Straight Man Freebie 5

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 3, 2009 07:01:00 February 3, 2009 07:01:00

Jennifer Connelly pops up on a lot of straight man Freebie 5 lists. A LOT. This surprises me. Not because I don’t think she’s lovely but because I DO think she’s lovely. So she always seemed like the kind of woman women appreciate more than men. Knowing however that she is a man favourite, well, it restores some faith in the penis, non? (What’s up Tony?) That not all of them want an evening with that dirty Fox. Full Story

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Table for 2?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 3, 2009 06:53:19 February 3, 2009 06:53:19

Date tonight? How about Chinese? Maybe Thai? This is your hostess. She’s called brunette Scarlett Johansson. “Tay-bow faw toooo?” Hate eating at places like that. And hate Scarlett’s styling last night at He’s Just Not That Into You. Not necessarily the dress. The dress I love. Full Story

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Too much beer?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 3, 2009 06:37:31 February 3, 2009 06:37:31

Jennifer Aniston on the carpet last night at the premiere of He’s Just Not That Into You. A rare miss. Because you know the Aniston. The hair, the body, the tan, the glow…the Aniston is always working, the Aniston always looks good, the Aniston can’t afford not to look good. She doesn’t have much else. Full Story

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Dear Gossips,

Super Bowl but first… Super Tennis! Stayed up for Nadal-Federer classic on Saturday night/Sunday morning and it was worth every minute, though I’ll be paying for f-cking up the sleep schedule for the rest of the week. Still, 24 hour sports orgasms don’t come along very often and February 1st did not disappoint, except perhaps the conclusion. Sigh. We were rooting for the underdog. We were rooting for Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald. We were also SO delightfully entertained by the Boss. At times totally cheesy, many times made us cringe, but in the end, he was having so much fun, and threw his heart into it so enthusiastically, how could you not jump up and down along with him? Almost 60, over 60 million albums sold, he’s won everything, he’s been everywhere, but Bruce Springsteen can still get up for the Super Bowl grinning like a 12 year old. Adorable, right?

Thought Jennifer Hudson looked gorgeous and was so nice to see her but wish they would not have made her lip-sync…? Apparently she was asked to do so by show producers. Everything’s made in Beijing these days.

It’s Monday – am back in Vancouver, blogging all day, check back often!

Yours in gossip,


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Josh jogs, Kiki’s clogs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 2, 2009 17:41:02 February 2, 2009 17:41:02

Am told they’re seeing each other casually but quietly – Josh Hartnett and Kirsten Dunst. Both are currently in New York. He was spotted jogging today and this is Kiki out for lunch with a friend on the weekend. Josh was my summer crush 7 summers ago. Whenever 40 days nights whatever came out. Full Story

What if it was Shakespeare?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 2, 2009 13:38:35 February 2, 2009 13:38:35

Dude. Bale. Chill. You know I love him, but there’s “art” and then there’s plain manners. So Christian last summer was working on Terminator Salvation. The DP walked onto the set to check the light or something and f-cked up the shot, screwing up his scene. Apparently Bale can’t handle when the magic is messed with. Full Story

GOOPy in a box

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 2, 2009 12:55:57 February 2, 2009 12:55:57

GOOP on the cover of the March issue of Elle UK! She looks like she’s popping out of a box, non? In theory, I like the jacket. But the way it’s photographed, dimensionally, the puffy sleeves are the same size as her head. Still…am all over the little shorts. Thanks to the shady trainer, Gwyneth keeps flashing her long, lean legs. Full Story

Ricky hates Ebola and Posh!

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 2, 2009 12:04:37 February 2, 2009 12:04:37

Ricky Gervais should host the Oscars. Hugh will be wonderful. But next year, why not Ricky? Ricky’s irreverence would rip all of them, all the famewhores, each and every one, a new asshole…starting with Ebola and Posh. In an open letter to President Obama, Ricky writes: “As I'm sure you are aware, one of your flock has strayed. Full Story

Smutty Tingles

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 2, 2009 11:04:51 February 2, 2009 11:04:51

Should I get pregnant so I can live blog my labour? (Dlisted)

Why is it mandatory to dress like this at the Super Bowl? (Hollywood Tuna)

Little Sci needs a trim, her mother needs some curves (Just Jared)

Another great Kate photoshoot (Drunken Stepfather site NSFW)

Update on Jen & John…if you still care (Pop Sugar)

Gwyneth will judge her if she works! (INO)

Amazon Jolie-Pitt (Cele|bitchy)

Alba Bitch practises her BitchFace (IDLYITW)

Couple in matching leather…not the Brange (ICYDK)

Demi denies being like Granny Freeze. Please! (A Socialite's Life)

Fashion Magazine Prunes!

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 2, 2009 09:35:00 February 2, 2009 09:35:00

An exclusive first look at the cover of the March issue of Canada’s FASHION Magazine – it’s classic prunes! Mary Kate Olsen doing her mouth thing, shot recently at a studio in New York, wearing an Alexander Wang cardigan over a Stella McCartney dress. As you can see from the headline MK “can’t stand looking like everybody else”, this is why she doesn’t give a sh-t if you hate her clothes. Full Story

More famous than ever

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 2, 2009 08:39:05 February 2, 2009 08:39:05

I stopped by the supermarket yesterday and while I was waiting in line to pay Porny’s Pants were everywhere. Almost every cover. There’s Porny in her high waisted atrocity, one breast fighting the other breast underneath that black tank, more famous than she’s been in years. Years. Full Story