Little Sci in Toronto?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 12, 2007 00:00:00 September 12, 2007 00:00:00

eTalk is following up on an exclusive tip that the GMD is in town. Will keep you posted but can you imagine??? Little Sci at TIFF? Please note however that if you are in Toronto, the GMD usually travels in a fleet of vehicles… paranoia will do that to you. Full Story

The β€œIT” Lounge – Exclusive Giveaway!!!

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Brad and Angelina received them and donated theirs to charity, and Ryan Gosling slopped by the IT Lounge too with his mom and sister…photo attached. As I’ve said, my swag is your swag. Am too swamped to type out every item in one huge swag bag from the NKPR “IT” Lounge visited by celebrities at TIFF. Full Story


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It doesn’t get much better than this. Sunday night at some club after the VMAs, Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson and their entourage which, of course, included her creepy perv ass father (would you go clubbing with your da?) got into a scrap with some bodyguards that resulted in Ashlee getting thrown up against a wall. Full Story

One Good Decision

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Many are saying it was a bad move but in the stinking mess that Britney left behind at the VMAs, at least she had the sense to say no to Ken Paves. Because going from being a trainwreck to a trainwreck AND a tranny would certainly eliminate all hope. People is reporting that Britney was supposed to have new extensions put in by 2 of Ken’s female stylists. Full Story

The New #1

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The Freebie Five is f&cked. There’s a bug, they can’t get it to update the way I want it to. Soon it will be fixed and when it is… Colin Farrell will occupy the #1 spot. Above Becks, above them all, Colin Farrell is pure sex. Even more in person. Last night, the Chanel party for his new movie Cassandra’s Dream starring Ewan McGregor and Woody Allen - it was a nice day in Toronto Tuesday. Full Story

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dear Gossips,

Chicken fried excuses… over and over again it’s chicken fried excuses from Britney Spears when the plain truth of the matter is that she is just straight up lazy. And while the remaining members of her camp are scrambling to find ways to garner sympathy for someone who disappoints at every turn, more details from Sunday night are emerging that confirm it – all the elements were there, all she had to do was run with it, all she had to do was want it badly enough.

Clearly she didn’t. And clearly it’s up to her vadgey to distract us from what happened. Again she stepped out with her undies. Again she wasn’t wearing panties. Only one day after Sarah Silverman alluded to her privates and offered an impressively similar imitation, bald Britney’s bits made an appearance for the cameras in Vegas.

At this point…is it beyond?

Last night at TIFF – Keira, Jude, and yes…Ryan Gosling. Details to follow and that douche Charlize Theron…will explain.

Blogging between 2 shoots with eTalk throughout the day, covering a premiere tonight and then… a party. Colin Farrell. What to wear? Am thinking white. Am worried self restraint will go out the window. Am unable to stop thinking of the video. You know the video. Will keep you posted.

Yours in gossip,


Ryan in Houndstooth

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I know the suit looks kinda goofy in photos but in person…it was cool. He was cool. The other dudes on the press line were like – man, that’s a kick ass suit. And as always, he was chill. In a good mood at the premiere of Lars and the Real Girl last night, walking the carpet with his mother and sister. Full Story

Dandy at the Festival

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Jude Law last night at the TIFF premiere of Sleuth. Dapper dandy was surprisingly in fine spirits considering the little pap incident he had last week. Stopped to talk to everyone, even a little flirty at times, and trademark Jude style – skinny tie, skinny pants, very tan, and prettier than every woman in the theatre. Full Story

Unfunny Douche

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For a refresher on blind riddle protocol, please click here under #4. Primadonna bitch is shooting a movie in Toronto and amazing people with his demands. First he refused to be driven in a limo to the set an hour away and demanded to be helicoptered there instead by his production company. Full Story

A Better Eggplant

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Unlike the rest of the free world, was not a fan of Keira Knightley’s eggplant creation at the Oscars two years ago. Dark and severe and old… much too old for a gamine 20 year old creature plucky enough to play Lizzie Bennett with aplomb. Last night at the TIFF premiere of Atonement however was eggplant perfectly presented. Full Story

Brangelunatic and a Baby

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Promised yesterday to tell you about the crazy near-riot situation on Saturday night in Toronto brought on by the deranged Brangelunatics. Following the premiere of the Assassination of Jesse James, Brad and Angelina were supposed to head over to Amber for the private after party. It’s late, around 11 or so. Full Story