Chicken Fried Assistant

October 31, 2007 08:13:30 Posted at October 31, 2007 08:13:30
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Another assistant speaks! This time a more sympathetic portrayal of Britney from a girl who spent 3 months with her non stop from soon after her split with KFed right up to when she was admitted to rehab. Kalie Machado met Britney at her house in early December 2006 as part of a hair styling team hired to put in Britney’s weave. Full Story

Golddigger TV

October 31, 2007 07:39:12 Posted at October 31, 2007 07:39:12
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"They"ve called me a whore, a gold digger, a fantasist, a liar, the most unbelievably hurtful things, and I"ve stayed quiet for my daughter." Ummmm…really? Does a tearful appearance on GMTV constitute as quiet? And how about the legal leaks? How did details of her baseless allegations against Paul McCartney manage to make their way into the papers? And still Heather Mills is complaining that she’s been vilified and nearly destroyed by the press, even while she uses the press to achieve her objective. Full Story

Lance & the Olsen Twin

October 31, 2007 00:00:00 Posted at October 31, 2007 00:00:00
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He’s 36, she’s 21, and apparently she was sitting on his lap on Monday night sucking his face off – Lance Armstrong and Ashley Olsen, that is. Not hard to see why he’d be attracted. Ashley is gorgeous – seen here last night leaving the Waverly after dinner with Sting and Slash and Owen Wilson and a few other not so notables. Full Story

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dear Gossips,

Is The Second Coming on the way? More on that later.

Am officially terrified of and totally infatuated with Iman for Project Runway Canada. The way she cut that designer off the show last night, putting a dagger through the poor girl’s heart, twisting it sideways, and then pouring whiskey onto the wound before finally sending her away with two kisses … perhaps Yeats said it best: A Terrible Beauty is Born.

And I wonder if Iman couldn’t scare Britney straight.

It’s Tuesday, am online all day so refresh often!

Yours in gossip,


PS. My love and thanks to the always brilliant Joyce Ma at Sweet Chemise for putting me in her Mystique – see attached – the black dress I wore at the Geminis on Sunday night. Loved the cut out neckline…loved even more than I could eat which is a testament, of course, to Joyce’s limitless talent.

Much appreciation also to Kiss & Makeup for the accessories. Couldn’t help but puff the chest out a little when Anne Heche eyed my earrings and then asked where to get.

PPS. It’s not Courteney Cox who"s backstabbing Jennifer Aniston.

Quiver for Pivert

October 30, 2007 00:00:00 Posted at October 30, 2007 00:00:00
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Once in a while, oil and sleaze is what you need. Like a streetside bratwurst with all the fixings. Yum. Jeremy Piven, not always, but at last’s night premiere of American Gangster… definitely Yum. But of course it’s the Ari Gold factor. Of course it is. But something else, I think. Full Story

Chicken Fried Denied

October 30, 2007 00:00:00 Posted at October 30, 2007 00:00:00
Lainey Posted by Lainey is reporting that Britney will NOT regain 50/50 custody of her children. The judge presiding over the custody battle has determined that she’ll see her babies twice a week from noon to 7pm and will be allowed one overnight visit WITH a monitor. Full Story

NOT Hot Harry on a Horse

October 30, 2007 14:15:59 Posted at October 30, 2007 14:15:59
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There was a report that surfaced a few days ago – some scandal involving a sex tape, a royal, and a blackmail scheme. Most immediately suspected Hot Harry on a Horse. Just because he’s a dirty, dirty boy. The giveaway however is that the sex act caught on video was male on male blow. And we all know that Harry – much to the chagrin of gays everywhere – is straight up straight. Full Story

Reese & Jakey on the beach!

October 30, 2007 13:59:02 Posted at October 30, 2007 13:59:02
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Their movie tanked but it’s never too late to exploit their relationship for the DVD! Here are Reese and Jakey “unknowingly” taped on the beach – click here for the clip. And the fact that she keeps fussing over him like his mother probably won’t help the gay buzz but as I always say, and I think everyone is gay: Gossip is a Buffet. Full Story

Flashes of Old Young Katie

October 30, 2007 00:00:00 Posted at October 30, 2007 00:00:00
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Once upon a time, Katie Holmes was fresh-faced and adorable, a youthful beauty, finally free from Dawson, poised to become a legitimate tv-to-film girl, some said with the potential of joining Natalie Portman and Scarjo and Kiki among the elite. Then came Tom Cruise and the lobotomy and you know the rest. Full Story

Sponsored Smut: Martian Child

October 30, 2007 00:00:00 Posted at October 30, 2007 00:00:00
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Click here for a refresher Sponsored Smut. John Cusack’s new movie Martian Child is due out on November 2nd. As is the case when John’s on film, he is his typical irresistible self. Full Story

Chicken Fried Sweat Exchange

October 30, 2007 12:28:31 Posted at October 30, 2007 12:28:31
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Blackout is on sale today and of course Britney’s life is on full display too. First – the custody battle. Court documents reveal that Britney’s appointed monitor testified on Friday and though no details have been released, her attorney insists that the information wasn’t all bad. Full Story