Hugh’s Beans: Best of 2007

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When: April 2007Where: Outside his flat in LondonWho: Hugh GrantWhat: He attacks a photographerHow: With beans!!! A tupperware full of beans!!! Funniest.Sh*t.Ever. And many, many of you agree…thank you for your submissions! I love them, I read them all, please continue! What made the incident even more hilarious – aside from the photos which are works of art in and of themselves – is what he allegedly shouted at the pap while launching his bean arsenal: “Do you know who I am? I’m a millionaire! Leave me alone!” And then he told the man that he hoped his girlfriend and children die of “f&cking cancer”. Full Story

Andre Leon Talley vs Patricia Field?

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Remember that weird lookin’ jacket Andre Leon Talley made Jennifer Hudson wear on the carpet at the Oscars? Yeah that piece of fashion advice sucked. But JHud was just styled by the inimitable Patricia Field while working on Sex & the City the movie… and then she showed up last night at the Great Debaters premiere looking like this. Full Story

Bring Back Crucifictorious!

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It’s Landry! Hobnobbing with Opes and Denzel! Last night at The Great Debaters premiere, here’s Jesse Plemons of Friday Night Lights – the show you’re not watching…because it’s too good? For FNL fans – am tired of Anxiety Landry. Bring back Best Zingers Landry. Full Story

Gisele & Tom: Best of 2007

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Ridiculously hot separately. Supernova hot together. And supernovas always burn out. Pray Xenu Gisele and Tom can make it. Love them. Loved watching them all year. Love every rare candid photo. Love the way she flaunts her effortless gorgessity in the face of mounting wrath from the MiniVan Majority – a demographic now being courted by Tom’s baby mother ex who pre-pregnancy had a reputation not so unlike the Alba Bitch. Full Story

Chicken Fried No Show

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Stupid stupid stupid. Britney Spears was scheduled to show up in court today to be deposed by KFed’s lawyer as part of their ongoing custody battle. She would have been grilled on drug use and suspect parenting techniques and how much sex she’s been having with random men. Big surprise…. Full Story

Beckham Porn in Vegas

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Monday night, perhaps immediately following her interview with Larry King, according to Vegas reporters Posh tagged along with Becks to a peeler bar called Spearmint Rhino. Everyone in the establishment apparently lost their sh*t. But of course they did. Who wouldn’t want to get with Becks. Or both? Word is they were ensconced inside a private room for 3 long hours doing … no one knows what. Full Story

Long Rumey for the Holidays

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Oh Rumey. With the short hair it’s at least not generic. With the long locks – well, suffice to say, unfortunate is an understatement. But hey – my girl somehow famewhored herself back on to People online. Am so proud. Here’s Rumer Willis showing off some new extensions last night just before the holidays and a short month before her turn as Miss Golden Globe. Full Story

Denzel and Long Leather Oprah

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When Oprah likes you…No, when Oprah LOVES you…she throws her full might behind whatever it is that you’re selling, leading her lambs to your project and guaranteeing smash hit success. Just ask Jessica Seinfeld. This weekend it was Barack Obama. Last night it was Denzel Washington at the premiere of The Great Debaters, a film he directed in which he also stars. Full Story

They Don’t Make ‘Em…

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Like they used to. There will be young gossips coming to this site today who’ll take one look at the photos, note it’s Jack Nicholson…and quickly move on. Ugh, they’ll say. Who cares? And then it’s back to The Hills, the Lauren Conrads, the Brody Jenners, the High School Musicals… the Laurens and the Zac Efrons and so many other tv twats and Hollywood skanks who can barely communicate thought into coherent, grammatically correct sentences and who almost never have anything interesting to say. Full Story

Lilo & the Chicken Fried Faux Father

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First things first – kudos to Lindsay Lohan for maintaining sobriety out of rehab. Hopefully it will continue over the holidays? But what of the company she’s keeping? The good news is Lilo is working. The bad news is she’s singing again. And what’s worse, she’s recording with that loser JR Rotem who produced a few of Britney’s tracks and who claimed he fathered her non-existent child. Full Story

Her Madgesty is a Yoga Bitch

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It’s Madonna. Of course she’s demanding. Of course she doesn’t want to be insulted by your presence. Especially not when she’s working out. So Madonna and family are currently spending time in New York. As you know, she’s a fitness freak and dropped in for a yoga session at the Reebok Sports Club Saturday morning. Full Story