The American Music Awards

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Idol won big last night – both Carrie Underwood and Daughtry scored big wins but it was Beyonce and Brown who lit up the stage. Chris Brown is adorable, though he was slightly no-necked last night, non? A few fashion highlights below. And ugh… Are you done with Carrie Underwood? Like… sit DOWN Carrie Underwood. Full Story

Friday, November 16, 2007

Dear Gossips,

The Spices are back! The girls lipsynched their way through a triumphant return at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show last night in LA – and for some reason that’s a surprise??? Did anyone actually think they’d perform live? Singing live in Cavalli costumes?


Who goes to see the Spices sing live?

More smutworthy, I think, is the obvious thin-off going on between Ginger and Posh. More on that later.

Finally… Friday! Am posting all day, check back often.

Yours in gossip,


PS. Don’t forget – Kiss & Makeup this weekend, crazy trunk sale/food drive, up to 40% off clothing and shoes if you bring in a canned donation. I stopped by last night with my credit card… you will die for the Alice + Olivia dresses (my sequined purchase is attached) and the Mike and Chris leather jackets, as seen on Jessica Alba and Nicky Hilton and Rachel Bilson. I walked away with the Hugh hoodie. Oh and shoes are on sale too – my Cynthia Vincent slingbacks are pictured but in black. You likey? Have fun! Don’t fight! And if you’re not in Vancouver, call them – they will ship!

PPS. Catherine Zeta-Jones is an Oscar winner. No Mute Stones for her.

Chicken Fried Kid-Free!

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In the car, that is. At an emergency hearing today, the judge ruled that Britney Spears is not to drive with her children after seeing video evidence of her running a red light with them in the car. Given that this is the only thing she knows to do with them when they’re with her, Britney now has to find a new activity on her custody days to kill the time. Full Story

More Funny Fab

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The always brilliant Gallery of the Absurd has offered this artistic interpretation of the Clooney/Fabio gunslinging that went down last week. The rollercoaster is of course reference to that incident a few years back when a bird attacked Fab’s face…you remember? Can’t stop laughing… Gallery of the Absurd Full Story

13 is the new 30

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Brilliant Us Weekly comparison – on the left Lilo at 13. On the right her sister Ali at 13. Clearly times have changed. Should 13 year olds look this… experienced? The expression in those eyes, the wanton dip of her chin, the suggestive pout – how many years, even months, before the next Lohan trainwreck hits TMZ? I’m about to offend you, if you can’t handle, stop reading now. Full Story


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Remember the best story from last week? George Clooney and Fabio throwing down at some restaurant because George’s bitch came out when he mistakenly believed Fab’s female friends who were seated at a table nearby were taking photos of him? The incident was a source of major Clooney DEquiveration and provided the most press Fabio’s received in years. Full Story

Blunt is Better

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The ravishing Emily Blunt in UK In Style December issue hailed as Britain’s newest screen siren along with Keira Knightley. Yes yes, totally agree. Except Emily has thankfully exited her “black mood” phase and doesn’t walk around hating the world. Emily can currently be seen in The Jane Austen Book Club which has been overwhelmingly well received by the Washington Post, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times, and Roger Ebert. Full Story

Fringe Friends

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Liv Tyler and Kate Moss last night with matching fringe in contrasting black and white attending the 7th on Sale Gala. Oddly enough, neither is particularly well dressed but Kate does look remarkably improved since ending her Crack Love, non? Stil… Crack Love is forever. Probably only a matter of time. Full Story

Keep It!

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Yet another child star, only 18 but looks like she’s 30, and probably sleeping with a 30 year old co-star with the blessing of a stage mother molded after Dina Lohan – Hayden Panettiere is a DUI waiting to happen. Predictably she is also an actress AND a singer. Right. As you’ve seen, Hayden is revelling in her role as the latest “It” girl. Full Story

The Other Boleyn Girl: The Trailer

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It was slated for a December release, at the height of awards contention, the junkets were actually scheduled for around right now…but then about a month ago, The Other Boleyn Girl disappeared off the circuit, yanked by the studio with no explanation, and slotted instead for a February release – no man’s land. Full Story

VS Homo Hotness

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Damn Doogie!  Yes… Doogie. Doogie is HOT. Sigh. All gays are hot. I love hot gays. This hot gay needs a hag. Does he have a hag? And is that his boyfriend? I hope not. I’m thinking Doogie and Wentie Miller. Yum. I would watch, wouldn’t you? Splash Full Story