Little Zuma and his brother`s patchwork jeans

November 28, 2008 11:35:26 Posted at November 28, 2008 11:35:26
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Kingston Rossdale doesn’t get enough love here. I’m sorry for that. He deserves it. Because he just might be cuter than them all. Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale took their boys to the park yesterday for some family time. 3 month old Zuma looks like he’s chubbing out and nestled happily with mom on the bench while his brother romped around in an adorable pair of patchy jeans under a red striped shirt. Full Story

Good Morning Vagina Virgins

November 28, 2008 11:03:51 Posted at November 28, 2008 11:03:51
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Those Jonas Brothers were on Good Morning America today donating their coats and a $10K cheque. Ummm…that’s it? $10K is a lot of money for us. $10K is chump change for them. $10K is how much they spend on styling products. For real. And the cost is clear. Not one hair out of place on all three of them. Full Story

Douchebag entertains

November 28, 2008 08:24:00 Posted at November 28, 2008 08:24:00
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Now that his gag order has been temporarily lifted, in New York this week without Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer is back to doing what he does best: feeding his attention addiction, talking out of his ass. I’ll say this: he is entertaining. Douche was surrounded by paps and fans yesterday, signing photos, taking photos, even some cute bantering with a little old lady who didn’t have a clue about him but pleaded for an autograph anyway. Full Story

Josh and Diane at the Bambis

November 28, 2008 07:47:19 Posted at November 28, 2008 07:47:19
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Some dumbass tabloid (probably Star Magazine) tried to make-a-story a couple of weeks ago, suggesting that Diane Kruger and Brad Pitt, working together on Inglorious Basterds, were having an affair. Obviously the story did not stick. As you know, Diane has been seriously involved the irresistibly adorable Joshua Jackson for 2 years and they now share a home in New York. Full Story

Sienna`s love pattern

November 28, 2008 07:25:17 Posted at November 28, 2008 07:25:17
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It’s the same way for her in every relationship. Sienna likes things messy. With Jude Law it was back, then break, then back, then break…several times before they split for good. So even though she told reporters she was happily single last week in London, it’s no surprise that Sienna Miller was spotted yesterday totally loved up again with Balthazar Getty, first in the day time walking her dogs and then again last night at the The Groucho Club, making a point of leaving separately to avoid being photographed together. Full Story

Two families at the circus

November 28, 2008 07:18:56 Posted at November 28, 2008 07:18:56
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Or creating one. The Cruises and the Beckhams, in New York together, headed out en masse yesterday for a performance of the Big Apple Circus. The moms KatE and Victoria also went on a carriage ride. It was a busy, active day. So of course Posh strutted around in tight tight pants and high high heels. Full Story

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November 28, 2008 – Smutty Shout-Outs

November 28, 2008 07:08:37 Posted at November 28, 2008 07:08:37
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Happy 23rd Birthday Katherine – wish I could come to your teen theme party! Have fun with the screaming girls at Twilight from your devoted friend Kaitlin. To Robin Y who proved her friendship by suffering through Twilight with Janice and snuck in some bubble tea too – Happy Birthday! To Hilary who is on to bigger and better things – Congratulations! Tricia will miss you and the douchebag discussions. Full Story

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dear Gossips,

Sometimes a douchebag just has to break free. Especially when he’s been ordered by his older girlfriend to shut the f-ck up.

John Mayer was in New York last night without Jennifer Aniston. Silenced for several weeks now, his douchebag has been itching to come out and play. So he hit up a club and near the end of the night proceeded to throw himself on top of a photographers car, posing while doing leg lifts, humping the hood like a dog, and shouting Happy Thanksgiving at everyone walking by.

This is what happens when you starve John Mayer of attention.

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in the US.

Thursday – all day blogging, check back often.

Yours in gossip,


PS. Don’t forget tonight! Our Night of New Beginnings event in support of the Covenant House Vancouver 30 days for 30 nights campaign. Help us provide 30 days of food, shelter, clothing, counselling, and LOVE to at-risk youth over the holidays. See you at Birks on Hastings at 5pm!

Gisele & Tom holiday porn

November 27, 2008 16:03:56 Posted at November 27, 2008 16:03:56
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They can’t be more perfect. Can’t. Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady volunteered at the Goodwill in Roxbury yesterday. The visit was unannounced, Gisele showed up first, then Tom half an hour later and they spent their time serving Thanksgiving dinner – Tom even bussed tables! Look how beautiful she is without makeup! Tom apparently missed the New England Patriots’ annual Thanksgiving basket giveaway the other day and wanted to contribute. Full Story

Kristen Stewart: the new Joaquin Phoenix?

November 27, 2008 15:57:27 Posted at November 27, 2008 15:57:27
Lainey Posted by Lainey

You’d be hard pressed to find a celebrity who hates promotion and publicity as much as Joaquin Phoenix. If you’re lucky, he’s bizarrely giddy, manic and jittery and incoherent. On a good day, he’s numb. On a bad day, he’ll walk out on you. On a horrible day, he’s downright mean. Full Story

Chicken Fried YEAH!

November 27, 2008 14:19:16 Posted at November 27, 2008 14:19:16
Lainey Posted by Lainey

She did it. She took the stage at the Bambi Awards in Germany tonight and while killing it might be a bit too strong, Britney certainly impressed, oh yes. ESPECIALLY the body. In fact, her shape is like Madonna’s. Just without the gross popping veiny muscles. Damn! She still lacks some confidence up there, not the fearless girl we knew before, the choreography totally sucks and that was a dead crowd holy f-ck (but a great warm up venue for her to start rolling), and of course Britney’s lipsynching has never been great…but there is something electric about Britney, it’s the reason she is Britney, the reason she still captures everyone’s fascination, something intangible but not ignorable, that demands attention and creates excitement when she’s in the spotlight. Full Story