Black, White, Dots, and Stripes

May 6, 2008 05:22:00 Posted at May 6, 2008 05:22:00
Lainey Posted by Lainey

It’s about knowing what suits you, right? What Sarah wore tonight was fun and free and respectful of the occasion…with a dash of personality too. Am all over the striped cut-off gloves clashing with the polka dots. Loved the way she stalked the carpet too. Like she was having the biggest laugh just being there and she wasn’t trying too hard to be something she isn’t. Full Story

Hardly Anyone Cared

May 6, 2008 04:55:00 Posted at May 6, 2008 04:55:00
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Seriously… I felt badly for Janet Jackson. I mean it’s Janet Jackson, right? She released a new album this year which has totally unperformed, it’s been all Mimi and Madonna and no Damita Jo, and she showed up on the carpet tonight and all of us on the press line were like – oh yeah, Janet Jackson. Full Story

Wonder Woman Underneath

May 6, 2008 04:50:24 Posted at May 6, 2008 04:50:24
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The theme was superheros but many celebrities played it safe. It was Christina Ricci then who took the inspiration and ran with a sense of humour. Beneath the pink was a Wonder Woman suit that sucked in every inch. It was amazing. Her ass was amazing. Totally appropriate, very chic, and very, very sexy. Full Story

The Regal Julia

May 6, 2008 04:30:12 Posted at May 6, 2008 04:30:12
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The hysteria around Julia Roberts is definitely not what it once was. And she wants it that way. She took herself away from the spotlight, she tried to atone for homewrecking on Vera, and she birthed her babies on a paparazzi-free plot of land in New Mexico. In the years she was in seclusion, the landscape of Hollywood changed. Full Story

May 6, 2008 – Smutty Shout-Outs

May 6, 2008 04:14:10 Posted at May 6, 2008 04:14:10
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Happy Birthday Kim from Melissa... you"re my best friend and the most fun gossip! To Mosha who successfully bid for the Carlie Wong that I wore at the Junos! Bitch! You look better in it than I did! For Nicole and Andrea and Mom… they know they are so unbelievably lucky to have a Mom like you who’s so much fun to talk to, so supportive, and so smutty too! Sending you all my best. Full Story

Monday, May 5, 2008

Dear Gossips,

Little Sci and the Little Pitts – sightings on the same weekend! The week is already off to a great start. And it will only get better tonight.

But first… this is for Noah. Sunday was a travel day so I missed his First Communion. On the day he was born I was ten feet away, just outside the door. He came out rosy and precocious and he’s grown up that way too. Noah told everyone today that “My dad knows how to handle stress…because he has to handle me!” I miss you too Noah.

Am currently in New York for the next couple, on assignment for The Costume Institute Gala is tonight. The best party of the year and the most well attended event on the schedule. Last year was bananas. This year promises to be even more so. Especially since Tom and Katie are in town and George Clooney is co-hosting with Julia Roberts. Sarah Larson’s been missing from his arm lately… will she make an appearance? Or is she not good enough for Anna Wintour?

Cammie Di is attending too, so is Scarlett Johansson, and there are rumours that Shelfy Ass Biel is trying to scam her way in. Can you imagine?

After too much Chicken Fried and sad smut, fun smut has finally returned! Just in time for summer!

Monday – am blogging all day from NYC…remember to refresh!

Yours in gossip,


PS. Vince Vaughn is not the star of Keeping It Legal . Neither is Michael Buble. Literally.

You Likey?

May 5, 2008 10:14:30 Posted at May 5, 2008 10:14:30
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NKOTB! The new song! It’s called Summertime – click here for a listen. You likey? Me lovey! It’s like being 16 all over again! Step by Step…ooohhh baby! Just for fun – go back and watch the video. Full Story

Granny Freeze beaten by the bitch-beating fan???

May 5, 2008 09:44:00 Posted at May 5, 2008 09:44:00
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Is it possible that Nicole Kidman’s frozen face is too much, even for Karl Lagerfeld? You know… if Le Karl thinks it’s too extreme, it MUST be too extreme. Did you know that there are actually Nicole Kidman fans out there who believe her when she says she’s never had botox? Or any work of any kind? WTF? Sorry, I digress. Full Story

What Else Is There To Do?

May 5, 2008 09:17:20 Posted at May 5, 2008 09:17:20
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Jennifer Aniston has the best life to go with the best body. I love food too much to have a body like that. Sigh. Check her out, in her favourite spot, by the pool this weekend in Miami soaking up the sun. And all this wasn’t stimulating enough for Brad Pitt? Shocking. As for the photos themselves… amazing with all the security she has and how vigilant her bodyguards are about not allowing her to be papped that she keeps getting papped every single weekend. Full Story

Sarah Will Be There

May 5, 2008 07:25:00 Posted at May 5, 2008 07:25:00
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Well that takes the mystery out of it. His cheap taste continues… George Clooney arrived in New York and Sarah Larson was with him. Needless to say, she’ll be at the Costume Institute Gala tonight, presumably dressed by Armani, since Mr Armani is co-hosting along with George and Julia. Presumably. Full Story