No Riots in New York

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 19, 2007 00:00:00 September 19, 2007 00:00:00

Unlike what happened in Toronto, the barricades did not crumble over Brad Angelina hysteria last night in NYC at the premiere of the Assassination of Jesse James. As you can see, the Pitts once again arrived in coordinated gorgessity – he in another well cut dark suit, she in a boring textured LBD. Full Story

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dear Gossips,

At the Unity for Autism event yesterday, met a delightful young man called Lee with encyclopaedic knowledge of entertainment and a newfound obsession over Barry Manilow. Lee informed me that Barry has a new record out today – his greatest hits from the 70s – and insisted we profile the album on eTalk. I told Lee that Barry’s probably not the show’s demographic. He implored me to do what I could.

Then I come home to get updated and it turns out yesterday’s Queen Fight involved Barry refusing to do The View, basically telling Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and by extension Barbara Walters, to jump up his ass.

Lee, you see, clearly has his finger on the pulse.

Tuesday, will be online all day, check back often for new posts.

Yours in gossip,


Britney to be tested

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 18, 2007 16:01:43 September 18, 2007 16:01:43

New details are emerging from the Spears/Federline custody battle and TMZ is now reporting that the judge in the case determined yesterday that “there is a habitual, frequent, and continuous use of controlled substances and alcohol by (Britney)." As such, Britney must now be randomly tested twice a week although in spite of the findings, the custody split remains at 50/50 even though KFed is pushing for 70/30 in his favour. Full Story

Move Over Biel

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Oh but she’s good. Very, very, very good. So good we almost didn’t notice. Maybe even better than Biel. Turns out Katherine Heigl is mayjah player on the publicity front. The new Aniston indeed. So here she is, just one day after winning the Emmy, conveniently at The Ivy, where no one goes without a purpose, for lunch when stopped by the paps – of course – and a gaggle of fans screaming for her autograph. Full Story

Over? Or Undercover?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 18, 2007 07:16:09 September 18, 2007 07:16:09

Us Weekly says Reese and Jake, on the heels of their big TIFF debut for Rendition, have called it off again…and for good this time. Fact? Fiction? Or diversion? I’d wait before pulling the plug definitively on their love. Michael Clayton party last week in Toronto at the Design Exchange - my sources tell me that security snuck a giggly and tipsy Reese (apparently “she was havin’ a good time that night!”) in to the bash. Full Story

Shelf Ass Meets the Mogul

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 18, 2007 06:19:49 September 18, 2007 06:19:49

Loving Justin in public continues to open doors for Jessica Biel. Elevated only on the strength of her Shelf Ass and the Pipsqueak association, Jess continues to relentlessly climb the Hollywood ladder and her latest accomplishment is yet another feather in the cap of her brilliant publicist. A meeting with Dreamworks? A meeting with a movie mogul? If not for JT, how the f&ck else would Jessica Biel get a meeting with Jeffrey Katzenberg??? Have a look – the other night, Justin pulls up at a hotel in Beverly Hills with his girl beside him, dressed rather appropriately for a business dinner. Full Story

Brilliant Fey, Brilliant Foo

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Tina Fey created 30 Rock. Tina Fey produces, writes, and stars in a show just anointed Emmy winner for Best Comedy. As such, Tina Fey is the quintessential example for strong women in showbiz: that you can be smart without sacrificing sexy and without sucking someone off Tina Fey delivers the word. And you will recall, Tina Fey openly, without hesitation, went on Howard Stern and called Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton Full Story

Chicken Fried Banned and Abandoned

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 18, 2007 05:45:56 September 18, 2007 05:45:56

Fired by her powerhouse lawyer Laura Wasser – who not surprisingly is insisting that the termination of her representation means nothing – and also fired by her management team, Britney has been abandoned by her professional allies and, worse yet, banned from the Chateau Marmont for dragging her chicken fried grease all over the establishment. Full Story

West Coast Loving

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After a long string of unworthies – Jared Leto, Justin Timberlake, Josh Hartnett – Scarlett Johansson has finally hooked up with a dude who deserves her. No downgrades on either side…I love it. Check it out – Scarjo and Ryan Reynolds after spending a hot weekend together in Vancouver arrived back in LA yesterday holding hands and not hiding. Full Story

Monday, September 17, 2007

Dear Gossips,

Tina Fey – yes, yes, yes!!! 30 Rock takes home the Emmy for Best Comedy. Almost, just almost, makes up for snubbing Friday Night Lights.

Were you bored by Emmy fashion? I was bored. Were you f&cking annoyed with Katherine Heigl? I was annoyed.

TIFF wrap up was posted on Sunday – scroll down, click on “view more articles” to access Sunday and other updates you may have missed.

As for the films you must see coming out of this festival – Eastern Promise of course which just took home top honours. And Across the Universe, you will love it. Lust, Caution won at Venice and it is worth the 2.5 hours. And that’s just a start. More movie reviews on the way.

Am rushing to blog as much as I can this morning before heading to spend the day at a Unity for Autism event. And if you’re about to complain about the lack of gossip… save it and click here instead to learn about the cause.

Yours in gossip,


Worst White: Katherine Heigl

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Like…get over yourself already. Hands down, Rossum Award of the night goes to Katie Heigl and it sucks to have to say that but seriously, she is as grating as Izzie if not more. And that dress. Enough of the pageant dresses. Enough. You’re tall, we get it. You’re statuesque and starting to lose some weight. Full Story