Russian Red!

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 30, 2008 06:50:16 October 30, 2008 06:50:16

As mentioned the other day, am currently OBSESSED with Russians. Those who’ve screened Quantum of Solace say Olga Kurylenko is explosively sexy. Word is, between Bond girls in the new film, Olga > Gemma Arterton hands down and Olga certainly owned Gemma last night on the carpet. Full Story

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Very Princely

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 30, 2008 06:33:16 October 30, 2008 06:33:16

Prince William and Prince Harry totally represented last night at Bond, personally inviting 200 sailors and airmen as their guests of honour to raise money for various military charities. The Young Royals spent time chatting amiably with their comrades and posing for pictures, both at ease and appearing to enjoy their public responsibilities. Full Story

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M is for fierce bitch

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 30, 2008 06:28:09 October 30, 2008 06:28:09

The Dame. Who else? This is Judi Dench last night at Bond – LOVE the bedazzled 007 tattoo at the nape of her neck and you will note, even her poppy has been tricked out! Bitch turns 74 in December. Doesn’t look a day over 60. And she’s currently working on Nine in the role of Liliane La Fleur, previously played on Broadway by Eartha Kitt and Chita Rivera. Full Story

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October 30, 2008 – Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 30, 2008 05:47:28 October 30, 2008 05:47:28

Happy belated Birthday Katie D! Thanks for showing Vera the smut and hope yesterday’s amazingness extends all the way to the weekend. And thank you all for your well wishes and emails for Marcus. We, my husband and I, are very touched. He, on the other hand, because he has a bad attitude, couldn’t give a sh-t. Full Story

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dear Gossips,

My girl crush Gab Free sent me Chelsea Handler’s book a few months ago – Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea. Of course Gab’s recommendation was right on. And of course Chelsea Handler is amazing … but if you don’t have time to read the book, her six minute interview with T.I. (for whom I harbour achy burns) will give you a great snapshot.

She calls them on their celebrity bullsh-t, and they keep coming back. T.I. was totally game, which is cool, but can you imagine if more talk show hosts were willing to be this straight up in your face candid? Love her.

The part when they’re discussing “his situation”? It will make your life.

Yours in gossip,


PS. Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz are not besties in bed.

PPS. B1 is not Scarjo. B2 is not Anne Hathaway.

Today’s AssTalk from Douchebag

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 29, 2008 13:09:08 October 29, 2008 13:09:08

He’s been silent for so long I almost missed him. Then he started writing again and I’m sorry I ever said that. John Mayer, who else? John Mayer Douchebag has written for the Huffington Post Full Story

Tom & Will declare themselves…and whisper together

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 29, 2008 11:26:00 October 29, 2008 11:26:00

It’s the 2nd PSA following the highly successful Don’t Vote video. And there are a few hidden gems. Look for the GMD and Will Smith whispering together looking awfully comfortable doing it. The GMD also tries to be sarcastic. In the end he ends up the way he always is: a one note actor. And of course… Pipsqueak’s ego makes an appearance. Full Story

Another reason not to eat

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 29, 2008 11:15:23 October 29, 2008 11:15:23

Once upon a time, Armani was the man. Then he made the ugliest dress for Katie Holmes’s wedding and now most of the designs coming out of Armani Prive look like they’ve been inspired by Tina Knowles. It’s embarrassing. One blip of a bright light? Becks starring in the underwear ad campaign. Full Story

Smutty Tingles

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 29, 2008 11:04:27 October 29, 2008 11:04:27

To get you through a sh-tty day – the video (Dlisted)

Two headed Chav (Hollywood Tuna)

Kingston has a girlfriend! (Just Jared)

Cloris Leachman > Barbara old bat Walters (Drunken Stepfather site NSFW)

Front row Leo, front row Becks (Pop Sugar)

Mr Madonna’s daily chores (Holy Moly)

Ghetto Tits throws a pity party (INO)

Are his daughters allowed to look him in the eye? (Cele|bitchy)

Brangelunatics are furious: this week’s Star Magazine make-a-drama (IDLYITW)

Interview on Triple C

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 29, 2008 09:39:00 October 29, 2008 09:39:00

Triple C: Coffee, cigarettes… and coke? This is a very cranked up Shenae Grimes on the set of the new but not improved 90210 being interviewed about her current show and her old show. As you can see, she’s talking out of her veins. Need a nap just looking at her. Worse: Shenae sounds dumb. Full Story