Overpeeled, Underfed

August 27, 2007 00:00:00 Posted at August 27, 2007 00:00:00
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Renee Zellweger at a concert this weekend, body fat as low as ever, and skin seemingly so scrubbed and so raw, it’s a wonder she can smile without pain. Or maybe that is pain. Maybe she is grimacing through her pain. Is 20 pounds and a good foundation seriously worse than this? source Full Story

Alba Ages

August 27, 2007 08:10:51 Posted at August 27, 2007 08:10:51
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Not saying she looks old like “rough” old or like Lilo old... just saying she looks old like Katie Holmes old. Check it out – the Alba Bitch at Teen Choice last night in a lovely yellow dress and the worst highlights ever. It’s the highlights that are aging her, I think. The colour is 40 and drives a minivan – perfect for a 40 year old driving a minivan, not so much for a 26 year old sometimes referred to as the sexiest woman alive… I’m just sayin’. Full Story

Better Body, Terrible Mother

August 27, 2007 07:50:32 Posted at August 27, 2007 07:50:32
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Britney was pulled over for speeding this weekend while driving to Vegas. Amazingly enough, she wasn’t drunk driving. Even more amazing… her outfit. It’s a new classic. Still…the outfit I can handle. It’s the fingernail biting that grosses me out. I realise it’s a habit, that many people can’t help it. Full Story

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Family and Philanthropy in NYC

August 27, 2007 07:09:56 Posted at August 27, 2007 07:09:56
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Angelina took the kids to the park, then she and Brad flew via helicopter to the Hamptons to host a charity event. Here’s Angie with Maddox, Pax, and Miss Zahara on Saturday, and Brad with them earlier last week. Love the one with Baby Z hugging Daddy. And Brad sticking his tongue out at Pax who is touching feet with his little sister. Full Story

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Owen Wilson Hospitalised

August 27, 2007 06:39:42 Posted at August 27, 2007 06:39:42
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The Owen Wilson situation - biggest news in Hollywood, caused quite a frenzy yesterday. It was first reported by the National Enquirer as an overdose. According to the rag, Owen was taken to St John’s in very serious condition and then transferred to Cedars-Sinai. A criminal attorney was reportedly present at the time. Full Story

Friday, August 24, 2007

Dear Gossips,

If Nicole Richie’s example is anything to go by, Lindsay Lohan will likely serve a measly few hours behind bars before being promptly released. Quite a gift, non? Considering she drank, drugged, and drove, I’d say she got off easy.

Dina Lohan however…well, of course Dina Lohan is playing the martyr card. Of course Dina Lohan is talking. And of course Dina Lohan is full of sh-t. More on that later.


Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,


Hello Kitty loves Three Whisker Cheese

August 24, 2007 15:53:00 Posted at August 24, 2007 15:53:00
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Funniest sh-t ever. As you already know, Hello Kitty Asians love some funky ass cheese. Asian taste is, like, borderline learning impaired. Female intelligence is often stunted, its development discouraged in favour of squealing over things pink and fluffy. As you also know, Western celebrities often sell out overseas - aware that too many endorsements in the English-speaking world could hurt their images, they opt instead to sign huge deals in Asia, stipulating that the ads cannot run over here…mostly because of the aforementioned sell out accusation factor, but also because accepting a Hello Kitty paycheque means a serious swallowing of artistic pride. Full Story

Little Sci’s Tantrum & Katie’s Weekly Presentation

August 24, 2007 00:00:00 Posted at August 24, 2007 00:00:00
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This is why I am the worst aunt and would be an even worse mother: when toddlers cry (excluding the event of an emergency – easy there MiniVan), to me it’s so cute I have to laugh… which I’m told encourages whatever they happen to be wailing about. Which is why this clip of Little Sci getting upset about something is probably the most adorable I’ve ever seen her…and she’s already incredibly adorable. Full Story

The Pitt Family Frenzy in NYC

August 24, 2007 15:01:00 Posted at August 24, 2007 15:01:00
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Nothing like a Pitt Family outing in the Big Apple to make everyone lose their sh-t. Check it out – Brad and Angelina and the children minus the Chosen One went shopping at an art store today and people went bananas. Photographers and fans everywhere. Brad had asked the paps the day before to exercise some restraint around his kids. Full Story

Better from the Back

August 24, 2007 14:29:22 Posted at August 24, 2007 14:29:22
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From the face front side, I’d say pretty average but the backside? Damn. Jennifer Aniston has a sweet sweet bottom! Pilates works! So does swimming in the ocean instead of shouting at it! Here she is in Hawaii, still vacationing with Courteney and David and perhaps taking a lesson from a surfer dude. Full Story

The Daily Gorgessity: Emily Blunt

August 24, 2007 00:00:00 Posted at August 24, 2007 00:00:00
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Word is she’s a sweetheard. And of course she’s incredibly gorgeous. Emily Blunt in Mean Magazine. After her scene-stealing turn in Prada and her Golden Globe win last year, Emily is has now joined the list of elite actresses offered the most prestigious roles. And how. Emily is scheduled to start shooting The Young Victoria in which she plays Queen Victoria in a film by none other than Martin Scorsese. Full Story