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Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 25, 2007 07:40:47 October 25, 2007 07:40:47

Full list of Sexiest Man Alive candidates and their odds below... scroll down and click on view more articles!!!!  Full Story

Handicapping People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2007

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It’s that time of year again. In November, People Magazine will announce its annual Sexiest Man Alive. Am currently batting .500 – scored two months in advance with Johnny Depp four years ago, was screwed by dandy pansy Jude Law (WTF??) the year after that, predicted Matthew McConaughey six weeks early in 2005, and then my dark horse Matt Damon fell to George Clooney in 2006. Full Story

Patrick Dempsey

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Arguments for: - Shonda Rhimes has created in Derek Shepherd the MiniVan Majority’s Perfect Man: he is a doctor, he has great hair, he is soft spoken, he adores a loser like Meredith and gives sensitive speeches inside elevators, and of course he is handsome.- in real life he is happily married (reportedly) and a doting father to three children, two of them twins. Full Story

Hugh Laurie

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Arguments for:- top show on television…popularity talks- bucks convention, is true to himself, and because of it, extremely popular - great sense of humour, wicked award show moments- sexy accent and hidden on his hit show- married, devoted, no scandal- multiple awards: chicks love winners Arguments against:- he’s a tv actor, see Patrick Dempsey- bucks convention, is true to himself, and because of it, refuses to kiss minivan and media ass- the accent…he’s not American. Full Story

Justin Timberlake

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Arguments for:- JT has the Midas Touch. He is uber successful, he sells out everywhere, he is undeniably talented, he is a star and he makes other stars better- successfully made the transition from young star to adult star (sort of). America watched him grow up without falling down…in a milk and cookies kind of way, he is exactly the MiniVan’s type: an All American success story- he wants it. Full Story

Denzel Washington

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Arguments for:- he’s a smooth sexy beast- a multiple Oscar winner with a new movie released for awards season, this is the time for him and the studio, if they’re smart, to make a big push. - Denzel is a solid box office earner. Money talks too- family man, solid values, not a famewhore- he has owned the crown once, the first and only black man to do so. Full Story

Will Smith

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Arguments for:- he’s beautiful. - wife, kids, the package… Oprah loves him, therefore her flock follows. - an established money maker, always always rocks the box office- indisputable worldwide appeal and an instantly recognisable name- a new blockbuster on the horizon, people cannot wait to see I Am Legend and a publicity push kicking off with the SMA is an amazing start Arguments against:- friends with Tom Cruise. Full Story

Stephen Colbert

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Arguments for:- sounds crazy…but a stunt is a stunt. He just pulled one running for President. Wouldn’t naming him SMA be the ultimate one-up?- Colbert is hilaire… and a sense of humour is the ultimate aphrodisiac- it’s a pre-election year: his political commentary is timely and in some circles, immensely popular Arguments against:- the obvious? Full Story

David Beckham

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Arguments for:- look at him: the clothes, the body, the pants!!!, the squint…he quivers everyone- he came to America, he lives in America, and finally America knows him- the children, the hot father, the irresistible MiniVan dream- marketed as the saviour of MLS, there is a machine behind him willing this to happen, not the least of which is Victoria given that she is about to kick off a Spice revival and for these two, any publicity is good publicity Arguments against:- his wife and all the Birkins that come with her- Tom Cruise- many believe his arrival in America has been a bust. Full Story

Tom Cruise

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Arguments for:- Katie Holmes and Little Sci: his two best assets who have charmed the MiniVan to no end, especially that adorable baby girl. Who doesn’t love Little Sci?- people are nostalgic. Top Gun lives on. Some are still blind to the chills of the Church- he wants it bad: Morton’s book notwithstanding, a lot is riding on Lions for Lambs so there is no doubt, he will campaign and he will campaign hard. Full Story

Ben Affleck

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Arguments for:- Jennifer Garner and Violet Affleck: the MiniVan Majority eats up their images and there’s nothing to boost their favour than an ordinary appealing wife and the dimples of a daughter- the new family man: committed and caring and clean, no longer at the poker table but at the park bench with his girls- he has risen from the ashes, directing a brilliant movie and finally beginning to put aside the embarrassment of the gobble gobble Gigli- Ben is handsome, in a wonder bread kind of wayArguments against:- the beginning of comeback, not a complete comeback- memories of Bennifer still linger- he was named SMA at the height of Bennifer& Full Story