes is bundled up, including the adorable Leighton Meester but Taylor Momsen, a meltdown waiting to happen, appears to be immune to the frost, and looks older than everyone else. Almost older than even Kelly Rutherford. This is what Benjamin Button SHOULD have been about: why do kids these days turn 40 on their 16th birthdays? By the way, is Lily getting pregnant? Because back in the Cosby Show days it was one thing…but now, now the paper bag routine, or I guess on the UES it’s a Birkin, the Birkin cover up is getting tired. Full Story

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Hiding away eating? Or detox?

February 12, 2009 15:06:18 Posted at February 12, 2009 15:06:18
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New photos of Lindsay Lohan this afternoon arriving at a friend’s house in LA. She’s kept a relatively low profile the last week or so, with the exception of what looked like a paid visit to some kids’ clothing store the other day, Lilo has remained remarkably out of sight. You know she has no job, so it’s not like she was working. Full Story

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The lies they tell her

February 12, 2009 12:57:00 Posted at February 12, 2009 12:57:00
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Porny arrived in NYC yesterday in advance of her show at Madison Square Garden where she’s opening for Rascal Flatts. TMZ has just posted this video of Jessica being asked by the paps if she thinks she’ll be well received in New York. Full Story

Pippy expands

February 12, 2009 12:14:00 Posted at February 12, 2009 12:14:00
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This is the Pip yesterday playing in a celebrity golf tournament at Pebble Beach. Ugh. Jealous. Golf season has already started for my husband but I refuse to play when the fairway is still sopping. Of course the fairway at Pebble Beach is not sopping. It’s perfect. And Justin Timberlake can afford the green fees. Full Story