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The House Bunny premiere went down last night – this is Rumey in white working her angles, trying to dominate the carpet even though she is, at best, a tertiary character. That’s my girl. The House Bunny lead of course is Anna Faris who plays the ditzy blonde to Emma Stone’s intellectual brunette. Full Story

Gay > Gold

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Amazing. A People Magazine decision to agree with… perhaps at the expense of the MiniVan Majority? Love the new cover, but you have to wonder, does People love the cover? Or the timing of it? Record numbers tuned in in America to watch Michael Phelps win gold last weekend. Full Story

The Female John Mayer

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Sienna Miller at LAX yesterday after 2 weeks of loved up scandalous Hollywood goodness with Balthazar Getty. Looks like someone has to get back to work. At the airport, she was met by the paps, intent of course on provoking a reaction to the question: why are you a homewrecker? You’ll recall, Sienna and her mother and all her friends are desperately trying to convince you that she isn’t. Full Story

Rumey and The Hills

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New season of The Hills premiered last night. Am over it, didn’t watch. But apparently this is a minority sentiment. Here they are, all of them at a party to celebrate, and the cameras were there too. Of course. Heidi, in a Herve Leger and white heels, as usual, looks like a mall girl. Audrina belongs in Blender. Full Story

McGosling Delight

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Exclusive. OMG OMG OMG. It’s only Tuesday and the McGoslings will lose their sh*t. You ready? Last night in Toronto. At a restaurant called Grace on College Street. 10pm seating. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams walk in. Together. Holding hands. You’ll recall, they were just seen and photographed Full Story

August 19, 2008 – Smutty Shout-Outs

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To the entourage Katie, Alicia, Caitlin & Pamela: A private island cottage for me and my best gal pals?! How amazing are we!!! Thank you for all the hard work and the massive bowl of KD at midnight. Only for you would I wear that nasty wedding dress! Love, Victoria Happy 30th Birthday Emma in Toronto from Rona in Ireland who misses you dearly and wishes badly she could join you this year as she does every other. Full Story

Monday, August 18, 2008

Dear Gossips,

Olympic Freebie Five has been updated with Dara Torres at the top. Dara Torres makes my life. It’s a life that’s become a sad, sad sickness. Because I have a serious, serious Michael Phelps problem. Time to go cold turkey.

Back to ageless women, the Madge turned 50 on Saturday and celebrated with her family at an allnighter, then hit the gym the next morning for 3 hours. Crazy bitch. Photos on the way. But not before a heart to heart with John Mayer.

Monday – am online all day but router decided to f&ck off and die this morning which accounts for the late start. Feels like I’m on a dial up today.

Yours in gossip,


PS. How do you stop running with, like, 20m left and STILL break the world record? And a ladies sweep too. What’s up Jamaica?

Le Karl… Crunk!

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This is the best thing. Ever. The best. Like, life changing. In the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar, the magazine asked some of the biggest names in fashion to “fantasy” pose. What’s Karl Lagerfeld’s fantasy? Karl wants to be Lil Wayne! Check out Le Karl, all crunked up, working his magic but still no bitch-beating fan. Full Story

Maverick flies solo

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For the GMD, if marriage was a strategic move, and you know my thoughts on that, then in hindsight I’m sure we can all agree – a tactical error. Because Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes make each other assy. She looks assy when she’s with him, he looks assy when he’s with her. Alone though, when he’s on his own, and not holding her in a death grip with his short arms wrapped around her waist, when he’s flying solo with no Goose of a wife, the GMD is much more appealing. Full Story

Chicken Fried Hope… or Hoax?

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Britney – the summer is almost over…and Britney is still well. Amazing. An end of summer tradition – always the VMAs. And for many years, Britney has been a part of it. She is already appearing in the promos with host Russell Brand and the rumours have been swirling – that she will redeem herself on September 7th. Full Story