Apple, Moses, and a Rat?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 6, 2008 07:27:08 February 6, 2008 07:27:08

Perhaps it wasn’t sad smut for my Gwynnie after all! Following her hospitalisation last month, initial information centred around a heartbreaking loss. The “official” explanation from her camp, via friend Mario Batali, was a gastrointestinal problem that was quickly solved. However, am now hearing from new sources that her people are trying to rearrange her schedule through the spring, including shortening her shooting days and reworking her planned trip with Mario on their food tour to lighten her load given her commitments prior to the Iron Man release … because she’s expecting her third?!? Apparently the evening at Caroline’s Comedy Club that I reported Full Story

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dear Gossips,

Few quick Superbowl details that aren’t so smutty but kinda interesting nonetheless. Gavin Rossdale and Roger Federer arrived together at the tailgate party, not stopping for interviews but walking the carpet. Both dressed in grey and both really, really, really hot. And tall. That Roger is tall is not surprising. But Gavin isn’t too much shorter. Come to think of it, neither is John Travolta. Then again, I’d been looking at Ryan Seacrest all day. Next to him, everyone is tall.

The best is when Seacrest wrapped up his pre-show for E! With Travolta as his guest standing beside him, Ryan signs off:

And we’re out!


Oh and Gisele… Gisele came in the celebrity entrance and then practically ran down the carpet, causing the biggest stir. Hair was unwashed, wearing skinny jeans tucked into black suede boots, and a fitted black shirt, gorgeous of course but she looked tense. Looked tense the whole game. And I remember seeing her, dressed so somberly and thinking – I hope she’s wearing red underwear because again, just like the hair cut, it’s terribly bad luck. Case in point: Tiger Woods always wears red for his final round. You don’t mess with red.

Tuesday – am home, have returned to regular blog schedule until the Oscars which means am posting all day (check back often!) in between bouts of mad dash cleaning and scrubbing. Chinese New Year in 2 days – if you have cleaning to do, including laundry, you better do it before Thursday. Otherwise, no cleaning til Sunday!

Yours in gossip,


PS. Just As She Is: not about Kevin Bacon or Harrison Ford or Ben Affleck who doesn’t exactly qualify as non-scandalous.

About Julian McMahon

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I mentioned his personal space issues last week and have received many emails requesting more information. If you are a fan though, be warned… it’s not the best or most flattering encounter ever. It was Thursday night – Diddy’s event in Scottsdale. Julian and Dylan Walsh show up on the carpet completely blitzed. Full Story

Still Supporting Ebola

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If for some reason Adrian Grenier is still on your Freebie Five list, it’s time to face the disease and move on. If for some reason it wasn’t enough that he was hanging out with Hollywood Ebola Paris HIlton last summer, it should be enough now that he not only remains friends with her virus but also will appear in public to support her projects. Full Story

FNL at the Superbowl

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Interview with Jason Street (Scott Porter) on Friday night at the Friday Night Lights party which, sorry to say, really, really sucked sh*t. What sucks even more sh*t is that is that it sounds like NBC is ready to pull the plug. Radar Full Story

Marion at the Luncheon

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My girl at the Nominees Luncheon yesterday looking perfect, as usual. Love how her belt is falling and those shoes… the shoes! Above all, it’s the poise. That French grace you can’t teach. If George Clooney had any sense and taste, he’d be all over it. Unfortunately, George Clooney’s taste in women is sh*t. Full Story

Good Help is Hard to Find

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Celebrities don’t always have it easy, you know. As is the case with Britney Spears, a competent assistant is a valuable commodity, especially one who won’t sell you out and will still pick up your dirty undies. But picking up panties is one thing… picking up your drugs is another matter entirely. Full Story

Cheesy Cheating is Allowed

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Remember him? The unfaithful cheese dick who still hasn’t curbed his philandering in spite of scandal and who strayed a bit too far on the underage side recently? As of press time, the photo evidence has yet to come back to haunt him but you’ll be happy to know he’s since moved on, and he’s managed to stay away of late from cheating with 17 year olds. Full Story

Justin’s Vanity Fair cover

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Pip isn’t on the cover of Vanity Fair…in person, that is. But he is very much on the cover in spirit. In fact, you can practically hear him singing on the cover in spirit. Because Pipsqueak Justin Timberlake is the ONLY reason why Shelf Ass Jessica Biel has somehow schemed her way onto the list of 10 Fresh Faces of 2008. Full Story


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Now THIS is a good idea. Unlike the Sex & the City movie, the Arrested Development movie is exactly what the world needs. Cut after only 3 seasons due to low ratings thanks to the death of good taste, many many mourned the premature end of one of the best shows ever. Period. Said Entertainment Weekly: Once in the history of time comes a sitcom like Arrested Development And now… amazing news. Full Story

Monday, February 4, 2008

Dear Gossips,

What’s up New York!?!?!?

It was epic! EPIC!!!

We were on the field at the Superbowl last night as eTalk had access on the sidelines - standing next to the New England tunnel during the team introductions, I swear I felt Tedy Bruschi’s sweat hit my arm when he rushed the field. But I told my producer Michelle right off the get, as soon as we saw Tom Brady … He cut his hair. Bad move.

Watch eTalk to see me frolicking on the field at the Superbowl, making snow angels in confetti during the Giants’ celebration, and crazy moments from the end zone – all that tonight on the show.

And also on the show tonight … finally, me and a son of Xenu! An encounter with John Travolta! Funniest sh*t ever. Details coming…

The Freebie 5 has been updated. John Krasinski in person? May-jah quiver. More on that later.

Monday – blogging on the fly headed back to Vancouver. Check back often for Superbowl smut. I’ve a 5 hour transfer and will be posting the whole time. Refresh!

Yours in gossip,


PS. Happy Birthday Melanie T in Victoria – all the way from someone who adores you in Squamish.

PPS. And Happy Birthday also to Holly and Kelsey, cousins who share a 26th birthday today.

PPPS. To Lynn in Costa Rica and now Zara too – congratulations!

PPPPS. Just As She Is is not about Eric Bana. Not Tom Selleck. Not Ashton Kutcher. Not Eric Dane. Not Matthew Broderick.