What He’s Really Saying…

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 3, 2007 00:00:00 October 3, 2007 00:00:00

Kid Rock is currently promoting a new album. At the same time, his ex wife is making headlines for her engagement to Rick Salomon…yet another all star. Curious timing, non? So Kid grants an interview with Rolling Stone and offers his take about what happened last year in Vancouver – when Denise Richards attacked two elderly ladies with a laptop and when Pam’s publicist (at the time) pre-empted everyone and announced she’d suffered a miscarriage. Full Story

Helmet Hair but Glowing

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 3, 2007 13:17:46 October 3, 2007 13:17:46

She continues to deny anything more than friendship with Rhys Ifans but he’s still living at her place and she’s looking better than she has in a long, long time… Has the Love Glow affected Sienna Miller? Check her out on the carpet tonight at the Stardust premiere in radiant white with a delicious pair of dark red heels. Full Story

At Any Age

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Michelle Pfeiffer tonight in London for the UK premiere of Stardust. Damn. To say she looks incredible for 49 is missing the point - she looks incredible for any age, non? I’m a solid 15 years younger and I’d kill to come close. Most 20 year olds would do the same. This bitch is flawless. Full Story

Charlotte’s Accessory

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 3, 2007 10:44:27 October 3, 2007 10:44:27

Many emails about it this morning re: Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress yesterday on the set of Sex & The City… see photo attached for reference. You will note there is something strapped to her right ankle leading some to conclude it’s an alcohol monitoring bracelet. To me it looks like an audio pack. Full Story

Reunion Imminent

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Remember: Crack Love is Forever. So it’s only a matter of time before Kate Moss and Pete Doherty reunite. Looks like Pete is looking to accelerate the process. As you know, five minutes after throwing Pete out of her house, Kate hooked up with another musician called Jamie Hince and has since professed her undying love. Full Story

Tranny Freeze

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 3, 2007 09:31:27 October 3, 2007 09:31:27

Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman meet Tranny Freeze Jessica Simpson. We were talking about it the other night… it’s undeniable now. Something is UP with her face. And it’s a pattern we detected: Jessica Simpson’s break up surgery. After every failed relationship, she goes straight for the needle. Full Story

Across from George

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 3, 2007 08:57:54 October 3, 2007 08:57:54

Imagine it – he is sitting across from you, listening to you, only you, body angled towards you, eyes on you - George Clooney’s attention focused solely on you…could you handle it? Here’s George between takes on the set of Burn After Reading in NYC yesterday talking to a co-star. Full Story

Pretty Dandy to Beef Up

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 3, 2007 08:44:01 October 3, 2007 08:44:01

Jude Law at the NYC premiere of Sleuth yesterday looking pretty in a brown hat. Jude is headed to Toronto very shortly to begin work on Repossession Mambo with Forest Whitaker. Multiple sources have confirmed to me that Jude will be undergoing an intense diet and exercise regimen to get ready for the role. Full Story

Horse, Wedding…and Helen Gurley Brown

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 3, 2007 08:14:55 October 3, 2007 08:14:55

SPOILER!!! Look away if you can’t handle!!! It’s not the dress and it’s not the feather. On someone softer, on someone with some vavoom, on someone who could at least fill out the bust… it’s all good. However, with her horse face and the witch boil on her chin and the veins and the arms and the garish red lips, it’s now become a Drag Queen Wedding mixed in with a little bit o’ Helen Gurley Brown, former editor of Cosmopolitan. Full Story

Next up for Jen?

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Tory Burch and Lance Armstrong are over. Distance is the official reason, the unofficial reason is probably because he’s a dickhead. Don’t get me wrong… once upon a time Lance was the ultimate Quiveration and a former #1 on the Freebie Five. But just because he crusades for cancer doesn’t make him a nice boyfriend or even a considerate husband. Full Story

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Dear Gossips,

So she fails to comply with the conditions set out by the court in her custody agreement. She fails to see the urgency in getting a valid driver’s license. She fails to submit to drug testing, drug counselling and parenting classes. As such, she loses her children. And only THEN does she drag her greasy ass down to the DMV to fill out the paperwork required for a California license. Only THEN.

Of course afterwards she goes for a tan, heads out for dinner, and decides to check in to a five star hotel all while being followed and swarmed by the paparazzi and wearing a big smile.

So is this really sad smut or is it simply chicken fried stupid? Look at these photos and study this face…I see a girl relieved to be rid of her children. I see a girl who knows no shame. I’m sure there are a myriad of excuses to explain her behaviour. I’m sure there are. But if it were me, if the entire world had learned that my boys were deemed legally better off with my lowlife golddigging ex, I’d be hiding in humiliation and busting my balls to get them back.

Britney however seems to be revelling in her freedom. Maybe it’s just me…

Tuesday – online all day, headed back to Vancouver late afternoon. Check back often.

Yours in gossip,


PS. Thanks to all who’ve written in response to The Hills Aftershow! Had a blast! As for your emails about my boots – I can’t claim credit. It was my friend Heather who found them first. They’re Coach, style is called The Maxene. Available in black and whiskey – I was wearing “clay” in limited edition and sadly, not sold in Canada but definitely accessible online!