Cuba & Chocolate

December 15, 2008 06:49:59 Posted at December 15, 2008 06:49:59
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Two different megastars, two different preferences, but in the end, the act is the same. The first is a happy father, settled down and reformed, bankable and respected at the same time… a major player. Which is why it’s so important that he keeps his Cuban male lover hidden away to be enjoyed when he’s not on location. Full Story

Halle’s holiday spirit

December 15, 2008 06:44:00 Posted at December 15, 2008 06:44:00
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Halle Berry has been in Vancouver the last couple of months shooting Frankie and Alice. Yesterday was her last day on set and as you can see, she had a few parting gifts for the crew. Halle was spotted loading a truckful of Dom Perignon boxes – each worth several hundred dollars – into a van, and several gift bags too from Holt Renfrew. Full Story

Close to home

December 15, 2008 06:36:25 Posted at December 15, 2008 06:36:25
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Coldplay performed at the O2 this weekend – photos attached. The band is staying close to home over the holidays, touring the UK and then breaking just before Christmas for almost two months. Which means Chris and Gwyneth can work on their marriage… just in time. Chris’s professional life is actually as scandalous as his personal life these days as repeat allegations of plagiarism threaten to shred the band’s reputation. Full Story

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December 15, 2008 – Smutty Shout-Outs

December 15, 2008 06:26:44 Posted at December 15, 2008 06:26:44
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For Courtney C and Ian B who celebrated their birthdays by getting engaged on Saturday. Sort of. Happy Birthdays! And congratulations! A woman and her gay on their special day… it’s actually the dream nightmare wedding. Keep the video footage, turn it into a doc!  Full Story

Friday, December 12, 2008

Dear Gossips,

Give Tom Cruise’s plastic surgeon and trainer a big fat Christmas bonus. Seriously. He’s turned back the clock this week. And last night on Leno was no exception.

Even the pants…even the pants are almost working! Almost.

But then his gay came flaring up, a rare lapse of self control. You HAVE to see him do his Elvis impersonation. Like…he couldn’t help himself. It will make your life. Or at least your Friday.

Jennifer Aniston’s body continues to dominate. That and more…

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,


Tom Cruise Tonight Show

Daniel’s pants

December 12, 2008 13:35:00 Posted at December 12, 2008 13:35:00
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So… It hurts to say it. But this is Daniel Craig today in London and he’s not wearing his pants… very well. Especially that side shot. Like the ass and the tapering. It’s a little Ed Westwick! Ew! I’m sorry! But it’s true! He needs new jeans! Don’t mind the beanie though. Full Story

Chanel & Karl

December 12, 2008 13:27:16 Posted at December 12, 2008 13:27:16
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Coco Chanel is as intriguing as ever. Apparently Shirley MacLaine played her in a tv movie this year and was just nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance…? On the big screen though, perhaps the most highly anticipated Chanel is the Audrey Tautou version Coco Avant Chanel – first stills from the film are attached. Full Story

That’s more my Kate

December 12, 2008 11:36:21 Posted at December 12, 2008 11:36:21
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Kate Winslet in London yesterday at a private screening of The Reader for which she just received a Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe nomination. As opposed to the overbronzed overblonde Hollywood divorcee clone Kate from last week, this is the Kate I know and love. The one Halle Berry said is always naked sitting on a toilet in a movie. Full Story

Confirmed! Hugh to host!

December 12, 2008 10:25:26 Posted at December 12, 2008 10:25:26
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The Academy has just confirmed it: Sexiest Man Alive Hugh Jackman will host the Oscars. The “new look” Oscars. It’s a bold move. Me likey. Source File photo from Full Story

Hugh to host Oscars?

December 12, 2008 09:40:25 Posted at December 12, 2008 09:40:25
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Hugh Jackman. Wow. Nikke Finke is reporting that the Academy has asked Hugh Jackman to host the Oscars. He’s reportedly considering it very seriously and is expected to make his decision next week, with an announcement likely to come in the new year. Full Story