December 13, 2016 – Smutty Shout-Outs

December 13, 2016 14:44:47 Posted at December 13, 2016 14:44:47
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Andrew is 14 years old. He spent half of his life in and out of foster care until what he calls his “forever family” found him when he was 6 and a half. For the last 3 years, Andrew has been fundraising for Covenant House Vancouver, collecting twoonies for homeless and at-risk youth. As he says, “I can relate to the struggles that a lot of homeless youth have faced. Full Story

Monday, December 12, 2016

Dear Gossips,

As John Oliver said on the last episode of his show last month, F-ck You 2016. But while 2016 has overwhelmingly laid down more sh-ts than hits, there are some who were able to rise above the hell, a welcome light in a swamp of feces.  Read Full Intro

Beyonce & Mimi…and Lionel Richie

December 12, 2016 22:26:07 Posted at December 12, 2016 22:26:07
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As you know, it’s now an annual tradition. The elusive VOLUPTUARY plays a series of holiday shows in NYC every year. She also announced today that she and Lionel Richie are going on tour together starting in March:   North American Lambs! I’m happy to announce I’ll be touring with @lionelrichie next year starting March 2017! Presale tickets go on sale at 4pm local time TODAY, so be sure to get your Honey B. Fly Live Pass for exclusive access! Full Story

Drake & JLO

December 12, 2016 22:06:50 Posted at December 12, 2016 22:06:50
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Business first. Drake previously told us that his new album, More Life, which he described as a “playlist”, was due this month. As I wrote last week Full Story

“Persistent Freaky Baby Quality”, James Marsden, and Good Girls Revolt

December 12, 2016 21:25:59 Posted at December 12, 2016 21:25:59
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Ethan Miller/ Jerod Harris/ Jeffrey Meyer/ Jason LaVeris/ Getty Images

Natalie Portman was named Best Actress by the Broadcast Critics last night at the Critics’ Choice Awards for her performance in Jackie. She was nominated for a Golden Globe this morning. It’s the tightest Best Actress Oscar race we’ve seen in years. Full Story

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Golden Globes TV Nominations 2017

December 12, 2016 21:01:35 Posted at December 12, 2016 21:01:35
Duana Posted by Duana
Kevork Djansezian/ Tommaso Boddi/ Michael Tran/ Getty Images

Awww HFPA, you’re so cute! You are adorable, because the way you nominate shows sometimes intersects with the best things on TV, but…you know, not all the time. For example, Game Of Thrones, representing once again in Best Dramatic Series, and…that’s it? OK, there’s also a nomination for Lena Headey, who did a lot of being brave while her jaw was clenched, but…you know, it’s okay to say the show didn’t have its best year, or that at a certain point, you’re giving the nomination just for CGI battles… In fact, I can’t figure out if your wacky nomination strategy is brilliant or bananas. Full Story

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Smutty Tingles

December 12, 2016 20:18:39 Posted at December 12, 2016 20:18:39
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A lot of moons and a unicorn (Dlisted)

This totally looks like ass cheeks to me (Just Jared)

The misogyny in the Angelina Jolie coverage (Cele|bitchy)

Hello Stephanie Tanner! (TooFab)

A Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk pregnancy update (TMZ)

Kylie as Christina (The Superficial)

I lost it here as soon as I saw the Ramsay Bolton GIF (Pajiba)

What a lovely colour on Viola Davis (Go Fug Yourself)

Rumour alert: Demi Moore and Tobey Maguire?! (Jezebel)

Awards season JT

December 12, 2016 18:45:35 Posted at December 12, 2016 18:45:35
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Michael Boardman /WENN, Jerod Harris/ David Livingston/ Getty Images

Justin Timberlake did not win a Critics’ Choice Award last night for Can’t Stop The Feeling. I guess I should mention here that they played the song when he took the stage to present last night and he was like, bah, make it stop. Full Story

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The F8 of the Furious

December 12, 2016 18:29:14 Posted at December 12, 2016 18:29:14
Sarah Posted by Sarah

The eighth Fast/Furious movie has an official title and it is The Fate of the Furious and somehow, miraculously not F8 of the Furious. To whoever chooses the names for these movies—YOU HAD ONE JOB. How do you not name it F8 of the Furious?! It’s RIGHT THERE. You can do 2 Fast 2 Furious but you’re too good for “F8”? Oh, well, look who’s a big fancy man in his big fancy pants, using full words instead of number-word hybrids to title his movie. Full Story

Donald & Darius at Critics’ Choice

December 12, 2016 17:22:54 Posted at December 12, 2016 17:22:54
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Frazer Harrison/ Jonathan Leibson/ Matt Winkelmeyer/ Kevin Mazur/ Jon Kopaloff/ Steve Granitz/ Jeffrey Mayer/ Christopher Polk/ Getty Images

What’s on your binge list during the holidays? If you haven’t watched Atlanta, you should add it. The episode about Vanessa, Donald Glover’s on-off girlfriend, was probably one of the best half hours of television I’ve seen all year. Full Story

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