Pacey Primadonna?

January 3, 2008 07:38:38 Posted at January 3, 2008 07:38:38
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NYE Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger were partying in New York at the Soho Grand in the penthouse. Just before midnight the hotel asked everyone to move downstairs. Josh and Diane apparently had to share a table with others and according to Page Six Full Story

Granny Freeze Fuels Bump Watch

January 3, 2008 06:51:48 Posted at January 3, 2008 06:51:48
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What do you do when you hate getting old and all your movies tank at the box office and the industry is questioning your per picture asking price and your ex husband’s new young wife takes your place as a red carpet stunner and as Mom to your own children? Well if you’re Nicole Kidman, you take stock of the current Baby Fever. Full Story

Becoming Brad Pitt

January 3, 2008 06:22:25 Posted at January 3, 2008 06:22:25
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Ryan Reynolds was spotted on his Ducati yesterday in West Hollywood looking remarkably like Brad Pitt even down to the beat up shoes! Only scruffier and with maybe slightly less Pants Talent. If memory serves, Brad also has a Ducati and of course there’s the cap. Is Ryan supporting Make It Right? He and Scarlett were supposed to spend a few days over the holidays in Vancouver with his family. Full Story

New Year, Good Angles!

January 3, 2008 06:11:49 Posted at January 3, 2008 06:11:49
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My Rumey is kicking off 2008 in fine fashion! As you can see, Rumer worked her few good angles yesterday while shopping in LA. And although the shorter hair is preferable, the longer waves are completely unfortunate… at least not here. Rumey of course is getting ready for the Golden Globes a week Sunday where she’ll be on stage for most of the evening distributing statues. Full Story

Heath & Gemma

January 3, 2008 00:00:00 Posted at January 3, 2008 00:00:00
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After a romp with Helena Christensen and a rumoured hook up with Lindsay Lohan (I call bullsh*t), Heath Ledger has found love close to home in the form of 20 year old Australian supermodel Gemma Ward. Gemma, as you can see, is your typical genetic freak. Limbs and features that don’t look like they should belong together and yet when put together become exquisite as a whole. Full Story

Divine Proof

January 3, 2008 05:40:34 Posted at January 3, 2008 05:40:34
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Bet your boob job they don’t even have to speak. What could possibly need to be said? Or further expressed? Or clarified? Absolute gorgessity needs no embellishment. Here are Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen out in NYC last night. Look at them. Look at him. Look at her! That shot of her turning her face away against the wind…she’s not posing and it looks like she’s posing! Am totally obsessed. Full Story

Chicken Fried Worth the Money

January 3, 2008 05:15:44 Posted at January 3, 2008 05:15:44
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Looks like OK! Magazine bought Jamie Lynn and Lynne Spears for a bargain. Last week’s teen pregnancy cover story was the magazine’s highest selling, topping the previous #1 – Britney’s photoshoot meltdown from the summer, during which she smeared chicken fried grease all over designer items, pee’d in front of a room full of strangers, and walked around touching herself aimlessly before taking off without warning and breaching the agreement. Full Story

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dear Gossips,

Amazing. It’s officially January 2nd, over 24 hours since New Year’s Eve and still, at press time, there have yet to be released photos of Chicken Fried Britney bombed out of her tree driving aimlessly drunk around Los Angeles. Am shocked. You?

Hopefully, hopefully a sign of better things to come in 2008.

And Happy 2008 to all of you!

If you are just getting back after holidays, please scroll down and also visit the archives for posts you may have missed, including riddle clues. All the Best of 2007 articles are now updated as well. Scroll down and check all articles under December 31st! Best of 2007 submission winner to be announced on Friday!

It’s Wednesday, am blogging all day, check back often!

Yours in gossip,


Leo Loves Bar… and Kelly Clarkson???

January 2, 2008 12:27:44 Posted at January 2, 2008 12:27:44
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Us Weekly is reporting that Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Rafaeli spent NYE in Vegas at The Bank with Lukas Haas and a huge entourage ordering up $30,000 bottles of champagne. At midnight Leo and Bar kissed long and hard and horny. Very hot. Not so hot? This visual: Leo was apparently dancing when Kelly Clarkson’s Since U Been Gone came on at which point he supposedly gav’er on the dance floor. Full Story

Daddy & Pax Pitt

January 2, 2008 12:07:48 Posted at January 2, 2008 12:07:48
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Brad took Pax out for a spin the other day and dropped by the Make It Right site in New Orleans. As you can see, Pax is clearly enjoying the ride. And Brad is clearly making time for all his children. And still, even though he’s not been photographed alone with the Chosen One in a while, the tabloids don’t seen interested in fabricating that he’s ignoring her for his other children. Full Story