Smutty Tingles

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 18, 2009 05:51:36 May 18, 2009 05:51:36

Douche & Lipstick (Dlisted)

You will feel better about your body. I promise (Hollywood Tuna)

Rachel Weisz gorgeous in green (Just Jared)

The Alba Bitch canNOT drive (Drunken Stepfather site NSFW)

Damn. That is ROUGH Chicken Fried Britney (Pop Sugar)

He’s hot as a blonde, non? (INO)

Jen’s movie sucks, and another Brad doesn’t want her – time for a pity party! (Cele|bitchy)

Exterminating Ebola will be much more expensive (The Superficial)

I don’t like my Matt Saracen this hairy (ASL)

Brad Pitt pre-Cannes (ICYDK)


Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 18, 2009 05:30:31 May 18, 2009 05:30:31

Am all for the New Kids, totally. But have to say, these pictures are a little embarrassing. Or maybe it’s just me. Apparently doing the boat thing is where it’s at these days. John Mayer, right? This weekend NKOTB launched their cruise in Miami, bringing back 80s cheese for photographers. Full Story

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GOOPy Groupie

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 18, 2009 05:08:28 May 18, 2009 05:08:28

Coldplay performed in West Palm Beach, Florida on Friday and guess who was in the audience? A casual Gwyneth, wearing her Kab string, came along to support her husband, now that they’ve weathered the latest round of divorce rumours and have appeared to come out stronger the other side. G looks relaxed and happy after several weeks of shooting on Iron Man 2 in Los Angeles. Full Story

You already had a squeaker

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Please Cam…no. She already dated a pipsqueak in Justin Timberlake. Now word is she’s single again having broken up with Jennifer Aniston’s former faux beau and is hooking up with… Adam Levine. Helium balls. Gross. They had lunch at the Chateau Marmont. Photos here.  Full Story

No Penn for Portman

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Good. There were alarming reports that originated from Star Magazine about them making out, Natalie Portman and Sean Penn and in an uncharacteristic move, Portman has released a statement telling Extra Full Story

Canadians in Cannes

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Saturday night, Grey Goose party at the Chateau de la Napoule. A real chateau. Not some fake Adrien Brody upstate New York cheese ass girlfriend sh-t. Legit French chateau, spectacular setting. Grey Goose parties are the best. If you ever get invited to one, put aside everything and go. Be like Tara Reid and book on points. Full Story

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Brand and Basketball

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 18, 2009 01:23:49 May 18, 2009 01:23:49

Russell Brand heading to the Laker game on Sunday. F-ck he’s disgusting. Hilariously, nastily disgusting. But why should I judge who you want to shamef-ck? If he is indeed your shamef-ck … giv’er. But never tell. How about Adam Levine? Is he your shamef-ck? For the benefit of those new to the site: I hate Maroon 5. Full Story

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Young Love & Sushi…and the wrap party

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Almost makes me want to be 16 again. Have said it too many times but they keep getting cuter. So. F-cking. Cute. Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner on a sunny Sunday in Vancouver out for sushi and all smiles and affectionate and flirty and are these two gorgeous together or what? It’s like a walking advertisement for beautiful skin. Full Story

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Robert Pattinson: goodbye Vancouver…for now

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 18, 2009 00:12:05 May 18, 2009 00:12:05

As I reported last week, Friday was Robert Pattinson’s final day on the Vancouver set of New Moon. He’ll resume shooting in Italy soon. Sunday afternoon he was photographed jetting out of Canada en route to Nice, on his way here to Cannes. Fack. I left Vancouver and I STILL can’t get away from Twilight. Full Story

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Dear Gossips,

Good news and bad news.

Bad news – it’s a short column today. Long travel day starting early in the morning.

Good news: am headed to Cannes! Fourth year in a row and one more than the Brange! The Jolie is reportedly (according to People Magazine) joining Brad to promote Inglourious Basterds amid reports they’ve split. Word is she only has two days off from Salt. It’ll be a quick trip then. Pitt Porn is always, always the best in Cannes. If I see it, you will read about it.

Will be tweeting all weekend from the Croisette and the parties – access my Twitter here - and hoping to erase memories of last year, when Mischa Barton broke my arm.

Full report on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,


Beezus and Bridget

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 15, 2009 08:18:32 May 15, 2009 08:18:32

Received an email this week from a Bridget Moynihan fansite requesting more Bridget. Here she is on the set of Ramona and Beezus yesterday getting touched up. You’ll hate me for saying but she looks bitchy. Am told she’s super bitchy. This is not Photo Assumption. Also – the adorable Selena Gomez holding a baby, playing big sister. Full Story

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