The Mystery “O”

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Thanks to the lovely, lovely reader who sent this in yesterday after watching The View. A curious little slip by Whoopi Goldberg – anyone else happen to catch it? It was during the Hot Topics segment, the hens were clucking about body image and magazines – how celebrities claim they stay in shape through healthy diets and yoga and personal trainers when in reality, it ends up being achieved on the surgeon’s table, nips and tucks… Whoopi posits, something to the effect of: “Yeah, what they don’t tell you is they are getting it all cut off!” And then Joy objects – “But Whoopi, they can’t get it all cut off – their face would still be fat. Full Story

Simon Darker

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A one time member of the Freebie Five, Simon Pegg was on hand last night at the premiere of Run Fatboy Run, costarring Thandie Newton and directed by David Schwimmer. Yes, that David Schwimmer. The man who played limp Ross. Limp Ross who was inconceivably written as Rachel Green’s lobster… which to me has always been a television mystery. Full Story

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Sponsored Smut: eBay Exclusive Giveaway!

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Did I marry Joey Fatone? I think my mother thinks I married Joey Fatone. Because she sent my husband two shirts as an early birthday present this week and given her powers of selection, it looks like she was shopping for Joey Fatone, or some other guido/boy bander she"s somehow convinced is her son-in-law. Full Story

Long Island Chicken Fried Dirty Face?

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Lindsay Lohan last night out for dinner at Katsu-ya and then hitting up Villa with Samantha Ronson – the white bag, the Sam Lutfi lookalike, the stains all over clothes, no bra bouncing breasts… Lilo is turning into Chicken Fried Britney! Except with an even dirtier face! On the low side, she’s partying again. Full Story

Hurts to Look

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If you tell me your first instinct when seeing Renee Zellweger isn’t to put a hand to your own face like you’ve been burned… I won’t believe you. Don’t lie. Because it hurts to look at her. It hurts to imagine what she’s done to it. How hard she’s scrubbed it. Full Story

Chicken Fried Farewell?

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Britney’s much ballyhooed appearance on How I Met Your Mother last night – a stroke of casting genius. There were people (like me) who don’t even watch that show who made sure to set the DVR. I tuned in for Britney, I came out with a major hard-on for Sarah Chalke. Still… it’s true: Britney is a booming business. Full Story

Thoughts on The Hills

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Many of you have emailed recently about Us Weekly and Janice Min’s fascination with the girls of The Hills – cover after cover, week after week… what’s the story? Obviously the premiere was last night, and judging by the buzz online and among my own friends leading up to it – The Hills are alive. Full Story

March 25, 2008 – Smutty Shout-Outs!

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For Sara who is going back to work two months early so the babies can be with daddy – sending you my very best. I’ll be posting new articles all the time… hope you’re not too unproductive today! Happy belated Birthday to Cheryl – thanks for the support and for reading “religiously” every day! Full Story

Monday, March 24, 2008

Dear Gossips,

Easter is a big deal for our Polish family. And so, last night at our 10 course Easter feast, as I ate away all the hard work my trainer has imposed upon my body, our nephew Noah – 7 years old – interrupted my gluttony by asking me for a job.

He said he needed to start working because when he’s 15, he’ll be too busy with his girlfriend.

Is this a reflection of the Miley/Lindsay/HSM generation? That at the ripe old age of 15, the presumed preoccupation will be dating and romance and not much else? By the way, Noah also said that he “hates Britney Spears because she wants her picture taken all the time”. He followed this up by posing like a practised celebrity for my blackberry.

Noah’s career aspirations and musings on Britney were then interrupted by Veronica’s performance. Our 5 year old niece proceeded to entertain us by delivering a moving rendition of Vanessa Hudgen’s Gotta Go My Own Way from High School Musical, complete with facial expressions and heartfelt gasps. It was only too bad Zac Efron wasn’t around to overact. Have you seen the video?

Happily I was able to sing along too. I have this job, and therefore all of you, to thank for that.

10 year old Oliver finally brought us back to earth by engaging us all in a game of living room hockey.

But the point was made: Gossip is insidious, see? Even on holy holidays.

The Top 5 List of Smutty Break-Ups was updated this weekend and will reach its conclusion later today. Click here for an unromantic review.

Things to look forward to this week: a new riddle, a very, very generous Juno Swag Bag giveaway, Calgary party details, and more embedded clues.

Monday – live blogging all day, check back often! And I posted on Friday - SCROLL DOWN!!!

Yours in gossip,


PS. Daniel Craig is not having staffing issues.


Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 24, 2008 12:35:00 March 24, 2008 12:35:00

The poster for American Teen, the much hyped documentary due out July 25th that was the toast of Sundance this year, examining the lives of five students at an Indiana high school. To promote the project, they decided to channel John Hughes. Full Story

The Gift That’s Too Tight

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 24, 2008 12:17:48 March 24, 2008 12:17:48

Eva Longoria keeps yapping about her pregnancy rumours but the thing is… I can’t remember any pregnancy rumours about Eva Longoria. I just remember her talking about pregnancy rumours. Which is probably how the rumours got started. Does a rumour constitute a rumour if you keep debunking the same rumour you started? Mindtwister. Full Story