Gwen’s definitions

November 11, 2015 21:07:39 Posted at November 11, 2015 21:07:39
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Six months ago, when you thought about Gwen Stefani and what she used to say about her relationship with Gavin Rossdale, you’d recall her song lyrics, right? The pining girl? And also the woman who once said that she wanted her husband to like her more so she’d wear makeup even at home? Is that what you think of her now? Or has that girl been replaced with the one who’s been taking it to Gavin, strategically, of course, after their divorce? US Weekly broke the story today about Gavin cheating on her for 3 years with the nanny. Full Story

Alien Lizard King honored by unsuspecting human queen

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Benedict Cumberbatch, king of the reptiloids of Garlactaca-9, was made a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE) by Queen Elizabeth II, a human monarch wholly unsuspecting of her world’s pending colonization. The CBE is awarded to “those making distinguished or notable contributions in their own specific areas of activity”. Full Story

Smutty Tingles

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Ellen got Seth Rogen to apologise to Justin Bieber (Just Jared)

Sandra Bullock on sexism (Cele|bitchy)

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 – the first trailer (TooFab)

Why can’t all men make it through the college frat party experience without violating women? (TMZ)

Yeah just some ordinary bodies (The Superficial)

Boring dress. So boring. (Hollywood Tuna)

Terrible dress choice on Ellie Goulding (Go Fug Yourself)

Zendaya’s grey on grey (Gossip Girl)

Gisele’s confidence

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Most of the headlines you read today about Gisele Bundchen’s interview with Charlie Rose will have to do with how she almost broke up with Tom Brady when she found out that Bridget Moynahan was pregnant with his baby. First of all, that part of the interview is all of 10 seconds. Maybe 15. Second, you’re saying like no one else would “almost break up with” their boyfriend if he told them that his ex-girlfriend was pregnant. Full Story

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James & Daniel: co-stars co-shave

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James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe are currently promoting Victor Frankenstein. They’re two of my favourites. Because they’re two of the nicest, nicest, nicest celebrities. And they’re so funny and cute together in the trailer – click here Full Story

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Revisiting Gavin’s “nanny” hand

November 11, 2015 16:38:49 Posted at November 11, 2015 16:38:49
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On November 26, 2012, I posted this article about Gavin Rossdale hiking with the nanny. And the way his hand was placed on her body while they were going up a hill. At the time, it was Photo Assumption. This was the photo in question.  Full Story

My prediction is Will Smith

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Will Smith’s Concussion premiered at AFI Fest last night. It’s the true story of Dr Bennet Omalu’s work to identify Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, “scientific evidence that the kind of repeated blows to the head sustained in football could cause severe, debilitating brain damage”. Full Story

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Gwen’s 3 year nanny problem

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Cover of the new issue of US Weekly. It’s Gwen Stefani. And why she left Gavin Rossdale. According to the magazine, it’s because he was having an affair with the nanny… FOR THREE YEARS. Let’s back up for a minute though. Full Story

Gwyneth talks about her “failure”

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But first… There was some talk a couple of days ago that Gwyneth Paltrow was being courted by The View, did you hear about that? The story came from Radar. Supposedly The View has offered G a million dollars to join the panel and are fretting that if she doesn’t accept, the show will be cancelled. Full Story

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dear Gossips,

Mimi released a new song this year called Infinity and, well, no one really cared about it. In spite of that though, 2015 has been a strong year. There was her Vegas residency. She directed a Christmas TV movie which will premiere in December.  Read Full Intro