Sunday, February 25, 2007
Dear Gossips, Oscar Morning. So there was so this pre-Oscar Armani party in LA last night and seriously…EVERYONE showed up. Like one big name after another: Clooney, Cate, Clive, Katie, Penelope, Mirren, Beyonce, Natalie Portman, Travolta, Mischa, Josh Hartnett…and the list goes on. Weird non? Katie and Penelope and Josh Hartnett in the same room? Definitely required delicate strategy but Armani being Armani, he pulled it off. Town is buzzing, everyone has arrived, and as of 5am Sunday morning, Britney was still in rehab. Small mercies. Big night tonight. Tune in to CTV or for full coverage live from the red carpet. And visit also for my Backstage Blog. Full report here as well some time late tonight, early tomorrow morning. All-nighter for the Oscars – totally worth it! Yours in gossip, Lainey PS. I posted on Saturday – scroll down if you missed a few entries. PPS. Quick Oscar factoid: mandatory formal wear for everyone. Journalists, publicists, technicians, photographers - everyone. Don"t you love Hollywood Pomp?

Nicole Kidman: Oscar ready!

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Fully frozen with her dutiful husband/employee stationed at her side, Nicole Kidman is ready for the big night and her big showdown with both Katie Holmes and Penelope Cruz. Of course Nicole and Keith, being the ultra private couple that they are, of course they had to go out for dinner at Mr Chows. Full Story

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dear Gossips,


Just back from full day rehearsal outside the Kodak theatre on the red carpet and the balcony. I have to admit…it was pretty trippy. And I’m not ashamed to tell you that we all just HAD to have our photos taken with a few Oscar statues. What’s access if you don’t take advantage, right?

Anyway, about the carpet – everyone is running through tech preparations right now. The Academy is doing sound checks and the best…the BEST was Andre Leon Talley.



Never took his shades off. Dressed in a designer toque and scarf, a huge coat with electric blue lining, basketball shorts – yes, basketball shorts!!! - sports socks pulled up to his knees, and trainers! I nearly lost my sh-t. Would Anna Wintour approve???

He was sitting on his very own director’s chair and get this – he had his initials ALT embroidered in the back of the seat.

Love, love, love.

Anyway, our carpet position is fantastic and our balcony position is even better. eTalk host Tanya Kim and I overlook ATL’s spot and we see the arrivals immediately following the photo area, right before they go into the theatre, in the spot where the stars usually congregate and powwow before entry – in other words, where they let their guards down a little.

Wonky eye on full smut alert.

Especially now that even more presenters have been announced including Gael Garcia Bernal, Emily Blunt, Al Gore, and that sexy beast James McAvoy.

Don’t forget, catch the live pre-show on CTV in Canada and on CTV Broadband via – international readers can access the entire broadcast via as well!

As for Ryan Gosling … more on that below.

Oscars in one day! Britney’s still in rehab (at press time).


Yours in gossip, Lainey

Cam & Drew: Girls on Vacay

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In Hawaii celebrating Drew’s birthday, soaking up the sun, and smoking up something else? A suspicious looking ciggie to be sure but hey – they’re chillin’, they’re prowlin’, they’re clearly making the most of single life… Cameron as you know is set to present tomorrow night at the Oscars. Which means a quick dash back for the big event. Full Story

The Daily GirlCrush: Christina Ricci

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Wow. All of a sudden it seems, in the last couple of months, all of a sudden she’s rockin’ it to a higher level. Best Dressed for me at the Grammys, still tiny but by all appearances also healthy, and a new glow – some of you suspect surgical assistance yet I think it’s just a young women growing into her own, as illustrated today at the ISAs. Full Story

The Daily Gorgessity: Robin Wright Penn

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At the Independent Spirit Awards today. I have adored her since the Princess Bride. And they say men age better than women? Perhaps most of the time but between Robin and Cary Elwes, I’d say she has a distinct advantage. After all, have you seen his disappointing bloat??? Why Robin? I like her chill vibe. Full Story

The Versatile Michelle Williams

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Selma Blair did it not too long ago, Michelle Williams is rockin’ the pixie too. And I have to tell you – I think she looks amazing. She’s a bitch…but amazing nonetheless. Why? Because it’s not generic. And it’s not Jessica Simpson. And it totally works with her face. Not for everyone, absolutely. Full Story

The Daily Quiveration: Bond at the ISAs

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Ugly sexy. Unpretty but totally The Hotness. I wonder if it’ll ooze from him in the flesh. Can’t wait to see him in a tux tomorrow. I just might throw myself at him from off the balcony. Will keep you posted. PS. His girlfriend. She"s gorgeous. Hate her. Full Story

Ryan wins at the Spirit Awards

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McGoslings…please. Chill. And rejoice. Ryan Gosling beat out Forest Whitaker at the Spirit Awards today taking home Best Actor. Forest Whitaker, who has been victorious at every awards show this season, took 2nd - needless to say, it’s a huge accomplishment for Ryan. And he shared it with his mother and his sister. Full Story

Friday, February 23, 2007

Dear Gossips,


It’s 4am in LA.

The Good News: at press time, Britney is still in rehab.

The Bad News: Kevin Federline looks like a saint. And talk of a reconciliation is abuzz. Loose rumours, will keep you posted.


The Worst News: Spoiler, avert eyes…

Grey’s Anatomy is the bad news. Period.

Anything but ordinary??? Anything but ordinary in the Hallways of Heaven?

With the exception of the always outstanding Sandra Oh - So lame. So weak. So ass. So time to quit…which means that, like Friends, I’ll probably keep watching it and hating it until its eventual merciful death. Why do we do that???

Two days til Oscar, I’ll be heading over to shoot some pre-links on the red carpet later. Don’t forget to catch the CTV live arrival coverage on Sunday – I’ll be riffing without a time delay and chances are, since I have to be up at 4am that day…well, you know how it is…

And also, the Backstage Blog on from inside the press room. Me 10 feet away from Gwyneth? I"ll try not to lose my sh-t.

Friday, blogging on the fly, check back often for fresh posts.

Yours in Oscar gossip, Lainey

Ryan Holding Hands, McGoslings Panic

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Inbox flooded with anxious McGosling messages, knickers tied up in knots over some report from last night’s LA Confidential party honouring Forest Whitaker – that Ryan showed up and left holding hands with a girl who wasn’t Rachel McAdams. Chill. I’m hearing it was probably his sister Mandy. I wasn’t there but he’s taken her to parties before, and she’ll be attending the Oscars at his side so it’s definitely not a stretch. Full Story