Violet Eyes Forever

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She’s in a wheelchair but she’s still fierce as ever. Check out the Grande Dame Elizabeth Taylor at the launch of her new jewellery collection in Beverly Hills yesterday. Remember, this is a woman who has died almost as many times as she’s been married. And each time, the plucky bitch walks away from the light and back to earth, blessing us with her violet eyes in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles… though the splash of red right by her neck isn’t a very smart choice. Full Story

Oceans 13 DVD Exclusive Giveaway!!!

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So the boys are back in time for the holidays. And back in Vegas too. George, Brad, Matt, and the sizzling Don Cheadle. They smolder in their suits, the coolest cats on the strip, and always always you want to be part of the Pack. Best yet, not only is the Oceans 13 DVD up for grabs, but the complete set – Oceans 11, Oceans 12, and the last chapter 13 along with “Poker – The Real Deal” poker tips booklet by Phil Gordon and Jonathan Grotenstein. Full Story

Friday Night Quiveration

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Friday Night Lights – are you watching? I hope you’re watching. Because after a slow start, this season is just as great as the last. Like all teams shaking off the off season rust. Still the most perfect show on television. With the most perfect cast of leading men. Damn! I prefer Kyle Chandler myself. Full Story

Friday Night Pee

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Minka Kelly has been dealing with John Mayer for a couple of months now – seen here together at the Knicks game Sunday night. Apparently she doesn’t care that they’re not mutually exclusive, that even after their hook up he was trolling around NY with his boys looking for ass and a face to pee on. Full Story

In Hiding

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Don’t f&ck with Xenu. The book is due in January, not for another 2 months, but Andrew Morton, after going underground to write it, apparently has to stay underground even after its release. ESPECIALLY after its release. Which is great news. Because what’s in the book is SO explosive, Xenu’s disciples are angry. Full Story

Nude Windows & Mute Stones

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She’s kept a low profile, with few new projects in recent years preferring to focus on marriage and on her head. Clearly not enough focus on the head. Because while she’s cleaned up the slovenly habits of riddles past, she’s still as loopy as ever. And still a colossal bitch. Who likes to parade around stark naked in front of her window with the blinds wide open. Full Story

Kate Hudson, player

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All over it. If a boy can enjoy multiple canoodles, why not a girl? Since breaking Owen Wilson’s heart, Kate Hudson has flirted with Pipsqueak, beguiled Dax Shepard – poor thing actually thought he could keep her – and ditched Orlando Bloom for Heath Ledger… Do you love it, or do you LOVE it? First – OK Magazine is reporting that at her Halloween party, Kate honoured Orly with her attention and allowed him to believe that she cared beyond one night. Full Story

Hot Harry back on the Horse

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Mixed feelings today. On the one hand – Hot Harry on a Horse is back on his horse. Single again after 3 and a half years. On the other, will miss Chelsy as she slips back into obscurity, a girl whose resume will always be marked by an asterisk: *dated Prince Harry Biggest story in Britain – the two have split after a tumultuous couple of months that began ominously when Harry left Chelsy waiting at the airport upon arriving in England after relocating to be near him. Full Story

Pitt Porn in London

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They had that look in their eye last night – that wild horny vibe they pulled out in Cannes last May, the same wild horny vibe that evokes jungle sex memories from their African sojourn during the early stages of their relationship, when Brad supposedly impressed locals with lovemaking so fierce, Angie’s moans rocked an entire resort…remember that? And here they are again, bringing their brand to London for the premiere of Beowulf looking as captivating and as glamourous as ever with Angelina showing a little fashion flair in leather pants and huge tits, almost in defiance of the tabloid headlines denouncing her small frame. Full Story

Friday, November 9, 2007

Dear Gossips,

What happened to the grand master of Golddiggery? Heather Mills has made one tactical error after another during the last two weeks resulting now in her getting fired by her legal team. The same legal team that once represented Princess Diana.

Later, bitch!

And the audacity of Shelf Ass Jessica Biel…seriously. Does she really think it’s her work on Seventh sodding Heaven that’s earned her a starring role in David O’Russell’s highly anticipated next film???? Details to follow.

Finally Friday – am blogging all day.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,


PS. To Steve and Rob – have heard it’s been a tough go. Sending you both a big hug from your loving friends and family. Stay positive and keep up with the gossip. Smut CAN bring miracles.


Joaquin Loves Gwyneth

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They’re working on a new movie together called Two Lovers. Joaquin plays a dude who has to choose between a woman his parents want him to marry and his hot new neighbour. He ends up falling in love with the neighbour, drama and heartbreak and tragedy will ensue. My Gwynnie has just been tapped to play the neighbour. Full Story